false flag everybody NexGen Marino Nick G from gold
currency reset the net today is September 10 2014 Wednesday today before
9/11 ands you know we don’t have to discuss
what can happen tomorrow it’s probably gonna be a false flag for maybe they’ve got something set up with
ices say no cuz Obama just gave this speech about how I sis is gonna be
defeated to reminds me a lot about a a lot of are what happened with george
bush when he was like you’re either with us or with the tears well her yeah our president is up there
just telling us you know what we’re gonna be doing we’re going to do in
going to war with I sis now a course American people are
not behind him you know for the most part we what do we
know we know that that I sis is in a direct threat I mean the people listen this podcast no
people listening to these videos no that ices poses absolutely no threat to
United States however you know expect that there’s going to be
probably some bombing something may be in Michigan Chicago
don’t will try to do in one of those you know really tight crowded cities
they may try to you know I to blow up a bus to school
hospital something that’s gonna get the people stirred up you know if you remember the
Oklahoma City bombings it they were focused on the children
right and if you remember in the first call for the this girl gave
this speech she was talking about how the babies were left on incubators
in there left to die in the whole 30 years old the whole thing
was fake was there I said iraqi soldiers got come into the hospital intense yeah
this is all things but it could be because i think im airs now remember this was all a lie to get
us into the first supporting commanders and officials to
dynamical bouquet yes that was all fake select us in the
first Gulf War a the Second Gulf War I think you guys
know what what got us into that right the second haiti’s pappas the Second Gulf war was
started supposedly because at 9:11 supposedly but we didn’t go after iraq and you we actually went to Afghanistan and
I just wanna show you guys something real quick and this is I’m desist from why no I’m typing who we can to search
this your cell I want you guys to type in Afghanistan 00 p.m. production okay false flag so Afghanistan opium production and I
just wanna look at a chart you guys can do this yourself but I like to show you
because then you could prove that I’m telling you that you remember I spent four years in the Navy
had a top secret clearance I kinda know what’s going on so here we are right here I want you
guys to notice something here so this was talking about the opium that
was produced now if you notice with the Taliban were
actually doing a Taliban did a good thing the actually ban the growing of poppy
right around here and then if you look around 2001 he was an all time low for opium
production and of course 9/11 happened and then
what happened opium production wanna soapy production actually up and the
whole point we went over this was to be what the war on drugs and mostly guys already know that the
soldiers are actually protecting European fields not destroying them and you’re probably thinking well why
why was a lot of money in here when a lotta money in opium so why would they destroy those good
crops you know to get people addicted many people addicted right that’s the whole point it is okay
so okay so let’s go ahead continue cell we had the search open for
Afghanistan opium right okay we originally on this page the
webpage where I told you guys you just you just
just type in opium production in hit images and this is what we got Afghanistan
opium production years the images case you guys look at yourself the proof
that I’m telling you the truth okay and will lead into the researchers
and I guess on a lesser do with the reset it has everything to
do with it okay so let’s keep going into this so we’re gonna we have type now in
Google Afghanistan opium now I’m gonna click news okay wi-fi version 13 results that have the
words Afghanistan opium for instance look at right here Afghanistan opium now we’re gonna go
into something advance the most people aren’t used to
using remember Google sister Nancy database so we’re gonna go on a time and custom
range now watch this real quick you typed 2001 to
2008 2001 has probably of Mike for second sir that okay so we just have one news
report look at the date May 28 2001 this is right before 9/11
guys I don’t know anybody who showing you the stuff by the way so let’s go and click on to this real
quick so we have a New York Times article from
2001 you could see the date right here 00:05:20 that’s me 20 2001 add there’s the repeated the date right
there okay cell will go ahead and just look at what
they’re saying and listen to this first American narcotic experts to go to
Afghanistan under Taliban rule the museum in on an axe and you guys can
see it okay first American narcotics experts to go to Afghanistan under
Taliban rule have concluded that the movement’s ban on opium poppy
cultivation appears to have wiped out the world’s largest crop in less than a year okay now they’re talking about ol oh no what
