Hello everyone, welcome back to the capablanca saga We are back at the 1914 Tournament of Sun picture book and the Capablanca faces a very strong Hungarian chess master Isadora Ginsberg and Ginsberg had a very very long Chester year behind him at the moment here in 1914 he’s 60 years old and He started his just career actually Pretending to be a chess automaton the so called Mephisto It’s similar to the Turk. I don’t know if all of you know, what the Turk was the the so-called Mechanical automaton that played chess even though you know It was a hoax there was actually a person hiding inside it here You can see that this is a reconstructed Turk from the 1980s as the real Turk was ruined in a fire in 1954 and sorry in 1854 and After that, you know, it would just burn down and this is basically what it looked like to my knowledge there You see the place where you fit a person inside and from there through some mechanical sorcery Now you would move the pieces and then the Turk would beat you and you know They’ve been fooling people with the Turk for over 80 years They defeated some very famous people like Napoleon Bonaparte a Benjamin Franklin and so on but is there Ginsberg and when he was 20 years old he started controlling the Mephisto, but it was a different type of Automaton it was a controlled Electronically and also remotely so there was there wasn’t a person hiding inside of it it was just a table with a chest and the Mephisto it was a Red Devil attached to the table that moved the pieces So I’ve never actually seen it work as the whereabouts of the Mephisto are unknown hour later Mephisto became a well-known Chess chess playing automaton that that you can buy even today But yeah, and also interestingly in the the Turk was burned down in 1854 and also Isadora Ginsberg was born in 1854. So is there a coincidence, you know hard to say? And yeah, a very strong player Capablanca approaching his prime win already, you know way past his prime Greene’s works almost 25 years before the 1914 tournament of some pitcher Pedro Berg in 1891 so 23 years ago faced Williams Chinese for the title of roaches championship and he played an excellent match the the the match was first the first eight wins or 20 games and then who has the better score the game ended six to four in favor of Chinese after 18 games as There was no more chance for Ginsburg to actually win the match. So Stannis was awarded the title and declared champion but a very strong player and here like I said Kabul uncle some 26 years old Ginsberg 60 years old. It’s going to be quite a game. So I do hope you’re ready for it Ginsberg has the white pieces and he opens with E for we have E 5 by Capablanca and now Like I said Ginsberg is 60 years old here and he did not just show up here to be seen he’s here to fight So F for the Kings gambit and as you all know capablanca It refutes every gambit and most easily by accepting it so e captures on f4 and a bunch of the c4 the so called bishops gambit to the Kings gambit and Trying to get black to go for this Queen to h4 check which seems very appealing But of course you will not play g3 King get 1 and then white will play d4 Then gum comes Knight to f3 white will use this weird position of the black Queen to develop the pieces It was not considered good for black. So after Bishop to c4 cover Blanca continues developing Knight to f6 attacks d4 pawn Knight to c3 Ginsburg defends the pawn and now Bishop to b4 a principle idea attacking the defender of d4 pawn and here you don’t really Have the option of playing d3 to defend it because d5 will be very strong for black here Why would have to give up the bishop pair and after Knight captures still your United? Threatened it captures and now even Queen captures as possible Attacking the g2 pawn where black would be better So after this Bishop to b4 move We have E 5 by news Berg and it seems like white is creating something white hair white is starting the initiative But black is actually perfect we find here Of course, you will not move the night even though there are no good squares for you to actually move the night You can’t go g4. H5. The Queen is covering those squares then I discovering these squares you could go back, but that’s pretty much pointless d5 by capablanca and now this exchange will not favour why for example Captures captures and now you could go up. We need to check black block you’ll capture here attack the rook rook g8 and It seems like white achieved something but not really black is a much ahead in development black can just develop the knight develop the Queen Castle queenside G7 pawn will be captured and then black will have a nice semi open G file for the rook Well white still has a king in the middle of the board and still has to figure out how to go about this So after d5 with Bishop to b3 Bishop e5 check also an option against Burgos for Bishop to b3 And now comes Knight to e4 and of course you cannot capture here If you capture the pawn, then comes Queen to h4, check and black wins the game g3 now comes pawn captures H captures and now well Either you start running away and lose a lot of material or you just get checkmated. So after 94, we have Knight to f3 preventing Queen h4 check and now comes c6 and here Queen to e to here white prepares the White brothers to eliminate the d4 Knight the Queen and Knight threatened to capture and the Capablanca wants to push g5 So for the moment, it’s not possible first. He captures in c3 Bishop captures on c3 now the the strong knight is stronger than the bishop. We have d captors on c3 opening up blacks wise dark square bishop and now g5 by Capablanca We have nice the d2 wanting to get rid of this night and now push up to f5 Knight captures with Bishop captures and here Bishop to b2 now Ginsburg also has the option of castling queenside we have Knight to d7 going after d5 pawn and now C for Attacking Capablanca strong center, but also making room on c3 for the