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very bullish news guys it’s probably the most bullish news we’ve seen forever I
feel like Trump when I say that this is the best news we’ve ever seen easier
Tron and verge payments as pornhub integrates Puma pay so you remember
pornhub was accepting Tron and verge yeah now it’s even easier because they
have a Puma pay partnerships so great stuff to see right here Puma pays
technological solution the pay of the pole payment protocol reverses the
mechanics of a transaction enabling merchants to pull crypto funds from
their customers accounts so great stuff for pornhub great stuff for Tron and
Virg everyone winning but now some serious
good so we were talking about yesterday’s SEC
ETF rejection review so the SEC if those be guys who didn’t watch yesterday’s
video the SEC is reviewing the ETF that they
previously rejected they announced Thursday that nine Bitcoin exchange
traded funds so each yet they are going to be further reviewed now they haven’t
given much information about what caused this what we’re assuming is that people
there was somebody in the actual and somebody in the SEC that started the
petition for the review again how long it’s gonna take to review we also don’t
know they’ve done this before obviously not necessarily with Bitcoin ETS but
they’ve done this before and it’s taken anywhere between six to sixteen a month
these are past reviews as you guys can see I’ve taken between six to sixteen
months we don’t know how this is gonna play out but one person did say that
given the nature of yesterday’s decision and the fact of the commissioners so
recently handled the Winklevoss appeal I don’t think it will take long to finish
this review now I’m curious to see what the reason is behind the review what
they’re actually looking at what they are reviewing maybe they miss something
maybe I don’t know exactly what it is but I do think that none of these none
of the ETS we are seeing right now are going to get approved I still think the
one that’s going to get approved is coming um is the one that we’re still
waiting for a decision on and it’s it could still get pushed until February so
I think people are starting to die down the hype for the ETS sure it’s gonna be
cool when it happens but I don’t think people are focusing as much on it as
they were just a few weeks it goes over all that is a good sign to see again I
don’t think these are the ones that are going to be approved I might be wrong
but I think the one’s gonna be approved is still we’re still waiting a decision
on the approval denial or the postponing of it or the delay of it which would be
until February but guys Bitcoin to 25,000 so I know a lot of you guys
clicked on this video because you saw the title and you want to see if I’m
still bullish on Bitcoin if you know people should still be bullish on
Bitcoin if it can still hit twenty five thousand dollars and guys I’m gonna sum
it up for you guys really quick of course
Bitcoin can still hit twenty five thousand dollars can it still hit twenty
to twenty five thousand dollars by the end of 2018 of
course this can happen we’ve seen how crazy cryptocurrency is we’ve seen how
little it takes for or how what short period of time it takes for us to have
those crazy runs don’t forget last year’s Bull Run lasted only a few weeks
so we got plenty of few weeks left in the market and plenty of time for us to
see some crazy crazy action obviously we’re hoping that we are nearing the
bottom right now is this the full full bottom I’m not a hundred percent sure I
think we might style still have a little bit of room to fall but we’re gonna have
to wait and see how the market actually about how the market actually plays out
it is I do think we’re getting very very near the bottom and now would be a great
time to continue accumulating more Bitcoin and getting ready for the four
before the bull run and not just Bitcoin I’ll see whatever all coin you guys want
to do as well we’ll talk about all coins in just a little bit but Tom Lee so he’s
still bullish on Bitcoin he still thinks it can hit twenty five thousand dollars
I’m gonna have to go ahead and agree with him just from previous price action
what we’ve seen happened previously in the market I don’t think it is a far it
is far-fetched to say twenty five thousand dollars is still in reach there
are some very big things coming out for Bitcoin again we’re waiting for the ETF
the main ETF decision which i think is going to be very good if you get some
proof it gets delayed until February then obviously we’re gonna have to wait
until February but there is a lot of other good stuff things people aren’t
necessarily talking about there are more futures coming out for Bitcoin but these
ones being a little bit different as they’re going to be backed by actual
Bitcoin they’re gonna be paid out in Bitcoin so I’m think I’m gonna leave
this topic for another video because it is a little more in-depth it is a little
longer but the futures that are coming out later this year are not the same as
the futures that have been previously in summary previously if they would be able
um the futures would end up being paid in US dollars it wouldn’t be paid out in
Bitcoin they be able to bet on the price of Bitcoin without holding it that’s
kind of how worse is short summary and then the ones are coming out right now
it’s gonna actually have to be backed by a Bitcoin so that means somebody’s gonna
have to purchase the bitcoins that are um that are taking part in the futures
and then once it ends and people get paid out they get paid out in BTC so
that’s gonna be a big difference can that means the supply is going to be
held the supply is gonna be you know it’s going to be decreasing well too
man is going to increase and basic economic principles supply and demand
indicates that that should cause an increase in the price of Bitcoin unlike
the other way around where they don’t take out the supply and the demand is
hey you guys know what I’m saying so the futures is relative if this is 8
different futures and we’ve seen before and one that I think a lot of people are
overlooking still has a lot of potential to do to cause some very good things to
happen in the market $20,000 Bitcoin guys I think it’s still positive by the
end of 2018 if not by the end of 2018 and maybe start 2019 obviously it’s hard
