Ledger Nano S Review
now welcome to another video I want to
talk about my ledger nano s that I’ve
had sitting here for about nine months
and I think it’s about time to crack it
open and set it up instead of using a
software based wallets where I keep the
like electrum for instance right now so
let’s jump into the setup of a new
ledger nano s set it up it is a nano
ledger hardware wallet allows you to
keep your cryptocurrency a hardware
device where you get to keep the private
keys you control it no custodian
whatsoever so this actually comes with
the hardware key also there’s
instructions and a little slip for your
seed because we will initialize our
address and you can see itself will
write down what that information is here
in our instruction manual and our
getting started okay and this is the
recovery sheet and we’re gonna put our
24 pass phrases once we get that created
it also comes with a little lanyard to
couldn’t carry around with you on your
neck and even the keyring and a micro
USB ok so now we’re at the welcome
screen and just have it plugged in
that’s not connected to any network yet
so let’s go through the setup there we
go and a welcome screen
okay so you want to configure the device
now I’m gonna do code here so let me
change this here so next we need to
configure that or confirm so we hit the
two buttons again okay so now step three
time to do our starts phrase so let’s
take care of that so now we got our
recovery form I’m not going to show you
the past keys there but now we got to
verify that so that’s our next step okay
now we turn pass key in the questions
and now our device is ready to go so you
can see here I’ve got Bitcoin in the
theory I’m and we can go into the
settings by hitting both buttons at the
same time that’s how you get into it I
like the brightness I’ll keep that in
there I’m gonna I’m not going to rotate
screen and probably do need to get a
firmware update it’s been out there
pretty old so I’ll take care of that and
we’ll get some points put onto this so
let’s get this hooked up okay that was
pretty easy to do once we got all the 24
word phrase complete now I have the Nano
s content connected to my computer and I
went to ledger wallet calm and here we
are so we’re gonna do next is go and
bring up our management console system
so so let’s get that started click on
and get the app and install click on add
to Chrome gonna pop up our ledger nano
manager okay next let’s go and type in
my pin on my device well now type but
select it okay it’s starting to set up
the device first I’m going to check for
firmware and I have a 1.2 if I recall so
let’s go ahead and install that 1.3 okay
that I selected okay
and now on the device it says processing
next I have to confirm now a version 1.3
dot 1 is on the device then on the
screen so I’m gonna click the check box
so what’s the right button now it’s
updating and still is updating all right
so we’re ready so this actually restored
and or completely bungled up my
configuration so I have to go through my
restore of my configuration luckily I
have that written down so let’s take
care of that I’ll be right back it looks
like it’s enforcing a new security
policy with a 8 digit pin instead of 4
hey I like this better now that we
actually got connected now let’s
configure that we’ll take a look at our
firmware right looks like we’re good go
to our applications and I want Bitcoin
and will allow that there we go and
we’re gonna go down the list of apps and
install the ones that I need a – ash and
litecoin and dogecoin well eat theory um
we’ll get those all going next I’m gonna
use the electric wallet add that to my
environment and I got that just by going
to the Ledger’s website and I went to
let your wallet Bitcoin and that’s where
I’ll take you to get that downloaded
okay let’s go ahead and launch the app
and there we go and unlock it here now
that I have it locked I’ll open up
Bitcoin on my wallet there we go yeah
we’re gonna use definitely Bitcoin
remember that select legacy let’s bring
up my electrum wallet I’m gonna send
this here point zero one Bitcoin why not
there we go and off it goes we’ll take a
look at just a set go to minimize this
and close that look at that
it was pretty super quick literally
probably about 10 to 15 seconds but
unconfirmed that’s really good
okay I’m gonna do like coin next there
we go it definitely do segue perfect now
that we got it running we’re gonna go
and receive some light going I’ll send
one light coin to this address do this
real time okay let’s send some light
coin now oh and it’s
and oh god yes there she goes boom Wow
nice I’m happy now so there we go
I hope you enjoyed that walkthrough and
I’m gonna use my nano ledger more for my
cold storage and thank you so much for
watching have a great day
Bitcoin 6300 bucks hey that’s great