Hi guys I want to present you an overview
of a unique working platform that provides
you Crypto arbitrage trading.
It’s called L7.Trade.
Basically, L7.trade is a platform that permit
all of us to execute arbitrage trades between
crypto exchanges.
With this platform you can buy low on one
exchange and immediatlly sell higher on another
It’s a risk free arbitrage.
But as you know crypto is still in infancy
and the prices of crypto assets might be very
different from on exchange to another.
So you could, in theory, buy Bitcoin on one
exchange and sell it on another exchange for
a better price.
In theory only because you need account on a lot
of exchanges and you won’t be able to buy
and sell it at the same time (you would have
to send the BTC from one exchange to another
and.. it takes time), so you will take a risk.
This platform uses agents that will execute
the buy and sell trade at the exact same time
for you.
Agents are basically human traders who work
for this company and for their work they will
earn a share of your profit.
The platform will also take a piece of this
profit too.
Basically, you will keep one third of it (but
it’s more then 1% per trade on average).
After the trade the platform acts as a clearing
house like: Sending the crypto to the one who
sold it and USD to to one that bought it.
In about 4 hours minimal the whole process
will executed and you will have your crypto
plus your share of profit back in your wallet,
ready to execute for another trade.
And that’s how you can made 4-5 trades per
This is a resource for inter-exchange cryptocurrency
exchange between exchanges, and only with
positive delta.
More than 50 exchanges are connected to the
platform via the API on which agents directly
The site design is really user friendly, nothing
more, only specific numbers, currencies and
It’s displayed perfectly in the mobile, because
I spend most of the transactions from a smartphone.
Permanent presence on the site is not required,
but you can monitor the execution of the order
in the Online orders tab.
On the day it turns out to issue 4-5 orders
and earn from 3-6% of your deposit, which
depends on the situation on the market and
the difference between the rates.
The creators of the site continue to work
to improve the platform, increasing server
capacity, adding trading pairs and tools for
Now 10 coins are available for exchange paired
with USD, BTC, ETH, LTC and more.
And these coins can be exchanged inside the
platform (Exchange tab), if you need to switch
to another pair.
In the Wallet tab you can see all the fees
and limits for each coin.
Replenishment and withdrawal are made within
a maximum of 10 minutes thanks to the introduction
of the Paysafe payment gateway.
Also on the platform there is a reserve fund
for compensation for losses in case of instant
price spikes during the execution of an order
by agent.
If the user forms an order with a minus % profit,
the system cancels it, protecting the client
from losses and his income.
I started with a few Stellar’s and after
few days of profit i tried to do a withdraw
test Which takes me like 15 minutes.
Now I’m doing auto trading with Litecoin.
Here I’ll show you my last litecoin trades
and my profit.
As you can see it’s really incredible because
it’s more than 3% profit per day.
Here is my withdraw I’ve talked about before.
Oh and I almost forgot
You can do manual trade or use the automatic
trade feature which is really good.
I’m using it everyday.
So thank you guys for your interest and see
ya in the next video.