CryptoSlo with more Crypto Gains
what’s going on guys it’s the weekend and sunshine it and the Kryptos burn in
so what do I got to talk about today running some errands thought I’d just
drop a little I’ll probably start talking more about um not just apps but
I’m gonna probably throw in some coin talk as well because you know we’re
seeing some great stuff from some of these coins the most mentionable today
is Virg I’m liking the direction that that’s going and I’ll tell you in
retrospect the last time we had kind of this bull run you know in seventeen when
everything was going crazy Virg definitely has
I think Virg just Burge is more of a brand it’s not more that they’re doing
anything that’s special with the coin but you know people like Virg they just
like Virg and you know if you got in I picked up a bag at point zero zero five
and you know it’s doing nicely it’s it’s at point zero nine today and you know
it’s approaching the penny mark now psychologically I think once it moves
over the penny it once it breaks that penny spot kind of creates a little FOMO
because then it gets exponentially more expensive to get into it so I’ve got
some divs TRX divs in today that I’ve been sitting on I was thinking of
getting some more fancy but you know I’m thinking about maybe picking up another
ten or twenty Kay a verge just on the potential to pad the bag a little bit
yeah so I like that another great point stupid litecoins man
I tell you that’s a tricky one light coins especially they are not they are
not really a day trade kind of coin as you’ve seen it just keeps going up
it’s like it it got gas from the BTC jump and light coins typically hold
their BTC ratio pretty solidly I know they’ve been trying to break that
forever but I don’t foresee that happening so as BTC goes up litecoins
gonna go up and light coins a lot of times are my preferred method of trade
if I’m moving from exchange to exchange because the fees are kind of low you
know a very irritating thing I was on hit BTC and I go to withdraw my TRX and
I charge 150 Tron to withdraw on a BTC that’s absolutely ridiculous especially
when you know you’re withdrawing from your wallet and it costs like nothing
and it to which all from finance it’s like one TRX so I I believe they’re kind
of gouging the customers on what’s wrong 150 TRX especially for micro
transactions and you know that was one of the other things I’d been thinking
about lately is is the need for a tethered stable coin
which is smaller than the USD T the reason I think about that is if you need
a network that you know you can send micro transactions that are tethered
because the problem with Tron is let’s say Tron bull runs up to $1 now when you
send a truant it starts to get expensive you know and if you look at the whole
mass adoption concept of you know in a third-world country that the income is
$2 you know spending $1 to move your your token isn’t going to work so I
still think there’s a huge opportunity in the market for someone to create a
stable stable micro coil that doesn’t change in value and you know I think
long term now how they will monetize that I really don’t know because you
know if it’s tethered and it’s back then yeah I’m not sure but a u.s. d-p a penny
tether I think would be a cool cool cool project and
I don’t know I’m gonna keep an eye you know I was thinking of starting my own
thing you know as I said I had my crypto slow point that’s a TR c10 that helps
support the channel but you know I’d love to hook up with some devs to try to
maybe get some kind of my own project off the ground it would be really cool
but yeah so I don’t know just kind of a
thought so keep an eye on Virg those light coins are always good to have in
your stack they are susceptible to BTC going down but you know so isn’t
everything else some more out my videos my crypto slow labs so kind of
formalizing that and that is videos where I’ll be doing testings of
platforms to check things out I did one on endless game I did one on several on
trunk crush on truant that so those are just tests to kind of give people an
idea of them of the mining ratios and what they can expect if they’re using
their stack so other than that Sunday possible livestream with some Tron topia
testing we’re gonna see how that goes I have to check with the devs make sure
it’s okay to stream when I’m doing that and you know obviously the sunday news
show as always I’m looking forward to that
that’s it this is crypto slo if you’re not talking games then we’re not talking
have a great weekend