Jag, thank you so much for speaking to us. And you’re from Syscoin. Can you tell us what Syscoin is all about? So Syscoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that… it was forked off of Bitcoin, so it’s
essentially the Bitcoin core protocol but with a few value-added services. And
so what you want to do there is kind of create the core business constructs to
build business apps on the blockchain you know with the theorem you have an
open core concept where anyone can create these more smart contracts but
they’re necessarily not trustworthy in that they may be susceptible to attacks-
as we saw with the Dow, 150 million dollars got lost because some hacker
found a way in. Now with this we kind of make sure that we lock down all the
security variables and we test it well before releasing. So that’s why we, you know, we coined the term hard-in smart contract. And we created the set of smart
contracts to be interoperable with each other and so they work together to
create business value-added apps on the blockchain. And so that’s kind of an
introduction as what Syscoin is. So do you really think that the future
is all about cryptocurrencies and the future is tokenized? Yeah. I think it truly is. We’re entering a digitization, I would say, of the world. Venezuela has a
specific issue with hyperinflation and the problem there is there’s inflation
expectations that hit the economy when it doesn’t perform well and that’s a problem with central backed based currencies. Cryptocurrencies are
kind of different in that that the supply is hard capped and you can’t
inflate- it’s a known supply curve and that doesn’t change over time. And so
people’s expectations necessarily don’t… aren’t reflective of a surprise and kind
of how Venezuela is. You know, the U.S. might have inflation expectations down
the road when the bonds start to expire they have to purchase them. We may have an uptick in inflation there. But in terms of cryptocurrency, there’s… it’s more in
terms of deflationary expectations- the price is expected to rise because demand
increases there’s only so much supply. I think we’re at a point where we’ve
proven with Bitcoin that it’s a stable store value in that… yeah, and I
think it’s a better form of economy that gets created as a result. Brilliant. Jag, thank you very much. Thanks for having me.