mmm they saw some modifying commie
banknotes communist banknotes oh very interesting
g’day my name is Glenn and today I have some well communist the DAO banknotes
well these are the first issue anyway these are introduced well we are not too
sure but we know that when the Communists took over in 1975 they became
the legal tender banknotes and is issued in a 110 20 50 100 200 500 Kip and I
replaced the previous royal banknotes at when he royal keeper equals 1 they’ll
keep so this is 20 royal Kip and they will in turn replaced in 1979 with the
new keeper 100 and you keep equals 1 new keep equals 100 okay so this would have
been one at which was denomination had never actually used so there was
actually no 5 Kip so I’m not too sure how useful this would have been used in
between 1979 and 1975 but these are printed in China
they’re quite a good series actually the watermark is actually a what and under
you one Kip we have people harvesting and save a wheat or rice I would say
it’s most likely looks like a dry crop so probably rice which I don’t think now
actually produces a lot so maybe it’s another crop mmm this is agricultural
with modern technology so the harvest material go up that type in Reverse he has medical case so it has
nurses or Kanata children and some other nurses preparing
something so maybe this is actually child immunization I’m not too sure I
cannot actually find any information about you let me just on these bank
notes and this one is green it was the lowest denomination you can get and it’s
entirely in Lao it doesn’t have any French or English on it okay so here we
have the ten key okay and have a sequence of free so four hundred three
nine nine three nine eight penny can still get these readily on
eBay their water might return to be a yellow bit and as you can see beautiful
so this one has awesome nurses and doctors looking after patients so they
come in a stream of utopia where everyone except after medically and the
pet nation looks like typical our patination or buddhist patination so
even though it they were coming this country say all-seeing to put their own
cultural differences on and on the back we have people with weapons so these
were pale soldiers it looks like they’re putting – a spikes
they’re covering up a trap same as here looks like a hole that you
fall down with sticks coming out say that was some warm items and here’s
the symbolism of Laos here that’s another what it’s probably a generic one
because I can’t find much information about that yeah and that is e10 keep
quite a nice thank you know I’ve done at the twenty Kip I’ll get it soon although
I’m not sure so here is the fifty cube and this one
has a looks like Peter internists making something out of metal so all communist
banknotes have either agriculture industry or modern technology to
represent all the workers so it’s anything purple as you can see the nice
patination near beautiful and on the back we have harvesting oh sorry not
harvesting we have some balls tilling the soil now with females
looks like a traditional our clothing even at all communists still they still
respect their traditions and I like this it’s quite a nice pen yeah so this is
quite a nice design banknote and here we have the 100 this is actually my
favorite one of my favorite banknotes so he has a fishing rod long boats and
there’s a yellow here so that’s very distinguished
it doesn’t actually occur on some of the other banknotes
you’re just quite nice and it’s a boy classic blue
an attractive color for a banknote has 100 and now which is I this script is
related to tie and so is the language machine this is the denomination here
and here we have people in traditional clothing and it looks like they’re at
the market buying and sounds so they’re measuring the cloth he’s probably
playing it to see how much cost here is their 100 again oh and here you can see
the temple that’s the watermark so as you can see no security Fred there’s
security Fred reappeared on the count additional banknotes and here is the
watt as well and the highest banknote I actually have HD 200 so there is a 500
this one has a soldiers walking some probably famous you know whether it
could be just transporting weapons Naomi are some jeeps I’m not cheap troop
carriers or something I’m not too familiar for military highway and we
have people just walking through the forest this might be this represents mmm
it’s veins transporting and supplying DiPaolo
soldiers yeah oh sorry the panel or the communist rebels June in the roush and
Civil War which parallels the event no more Andy Kimberly in civil war birthda
parallel and not as brutal is to come a route and on the reverse we have our
they could be making paper but yes I’m afraid they could actually be making on my
cloth or something like that I’m not too sure so 200 here is the well again and
yeah this series is just quite nice beautiful so when I get the 500 and the
20 open to give it and show you before Android is actually quite expensive
these ever banknotes you can quite recently get quite obviously the one
keep is the cheapest and 200 KP is actually the most expensive added this
lot here most likely is because dear Lord denominations would have been kept
they would have been more accessible to people and the higher denominations
between a lot more money so I would like to thank you for watching this video and
have an awesome st. Nick collecting time hurry people