about the farmers bad for the farmers were they gonna do
you make money well maybe they should grow something else you can go things are
hoping you can grow food if you can grow opium your other stuff and so people are just
talking about different things that happened there and its blah blah blah blah blah islamic for habitation against judge so now so
actually guys the Taliban did a good thing and it also talks right
here about the end up opium production okay so why did we go into Afghanistan they go right there okay ask somebody
who’s been in the military will tell you the same thing or they’re not informed if they don’t if
they don’t believe this false flag okay so that is the main reason why we
went back into Afghanistan now regarding I sis who I do not deem threats because there’s no credible
evidence that they are operating in this country other than probably you know there’s a
bunch of I’m sure cells down there Dearborn Michigan but even then there’s no proof there’s no proof for
this you know they can come up with all the
things in the world to try to catch people you know you can get molested at the airport if you’d
like go right ahead are they are not they haven’t stopped
the one terrorist TSA has not stopped one terrorist in you
can call me up on the phone and asked them say I’m just curious you know you go through
a lot about you go through a lot of pants underwear you know at everything how many
terrorists have you actually stopped absolutely none absolutely none so what’s next well i’m looking at this and I’m thinking there’s going to be a
false light so that’s where I’m at guys there’s gonna
be some reason why they try to pull us back into iraq a maybe Syria there might be another a false flag you know regarding Syria
you guys remember on summer my earlier podcast messages I
was speaking about how Obama was blaming the Syrian President for the chemical weapons attack to
members chemical weapons attacks that happen in Syria I’d so here’s a unenforced to something
else checkin out this was posted today September 10 and was a talk about media rehashes
Syrian chemical attack narrative as Obama eyes airstrikes now
remember few months back a Obama was China China push all this we need to go to syria we
need to stop a side with all the chemical weapons well here’s the whole thing about that aside never had the chemical weapons he
didn’t the chemical weapons were in the hands
of the rebels and the whole point is they just wanted
to go into Syria cuz they have a lot of Natural Resources anybody following the
global reset knows that you know when the currency’s reset again
be based on assets that people are not going to want to stick with the fiat
currency they don’t want monopoly money floating around the one
have something tangible the 10 that people actually have gold silver diamonds I’ll oil something
to back their currency natural gas TCE something okay cell let’s just go ahead and go into this
real quick here’s a quick video the kinda goes into that false like I
was telling you about and discuss show up quick snippet other it’s only a
minute longer when I’m in a show that much be so what a mess and to make matters worse al Qaeda
mercenaries in Syria or should I say al CIA mercenaries well they’ve been Kat was sarin gas this according to Turkish Turkish
officials this is Kat okay there we go cell
Turkish officials there is concrete evidence that CIA’s
mercenaries operating in Syria under the leadership
of the Al news for a front a terrorist group aligned with al Qaeda
okay again CIA al Qaeda is like you can’t really
separate the two in our possession a a deadly sarin gas a
Plane use against the Syrian Army again it it does not say the rebels not use it against the rebels the rebels
were the ones using it okay so use cash just have to pay
attention to all these deferred hockey terms at the use so that should be you know plane August a lot of people that the
point is you know we destabilize the country then we show
up and say hey we can help you out it’s just it’s just the oldest trick in
the book it’s like the guy who I think it was caught in New York for
breaking when shields and then posting notes up saying hey you want your
windshield fixed this exact same thing you know it’s like you burn your
neighbor’s house down and then you say hey a would you like to was like fire
insurance false flag said come on come on for your next house
it’s a gay we can protect you we can protect you from the next you know the
next fire sake that the person involved is the
person who’s trying to help okay so don’t don’t listen to any of
this stuff happening ices will be defeated listen ices again
poses no threat we know we have bigger problems our country reporters are wide open people lose
their jobs wages are going down food prices are going up and we don’t
have a threat from my sis okay so I just wanna make that
abundantly clear no tomorrow is going to be the 13th anniversary 911 I was in service when
that happen and we all knew what was going on we all you for a fact
that those buildings were blown up there’s no way that those
