The first snack we have for you is
cheesy Cheetos jalapeno
Korean famous!
There’s nothing on my teeth. The taste is very clean.
Korean cheetos are a bit sweet.
But this is very salty.
This feels strong but I like it, too!
This is cheesier, crunchier, and saltier than the Korean version.
It’s kinda like chili but not that spicy
Next one we have is Cheetos flaming hot
-Flaming hot?
-Flaming hot.
This looks like it’s spicy
The color is different! It’s really red!
I don’t like that!
Oh, my gawd!
I don’t know what this tastes like…
[Swig of beer for the working man]
That’s not my style.
Shaun: Very hot?
I’m not hot (It’s not hot)
Very [salty]
[She says as she eats another]
I thought they were spicy but they’re not
It’s very salty.
The Korean Cheetos are not that salty but the American ones are.
I really don’t like that.
Get that out of here!
Why did you not like it?
-It’s not tasty, at all!
-It’s not spicy. It’s just…
Oh we have these in Korea, too!
Oh, onion rings!
Onion rings!
I don’t think so.
-You don’t think so?
I don’t know.
[She says as she takes another bite!]
She says she doesn’t think so yet she’s still eating it!
Onion rings!
These are really like onion rings!
(singing) Delicious!
I don’t think that flavor is an onion.
It tastes a lot like the Korean onion rings!
But it looks similar to Korean onion rings but…
But the Korean one is better to me.
It’s a bit more of a softer taste.
It’s good.
Shaun: Pork rinds.
This is pork skin.
It goes good with beer.
-Yeah, pig skin.
Pig skin?!
You’re joking me! It’s really pork skin?!
Ah, no. I’m a vegetarian, bro.
Not for me.
That one is the most favorite one of the four!
That’s really delicious!
This is my style!
This is a good side dish to go with beer.
This is really hot and spicy!
Fried pork skin.
It tastes a bit burned like a pig skin
It is. That’s what it is.
But it tastes like burned, I don’t know why.
-It goes good with beer.
-Ah really?
It’s like kinda a fried thing but i’m not sure that one is made with pork, but…
But I like that. That one is my favorite one with beer.
I have oatmeal cream pie
Ah! Oatmeal!
That looks delicious!
Oh we get another one?!
-This is really sweet.
Sweet. So sweet.
What’s this?!
What’s that?
Mmm. Delicious.
It’s sweet but it tastes a little bit weird.
Very sweet!
I’m a big fan of the cookies so that one is really good!
It’s a little bit sweet but not too sweet.
It tastes like oatmeal.
It tastes like a bar of oatmeal but more sweeter.
Tastes like green tea.
Tastes like green tea.
I think this taste is…
Very delicious!
What about the taste?
It tastes like sweet cookies. But i’m not sure.
It’s good.
-Green tea?
I don’t know. It’s weird
On a scale to five, I give it a three.
It’s very sweet!
For some reason, I want to drink an Americano with this. [Shaun: You got some weird taste buds, lady]
Final one! From Texas, Twinkies!
-I know [that]!
Wall-E! I saw this snack in the movie Wall-E!
This was definitely in the movie Wall-E!
This snack was the cockroach’s house.
-Oh really?
-That’s right.
Oooh! Smells good!
At first it tastes sweet but later on, it feels soft, smooth, and creamy.
This is good!
This one’s the best!
That one’s the best one for me!
This reminds me of the custard pies.
The cream inside is really good.
And also the bread is soft.
So, it’s really good.
I think this [Twinkie] is better than the cookie one [Oatmeal cream pie]
It’s good!
Shaun: Which one’s the best out of all of them?
Me, personally, with this [Twinkie] and the first one, the cheetos!
Jalapeno taste
I think this [Oatmeal cream Pie]
Left: Creame pie
Right: Twinkie
I think this one [Twinkie] is the most delicious snack.
Shaun: Do you think Korea should have that snack?
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
There is a similar snack in Korea but this one is better.
This one [Twinkie]
This, for some reason…
Tastes like toothpaste
This is my first time eating this and it has a very peculiar taste to it.
I never had this before.
The previous snacks were really salty but this snack [Oatmeal Creame Pie] was really tasty and sweet.
I love eating this sweet thing because of the texture.
This is really soft and I enjoy it.
This taste sucks!
They’re the worst!
Shaun: All right cool, thank you guys!