Today, I want to talk to you about a subject
that can affect the present and the future very hard and that can collapse like a dark
cloud on humanity. But what you have to do with Bitcoin and Blockchain
has to do with it. Bitcoin can be adopted more and more all over
the world if the events I’m going to tell you about in Bitcoin’s Blockchain soon. Now traveling is not just a pile of fake news
all over the world via social media is not in Turkey? But even now, on television and on the Internet,
for example, when we see the American president Trump, we are sure that it is Trump, right? Because we see the guy in front of us. Who else will it be? … Not so, not anymore. It’s hot, but before you start, make your
tea and coffee and sit back, fellas. Here comes an ambitious section. Let’s open a little mind today, burn a brain. In the meantime, how good everyone is, altcoins
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subscribe to my channel, don’t forget to touch the bell, let’s get into the subject. Today I’m going to tell you what deepfake
is, why it can literally collapse on humanity in the coming days, and how Bitcoin can solve
this problem, Blockchain can raise Bitcoin’s price while solving this problem. Now Article 1- What is Deepfake? We’re going step by step. Deepfake is human modeling based on artificial
intelligence, and fake videos that seem extremely real can be produced. From Barack Obama to Tom Cruise, deepfake
videos of many celebrities are online. They even made such videos of Putin’s Trump
and Hillary Clincton in the US Saturday Night talk show for entertainment purposes only. Also, folks, the first deepfake videos were
used to produce fake pornographic videos, so let me share this information and if these
videos have difficulty producing these deepfake videos, as far as I’m researching, I need
the high-resolution versions of the person to be copied. Therefore, the high-resolution photos of important
people in history, because the video portion of the work seems to be a bit difficult, let’s
go to Article 2. Well, if you say why this deepfake is important,
in fact, the danger is that today you can make a deepfake video of a celebrity you don’t
like and say things that she would never say. That’s where the danger lies. In the meantime, I’m going to link the event
to Bitcoin and Blockchain for those who wonder, but first I want to tell everyone the simplest
case. The danger of the event is that deepfake can
direct the communities, create videos that can cause disinfection and human beings can
be directed very easily unfortunately, unfortunately. The worst part is that even here we can not
understand whether there is a deepfake in a video. In short, we will no longer believe not only
the news we read, but even the videos we watch. We are making a transition to such a period
that online services are accelerating this transition very quickly. Yes, unfortunately deepfake will be the ones
who want to make money as it spreads and get ready friends soon after the deepfake videos
will fall. Everyone will be able to easily produce and
manage perception from where they sit. If you say in Article 3 that there are no
positive aspects of this work, yes, there is. The long-lost dead actors and singers can
be played in a video as if they were living in a movie. E of course this could be nice. It would be a very different experience. Even deepfake animated films can even be produced. Imagine a new film by Paul Walker, the star
of Fast and Furious, who died in a car accident. Of course he doesn’t play, but we see everything
he plays. I think it can be very interesting. Anyway, this pessimistic picture we’ve drawn
in Article 4 can erase Bitcoin’s Blockchain to a great extent. I want to interrupt right here and say this. You may have heard about Bitcoin and Blockchain
for the first time, or you may have just come to my channel. Fine. Fine. Keep going like this. Go to playlists and watch videos from the
beginner playlist in sequence from the first video. Let’s continue by saying that you can easily
understand Bitcoin and Blockchain, folks. Now we say, look, we say. Bitcoin’s Blockchain can reduce the effect
of Deepfake, which we have just mentioned, all of which can increase Bitcoin’s price
in the long run. If you ask how this will be, there can be
two different ways. I’m going to talk first about the events and
then the impact of Bitcoin on the price. . First, look here a lot of attention. I’m underlining with a thick pencil. From CNN, BBC, Facebook, Twitter, all media
organizations around the world can use Blockchain to verify the source of videos that are broadcast
on the Internet. Because Blockchain retains all kinds of documents,
information irrevocably. Let’s draw a scenario here in order to realize
the event like this. For example, let’s say that brother now, a
video of Trump’s flash fell on the internet. Okay, that video is roasting like that everywhere. Whether or not that video was originally in
the past, all media outlets around the world, such as CNN and the BBC, question, come and
query and verify on Bitcoin’s Blockchain and decide whether the video is original. If we think that these organizations may be
the ones who spread the video, we need to be realistic. Bitcoin’s Blockchain can be used as a second,
or in a new blockchain, miners from all over the world will be fully dedicated to it. Anyone who wishes to participate individually
can participate in this and all miners, regardless of location and country on earth, approve
the news and require at least 51% approval for a news report to be approved correctly. I think it’s possible, folks. In this way, all humanity, at least all media
organizations and internet users, when a video emerges, when a news emerges, it turns to
see how much this news, all right news, the video gets approval all over the world. That’s pretty much Blockchain, which means
that already Bitcoin, friends can gain a lot more people’s trust than ever before. What can bring more trust, more people, more
media companies to use? In Bitcoin, it can bring about a more natural,
more meaningful rise, far from manipulation. Can we say that right now? Yes, Bitcoin has risen from $ 8,000 to $ 11,000
because it has been actively used here and opened up to 5 million new people. Can we say that? Since this is not the case, the increases
and decreases in general can be meaningless artificial. Anyway, I wanted to give you a little head
today. Now, if you want, let’s move on to the lottery
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the lead in decentralized applications that we call dapps. Almost all of the users’ material and moral
interest is in these games. You can also look at Dappreview. The 24-hour volumes of the most popular are
around $ 4-5 million. After all, this is no joke. You need to be very careful, but this is probably
due to the extreme security needs of users because Blockchain can provide this security. I’m not talking about companies, but I’m talking
about the blockchain itself. Anyway, fairplay is a platform that claims
to get a security force from Blockchain. All payments earned in the game are under
the guarantee of a company called TruePlay. I didn’t test it, I’m passing on the information
they gave, this is important. As far as I’m researching another platform
for online gaming services that work with TruePlay de Blockchain, they work with smart
contracts on the Ethereum, with their own crypto wallet and the erc20 token called Tplay. If we go back to fairplay, the platform has
an honesty control feature called an honesty control. In this feature, fairplay has a unique and
unchangeable smart contract. All winnings and losses are written to this
Blockchain and they can be checked and verified at any time, and when compared to online gaming
companies that don’t work on Blockchain, we never store data, but old-style companies
that don’t use Blockchain store every data, and more importantly, all the algorithms,
gains, As losses are stored on the game company’s own server, you cannot go and verify as we
do. Because they say that we are not transparent. In Fairplay, all deposits can be made only
with crypto money such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Tether, Cardano,
Tron and all our transfers can be tracked through Blockchain and every user can see. Bitcoin and ETH. There is no limit to the ereum deposit, but
you can deposit a minimum of 490 dollars in Cardano and a minimum of 40 dollars in USDT. When users deposit crypto to play the game,
the entire balance is automatically converted to the Tplay token that runs on the Ethereum
and runs as ERC20. We just talked. After the game, all the balances can be converted
to any coin and the platform can be done at work, they say, and they say there is no room
for bots on the platform. If interested, they have various bonuses. I’m adding the link below, it’s in the description
section. Let’s go to today’s bonus information. Bonus information comes directly from us today. Maybe some of you know, but I laughed a lot
when I first found out. Folks, now there’s something like this. Turkey, the state does not sell baseball bat
baseball played in
a country which is ranked 4th in the world. I wonder why? People probably think we need one, let’s have a bagaya, they think
it is necessary. That’s it in this section. Take good care of yourself, stay in the Crypto
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