buildings felt like that those those was that was a perfect
implosion as you would see if the building was deliberately brought
down that was not something that was done immediately overnight that
takes a lot of planning that takes weeks a
planning and in fact they’re actually doing drills right before 9/11 so if anybody wants to get into a debate
about 9/11 fine you know i mean we’re not really supposed to be focusing on
that I’m just saying this okay you know people are focused on the
reset the focused on iraq if we start going to war with my sis if
we start going there you know to deal with iraq don’t do not
expect any kinda dinar revaluation I got a lot
of people ask me one is dinar to revalue what do I think it’s
going to be there’s not can be revaluation in 2014 you can write that
down you can post it on other sites go ahead
and you if you wanna continue to listen to
those two hour dinar calls go right ahead I stop listening to those back in
February for reason it just is a waste a time
okay you know you can check the news just like I do
every day you know you can go to the IMS website you can read exactly
were Christine Lagarde is saying you know it you do not need to just
focus on one aspect of it like one part unite there’s a lotta guys doing these
dinar calls as you can see I don’t post updates you
know every week I don’t okay I kinda wat I spread things
out quite a bit okay so that’s it on the yeah I sis and
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wanna let you guys know how much the future get that’s it so again you know of a
thing happens tomorrow 9-11 2014 it’s a false flag it’s not gonna be ices I know Obama just
gave the speech this is just like what happened in 2010
one with bush you know saying you know we we after
keep an eye on bin Laden and that got us into the or
their just like what happened in nineteen
ninety with the with their kuwaiti girl saying argue no they left the babies on on the floor and he died that was a lie
that got us into the first Gulf War and it’s just like what happened in 2003
when Bush was saying that iraq has weapons of mass
destruction that goes into the Gulf or second time so false flag falls like false flag okay thats all I gotta say and its yep you
can you feel free to debate me on this guy’s
butt I do not see that did the dinar revalue
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then these are all the different pages you know what’s the global reset dinar revaluation turn our options stage
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everything Dave Schmidt a nazara dinar daddy so just got
everything is on her guys okay so hopefully that helps some I’m trying
to make the stuff interesting but I know it’s really boring for a lot of people
because you’re like oh we don’t want to hear about collapse we don’t want to hear about
false like to wonder about the reset I understand that guy’s I do okay and
I’m sorry if if this wasn’t what you’re expecting but
I have to be honest you know even know were mainly focused
on the reset we do have to know geopolitics we do have to know what our
governments are doing we have to be aware love if we are being
pulled into another war and on justifiable war and in if Obama
it really is deciding to go into Iraq again i’m tony has this is not going to work
out for us it’s really going to be bad this it’s going to be like another
vietnam and gonna lose a lot more soldiers a lot more soldiers okay so I’m just
warning you keep an eye out for the news and if
they’re is an attack on the United States he sure you guys have your TiVo said
make sure you record everything because trust me they will change up the
news again though delighted on 9/11 where he had all those people saying
that there were bombs in the building and then the following newsday nobody mention
bombs now I don’t think you guys remember that I was in the Navy when this happen we
all kept hearing all the reports New York two guys
responders pedestrians people being interviewed on super singer
bombs in a building and what happened you can hear about that the next day
they never replay that but you can still find the crips on YouTube so please everybody a bigger view if we
do have a false like tomorrow if something happens make sure you
record as many new stations as you can if you have a table setup to record I don’t know Family Guy or Star Trac
stop it and make sure you’re just recording the new stations because the are gonna they are gonna
change their story there’s going to be a strict narrative that all the stations will stick to but it’s
gonna change okay someone’s gonna slip up somebody is
gonna mention false flag I don’t know it’s gonna happen and
they’re going to have to change their new story okay just I’m warning you guys just be
vigilant okay do not believe anything that you
here on CNN you okay re: thanks again guys good luck and we’ll talk to see from listening to
the global currency he said dotnet part past the global currency and don’t forget to sign up for the free newsletter delivered right to your inbox false flag