Air-conditioned shoes. A bike for running. A chin rest. Goggles for dogs. When grownups have money, they buy strange things. Meanwhile,
the world can’t afford to put young children in school, leaving 200 million behind for life. Today, a new currency was presented to the world. One you can’t buy goggles for dogs with. The Unicoin. It’s a virtual currency dedicated to promote children’s learning. Unicoin is dedicated to do good in the world. There’s a new currency on the market. Unicoin is here to help. Get your Unicoins today – send your drawing … There’s a new currency on the market. It’s called Unicoin. It is apparent that real money enables poor investments. The world now has its first “currency for good”. The Unicoin! And the only way to get a hold of it is to exchange it for children’s drawings. And the only way to spend it is on school supplies! Yes that’s right. Make a drawing now and upload it on and support the right for every child to access education. Collect your Unicoin at