Hey guys! So we are here in Japan and
we’re running low on money. So we saw this little thing. It’s actually like a vending
machine, so to say, you can put in different currencies and I’ll give to
you Japanese Yen. So, we’re gonna go try it and see if it works with just 100 RMB.
Let’s go inside and check it out! Okay, so basically, we just put it in and it just gave me the rates for the day and then I just have I agree and then I deposit. So, we have Chinese RMB and it should give me…. If I’m lucky, uh, maybe not! Okay! So, it’s gonna give me 1560 for 1 RMB.
So, 100 RMB and I’ll just say exchange and then it should spit out some change
and I should also get a bill Hopefully?!?! Woo, it gave it to me in coins and
that’s that and 1,000! Just like that! It’s so easy! So, the daily exchange rate
should be 1 RMB to 17.2 Yen, but it gave me 1 RMB to 15.2 Yen. So, it’s okay actually. Cheers!!!