Kanye West Sunday Service 🔥 So Anxious (‘Ye) Atlanta New Birth I’ve seen him work miracles in my life
work miracles in our life you know the devil present so many
flashes on shiny objects I’ve seen everything that the devil could have
showed you via TV videos car dealerships jewelry houses and I’ll tell you nothing beats car nothing nothing and of sound mind
nothing nothing let’s not be concerned with a rehearsal studio
yeah Kanye started this I think just to heal himself and made it it was a really
personal thing and it was just friends and family and he has had an amazing
evolution of being born again and being saved by Christ and he has now made it
you know people always ask well what are you worshipping and what is this it is a
Christian service like a musical ministry it is you know they they talk
about Jesus and God and their ministry there sometimes so if he goes to a
different church where he has they’ve shown up and done these surprised little
pop-up Sunday services at other churches so whatever pastor speaks there and
sometimes at the one in Calabasas he’ll have friends that are pastors that are
in town get up and speak but for the most part it’s just a musical ministry
it doesn’t you know he doesn’t have his like 501 3 C yet but you know to make it
an official church but it is for God and and it’s a Christian Church I think that
was sometimes people are like well what is this and what did they what are they
doing but it started off healing for him and now it’s become something that he
just really wants to share for everybody else to hold each other accountable I know we
say oh this is the culture that’s the culture to be radically in service to Christ as
the only coaches that I want to know about in the four walls out of the four
walls in the school halls Kanye West Sunday Service 🔥 So Anxious (‘Ye) Atlanta New Birth our Father Christ Jesus thank you so
much for bringing me to the home where I was born but my mother met my dad and my
mother and my dad thank you for saving me for replenishing me for delivering me when I found out about you and got
closer to you I got closer to my children I got closer to my family because the devil had me chasing a gold
statue how many chasing cars heavy chasing
numbers we know what billboard was and was first making music back in Chicago
back when I was 14 and my mama crea we need know what the numbers now be all
over the internet but all you only sold this much the power God cannot be
calculated by a number by first week sale by a fire bank account by how many
cars you drive by how big your house is and how many acres you got it’s God
inside of us is God inside of family is God inside of friendship that we hold
each other accountable if you see somebody slipping you tell them they’d
be coming at me like why are you so judgmental ain’t for me to judge but I’m
gonna say what I see that’s another thing that devil tried to
do why you keep on speaking up so much I’m just pointing to the word I have a
family member who who God has given a new chance of life he went through
something extremely tragic and God gave him a new chance of life but and he’s
with someone his girlfriend so beautiful he had definitely been prom king if this
was his girlfriend back when his high school but he not ready to get he got
every reasons why he don’t want every reasons that’s what I say it you know we
can speak incorrect English English ain’t original language no ways to stop
to not be all impressed but somebody are like so he has so many my momma English
professor I could pick to choose when I want to ask the colloquialisms but every
excuse he got I know the real reason you still you still Indians bro that’s why
that’s the real reason why you won’t go Kanye West Sunday Service 🔥 So Anxious (‘Ye) Atlanta New Birth get that ring and get right with God the fathers if it’s a household next
years that’s lacking a father you that father now you speak up on that block
you set that example there is nothing to in Christ Jesus name we pray amen