so if you need to do different currencies for a product that you’re selling. For right now, Kajabi does
not have different currencies or multiple currencies on
one offer checkout page. So, I’m gonna walk you through
how you can currently do it. They are making huge changes
to the offer checkout pages so this video could change
in the next couple of months. But currently, this is
how you would do it. So, we will write in currency offer. We’ll do it as US dollars. We’ll do it as whatever the product is, you can always change that so don’t worry about that, especially if you don’t
have your product done and it doesn’t show up in the list. Then you wanna click on edit the price. We’ll make it a one-time payment. We’ll make it nice, easy numbers, $50 dollars and we’ll
have it be US currency. We’ll click save. Obviously you will customize
the rest of the offer the way that you need. Then we’ll do another offer. So we’re gonna create another offer. And this one will be currency offer UK. And we’ll click save, again it would be for the same product. Then we’ll click edit the price. Make it one-time payment. Make it $50 and then go over here and we will choose… Let’s see… I’ve never had to look up the UK price, let’s see, is it GR? Is it the pound? Let’s see. British pound, yep, there ya go. So we’ll do that and
we’ll click save, alright? Then we’ll double click that save again. Now that we have both of the offers created, what you wanna do is we’re gonna click get the link, cause we’re right here
on the British price, and then we’re going to close that out. We’re gonna go back to offers, we’re gonna find the USD price, we’re gonna open this up. Then where it says edit checkout, I want you to click on that. Here, underneath offer details, alright? You can put down here and you can put it in bold, to pay in, and I apologize if I’m saying this wrong, British pound, click here. Then, you’re going to highlight that, click the link, put in the offer that
was the British pound, and click okay. We’re gonna click save. We’re gonna have it open in a new window. So this, again, it is a workaround, this is how it currently works. So you have this, and obviously you’d have
your other information, but this would say $50 dollars but then you could have, to pay in the British pound, click here. You could also list another payment if you did have three payment options, to pay in, only cause I know what Japanese is called, I could do that. And obviously, I’d need
a third offer page. So, that is how you could list
the different currencies. Now we need to go back to the offers and get the US dollar, K? We need to get that link so that we can put it on the UK page. So we’re gonna copy the link for the US, and then we are gonna go back to the British pound right here. We’re gonna click edit checkout. We’re gonna click on offer details. And the nice thing about this even though it is a workaround… That if Kajabi makes a change, so that it really is a
matter of clicking a button and having different currencies
that you select up here. You haven’t hard coded anything, all you have to do is go in and take out the checkout copy. So it’s a really easy update when and if, cause I’m not positive that
the multiple currencies is an option in the new development cycle, but they are making huge foundational, structural
changes to the offers. Then, now you have both of these URLs, you can put those URLs, you can either have if you use the Kajabi website determined sales pages, meaning whatever website
is active on your site, even if you’re not using it for a site, that this will show up. So if I do this, we’ll call it multiple currency offerings. And… We’re not gonna mess with any of this, we’re just gonna click save. The Kajabi sales pages that are
determined by website, those are what automatically pull into your Kajabi store, if you’re using that. So I will add the UK and I will add the US dollar. Now, if I want to on this sales page, both of these will show. So if I copy the sales page and we’ll put it up here, we’ll open up a new window. We’ll take a look at it, it will show… Bye-bye. The different pricing options. So, this… You can have this so that it’s on the Kajabi
website determined sales pages, both offers with the different
currencies will list. If I click purchase offer, right here, this is where you see
the text that we created. If I click, oh, yep, I would rather pay in the British pound, I click there, it takes me to this offer. So, that is how you can line them up on this same sales page when you’re using Kajabi sales pages. If instead, you’re using a landing page as your sales page, then you can put it anywhere there is a, we’ll use this page, anywhere that a call to
action button exists. And I will show you on this page, this is just an opt-in page but I want the call to action, is the same no matter where you are. Here, when I click on a call to action, I can have it go to a sales page. That means the Kajabi website determined sales pages or I could have it go to a checkout page. If I have it go to a checkout page, I can choose the currency offer I want, have it open in a new window, and have this be currency UK, like that. So we’ll click save. And again, it’s gonna be wherever you put the call to action, but it’s right there, okay? And then you can add a call to action and put the US dollar amount. So, I hope that gives you an idea of how you could handle different currencies right now. If you have any questions, please, add them in the comments below, I’m glad to help. And as Kajabi continues to
roll out the new features and the updates for the
offer checkout page, this could very well change
in the next few months. So, again, easy to undo that text and just start using
whatever Kajabi builds if they do. But this way you can currently offer dual currency just by using the functionality of this site. Have a great day and I will talk to you guys soon. Bye-bye.