STOP what you’re doing !
I found a game .io…
… Good!…
Yes it’s still possible to find cool and original ‘.io’ games!
It’s called “S0urce .io” and it’s very simple, we will be a hacker. so it’s (uuuumh) online and there are many other players, they can hack us, and we can hack them
The goal is to collect Bitcoin, to mine it
What are Bitcoins ?
It’s a Binary information unit and “coin” means (in french) “Pièce de monnaie”
Uuuuh no I made a mistake
It’s a cryptographic and a peer-to-peer payment system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto.
There you go!
In short, there are people that mine the crypto-money with their graphic cards, processor etc
There is a “Bitcoin market”, you can buy it, the value of it change, you can sell it
You can become a Bitcoin trader
But we don’t give a fuck about it, it’s totally fictive, it’s fake Bitcoins
Why am I making this video ? Because dude, yesterday, it was half past midnight
Half past midnight I’m tapping on my watch like that and I say :
“I should probably sleep, tomorrow I have to make a video”
And I found this game and I’m doing a quick test before, I’m thinking :
I will check this game cause if it’s bullshit
I’ll begin to record a video on it
and discover in video that it’s shit
and i would have recorded for nothing
And dude, i’ve played for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour…
So it’s 2 A.M., like that !
Dude, I don’t know at what time I slept, it’s horrible. Anyway
We’re going to take as name “HACKOS”
“el hackos de la fuerte”
“login” ok, (deep breathe), here we go
So, how is it workin’?
here, it’s my computer, i got a firewall. there’re the base A,B,C
Ok, it’s all that i got to say about that
You will understand the answer’s senses of your questions later
Then I got a “Target list”
It’s all the others players who are online like me and I gonna attack them
I’m gonna show you how do I hack someone
I gonna attack this one for example, DarkWD because all the guys who got a name which begins by “dark”, we must banish ’em
We must send ’em to the frontier (laugh)
Hop, I’m hackin’ him, and for that, easy, I’ve to put down some words which are extremely simple because the guy has a firewall which is level 1
Like actually mine
They are shit words,
English words, “fantôme” (ghost), stat, uuhh, val…
D’OISE! (french region), de Marne!
(french region)
(Reading the game) *You succeeded to hack this opponent, here is your reward: 0.0120 Bitcoin!*
We can see here that I own some bitcoins
And I’m earning a bit over time… look, every seconds
“Why do you earn b—–” WAIT, LET ME FINISH
Because I have a data miner which is someone who will mine crypto currency for me
And what’s cool is that
we can go on the market to buy new data miners
hop… hop.. hop. hop hop hop hop HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP
There we go. We have then 15 employees, 15 data miners that work for us
That’s excellent
We all have ranks, you can see it is written next to their name, I think that guy–
“LOL” oh no LOL is the same
There you go!
… OH!!
I’m getting hacked by “LOL”
Who I am myself currently hacking
Quick! Quick! I need to fuck him (x2)
Ok, “send”! And now what I can do is to go to… my computer!
To check the port that he’s going to own and to buy FIREWAAAALLLSS
Basically, each time I’m buying a charge, it’s one more word that he has to write to hack me.
And so I make him waste a lot of time
*weird laugh*