to pinpoint exactly what’s gonna happen but I still think it’s in the it’s it’s
still a possibility it’s still in play now taking a look at the overall market
cap 216 billion dollars 53.5% bitcoins ominous we’re seeing a lot of green
today in the market so that’s pretty good we see oMG is down but other than
that everything else in the top 40 is in the green we had a nice last 24 hours as
you guys can tell some big chain substratum finally making some big moves
of cryptocurrency that’s been very much underperforming from what I thought it
could do Nano still absolutely killing it so everyone who bought into nano guys
congratulations I’ve been telling you I’ve been dollar cost averaging nano all
the way when it was getting to 90 cents I’m loving these type of runs I’m loving
the last few week at that that is great up 18% today one chain up 17% Icahn up
13% off you guys you know want to pick up now well actually talk about that
just a bit let’s talk about aetherium first so a lot of people are asking me
about why aetherium price is struggling so much why aetherium doesn’t seem to be
able to pick up any momentum well it’s up 2% today obviously that’s not lots
down to $280 from an all-time high of or was it right here almost $1,400 so
what’s happening with a theory well this is again just my opinion I do think
we’ve found some sort of support right here I don’t think we’re gonna be
falling too much lower than that unless the market does again reverse and have
another sell-off but the reason I think I think aetherium is falling and why
it’s having such a hard time right now is because the end of 2017 was the ico
boom so everyone was looking for that 100x ico everyone was buying into I SEOs
I seals that were just absolutely terrible
people were still buying into them and then what happens
well eventually these guys have so much atheria because i SEOs usually a lot of
them are ERC 20 token I’m majority them re SC 20 tokens a lot of them a lot of
people contribute in aetherium that’s how I believe the highest contributions
done in aetherium well eventually these guys have to sell the etherium they earn
and I believe that’s happening right now so I SEOs have sold 12 million aetherium
so far six a billion dollars just this year and that’s something that’s
definitely gonna hurt the price of etherium so I think when we have the ICO
run again which is gonna happen again I think it’s just it’s gonna be one of
those cycles there’s gonna be good projects out there there always are good
projects it’s just about finding which ones they are but when we see a theory
when we see I SEOs being hyped up again people putting their money into I SEOs
looking for that big big return that’s when I think we’re gonna see aetherium
have the most price action because people are giving it to the eye seals
which are holding it so the supply is you know the circulating supply is going
to be less and the demand people trying to buy in so they can buy its i ciose
our going is going to increase significantly so that’s one of my
theories obviously the market is down is another reason why if their aim is down
but I think that’s one of the more technical reasons as to why the price
could be struggling moving on talking about Nano you guys know I was talking
about it by Nance would be a great place to pick some up so if you don’t have a
finance account I’m gonna leave a link to it in the description for you guys to
sign up and pick up some Nano if you are interested even up right now at 2
dollars and 80 cents I still think Nano has so much more to
go I’m waiting for it to hit back to those all-time highs of 34 and continue
to pass it I think it’s 100% possible this is definitely a several billion
dollar cryptocurrency they’re continuously doing the right things and
even in this market we are seeing them go from 90 cents I just adjust like two
weeks ago a week and a half ago all the way up to two point eight dollars that’s
absolutely insane and like local nano comm is also live and this is again as
nano continues to gain in the markets so someone on reddit notice that local nano
comm is live and running it is a p2p exchange if you look through its kind of
comparable to bitcoins that allow individuals to trade
nano on a p2p exchange another after looking through their documents it looks
like they do not plan on charging any trading for you so you guys know nano is
you know felis pretty much instant transactions it is what a currency it is
what a digital currency should be it is well the reason why I believe nano is
going to do so well now like I said there do not plan to be charging any
fees they plan to derive their profits from featured / promoted listings also
they want to incorporate in Malta so really cool to see right there hopefully
this does continue to move forward now again like coin and other cryptocurrency
I touch on every so often because at these prices I think it’s extremely
undervalued looking at some of the technical analysis on it though and one
thing I really like light coin is about mass adoption it’s not about the price
and I think that’s good cuz I think if you focus on the adoption the price is
going to follow if you focus on making like coin the best the like wing can be
the price is going to fall it’s not gonna fall just because people don’t you
know people aren’t focusing on the price no I think adoption is what’s gonna
cause the price to the price reaction to be the best it can and that’s what’s
gonna cause us to see those huge increases in the future so I think like
when a very good cryptocurrency out there again very very cheap definitely
one a safer investment ranked number seven you know top cryptocurrencies
bigger market cast usually is safer investments and it’s absolutely killing
it when it comes to adoption they’re constantly coming out with news showing
the development side showing the adoption side price isn’t following
right now well it’s going to have to eventually
and lastly list is up 30 percent ahead of main that launch I don’t talk about
list much I personally disclaimer don’t own any list so this was just for those
who were interested in it it did have a nice run because of the main that launch
but guys that’s gonna be it for this video hopefully you did enjoy if you did
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