Whats up fellow crypto heads? I’m here with another sixty second coin clip
for you, and today we’re talking about Litecoin. So, Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee, and
there of course there was a lot actually about charlie lee selling his Litecoin because he
wanted to divest from the project to show his ties to it and moving the development
forward. One of the big things about Litecoin is that
they were trying to address some of the issues that bitcoin has in terms of transaction processing. The Litecoin block time is a two and a half
minute block time compared with the bitcoin ten minute. So in the same period it can theoretically
process about four times as many transactions. So really the big takeaway is, Litecoin, it’s
one of kind of the big players but it really does tend to be the lowest fees and the speediest
transactions out there, for the big crypto groups.