dark square bishop queenie 7 we have seek after Sundy 5c captures on d5 and Bishop to c3 and Here it would be too soon to go after the pawn If you play Knight captures Then you just run into the spin white can go Queen b5 check now You can go back with the night because you lose the rook on h8 So you’d have to move the king and it’s where do you move the King? if you go King f8 Then Bishop b4 wins the Queen and if you don’t if you go something like King King go over to d8 Then you’re just in the center of the board. White will Castle queenside and now your king is just in the line of In the line of fire. So after Bishop to c3 we have castles by capablanca first getting the King to safety and only now after the castle link of a Blanca is ready to capture the pawn, but now Ginsberg takes care of it east six attacks the night and also there’s a discovered attack on the rook on h8 So to defend both threats We have Knight to f6 and now comes a captures on f7 Queen captures and capablanca goes for Queen side castles And now rook h2e. Sorry against bergen’s Burgos for queenside castle and rook h2 e8 So as you can see it’s a Ginsburg who has the better prepare but capablanca is a bit a bit ahead in development and there are no Useful discoveries for the moment a bunch of captures anything will just be met with Queen captures to whatever Discovery was made and there there are no other useful discoveries, but rip f3 Queen can capture so another problem Ginsburg goes for h4 with H6h captures H captures, and now rook to h6 a very nice rock cliff to it that comes with a double attack Towards the knight on f6. So kappa blanka defends that we look to e6 Defending the knights twice now, but also perhaps the night this roof can join In the attack against the white king in some later point of the game But we have Bishop captures rook captures on f6 and now not capturing immediately But first Queen to g4 check we have looked to a5 blocking check And also not allowing the roof to remain a target on f6 and here we have rook d2. H1 Doubling up on the H file here. This was a mistake by Ginsburg a rook to e1 was a better move But I’ll let you decide why it was a better move Rook to e1 was supposed to be played against girl played rook to h1 and before this move still a playable position white is doing white is doing rate Capablanca did not he’s up upon but Ginsburg is throwing a lot of pressure couple on Cosway here. Look to each one was played now Feel free to pause the video here and try to figure out why this doesn’t work and why rook to e1 would have been better I will give you a couple of seconds as usual For those of you who were able to do it. Congratulations, you are an excellent winner of games And for those who who just won’t enjoy the show rook h1 is a blunder Because f3 here and now you can see that you cannot capture If you captured and Bishop captures comes with an attack against the Queen and against the rook here, so it would not be possible So if we return to this position before rooks to h1 was played rook to e1 is better Now you’re already threatening rook captures only for the points pinned due to the bishop being on f3 and Also now f3 doesn’t really do anything You can just capture it and the characters only comes with an attack against the Queen 24 There are no hidden dangers here, but ok. Look to each one of us played Congratulations, if you found the refutation f3 pins were played h7 rook – h7 attacking cover Blancas queen and now once again I ask you to pause the video and try to find the end of this game For those of you who were able to do it. Congratulations you are an excellent Temporary sacrificer of Queens and for those who just want to show F. KERS on g2 was played a Very temporary Queen sacrifice by Capablanca. And now if you capture on f7 you get 10 G captures on h1 You can bring a queen into the game And now after you move the King or the Queen moves You can just capture capture and in the end you will be up a whole rook So after this F captures and g2 agains were played rook 1 to h6 And here kappa blanka just played Pawn to g1 and he bring he brought up another queen into the game Even though he could have brought a rock into the game, which check doesn’t even doesn’t really matter It would still be winning for him. But Capablanca does not fool around when it’s you know, when it’s time to play chess, so It was in this position and move 26 that Ginsburg resigned the game Because after Queen captures just look at one wins the Queen and it’s all captures captures And now white is soon getting checkmate it if you go down here is rebuttal f3 check or queen to yun checkmate So you’d have to go up the board king c 3 and then a 5 d 4 is coming the white king will be checkmated fairly soon Yeah after this Move work up a Blanca brought another queen into the game Isadora Ginsburg resigned the game and yet another victory for Jose Roca Blanco who is still the sole leader in this tournament Next game we have the last game of the first part of the 1914 tournament in San Pittsburgh So we’re gonna have the standings after the first part before we go into the double round-robin where five players will just brawl it out So yeah, that’s the game. I do. Hope you enjoyed it and that you are enjoying my coverage of the Capablanca saga so far I would like to thank Anton baklanov a Weasley Santos Joseph compression in Karel Podolski, Anthony Villalpando for a contribution to my channel. Thank you a lot I really appreciate it as usual. You can check to my previous videos here I think all for watching and I will see you soon Hopefully with some more interesting content Lia and stockfish are or I believe almost over would their match So we’re gonna perhaps visit that and next game. I believe it’s horrible. Kappa blanka vs. The black death you Joseph Henry Blackburn, so that should that should be a treat Thank you all and I’ll see you soon. Have an excellent rest of your Friday