In this video you’ll see how to create
non-custodial Litecoin wallet and manage your LTC in a trully decentralized way. Go to Download the file and install the App. Launch it, click on the “New wallet” button
and create the password to encrypt your mnemonic seed. Get your mnemonic and save it
in a safe and secret place. Then click on the “Start wallet” button
and that’s it. Here is the multi-asset Atomic Wallet
supports 300+ cryptocurrency assets and custom ERC-20 token feature You can participate to any Airdrop with it. Send Litecoin to it from any other external service or import your private key in the settings tab. Now you can manage your LTC
in a fully decentralized way, because you can exchange it with Atomic Swap decentralized order book. Your private data are encrypted stored on
your device and only you have access to it So your money is totally under your control. You can also buy cryptocurrency with bank
card right in Atomic Wallet interface. Download the App now at Claim AWC tokens by leaving an email in the Airdrop tab And follow Atomic Wallet on Twitter.