Oh people here I have some banknotes
issued by the Japanese government in the occupation of Asia during the Second
World War now up the top because I banknotes are
issued in the Philippines that’s these ones here 50 centimetres 10 peso 100
peso these ones here issued in Malaysia North Borneo em Sarawak and they’re
issued in dollars and the bottom ones issued in Burma now
there are two other issues one issue but a military government in Hong Kong and
around China in that area and another one that we issued in Indonesia or the
Dutch East Indies and now we’re doing I’m gonna to be golden and rupiahs okay
but I do not have these banknotes you so on the majority of banknotes you
generally have a block number too many of em every culture thing okay and in a
few nights you have actually a serial number yeah the block number their
individual serial number okay and it has some it’s probably a War Memorial in
Japan and the Malaysian banknotes ever just a traditional culture scene over
culture scene as you can see it’s in English mainly by Japanese down the
bottom written in Chinese script also it’s block numbers in the Burma
banknotes have images of temples in Burma probably Mandalay
coconuts yeah block number and the same it all pretty much the same
okay these are printed in large amounts and at the end of the war dole
invalidated as currency so you can actually exchange it for a currency
issue by Britain Netherlands and United States
okay the reverse these banknotes pretty much pretty boring just them patterning
to make it harder to counterfeit the Malaysian banknotes have palm trees and
so NASA probably arson and agriculture and life in the rib whilst it on now do
you 100 rupees yeah pretty boring pretty standing the same as that now these
banknotes are pretty common they only cost a few dollars each
you’re not circulated and if you’re interested in Second World War days of
interesting banknotes actually gave ok can get upwards over like a thousand
pesos thousand dollars bearson rupees okay okay thank you very much and have a
nice day