What’s going on guys nah, I’m a little baby here. I hope you’re all enjoying your day today. I’m super excited To talk about litecoins 21 percent gain over the last 42 hours Along side with what other altcoins I believe are also going to be seeing some gains in the next quarter and this is all following Bitcoins run-up if you guys were watching our video yesterday We predicted this run-up in our past live streams and videos you can see we’re forming There’s overall pennant structure with a descending resistance level an ascending support level We’ve now went ahead and formed this higher low here Which is the second point here in this triangle? We’re going to talk about what bitcoin is gonna be doing alongside with some other articles including Bitcoin ETFs We’re gonna check the transactions the transaction volume of Bitcoin as it’s now approaching some new all-time highs Be it Consistent 300,000 plus transactions per day and we’re gonna talk about some other cool news here alongside with even some some bad news For Bitcoin, but let’s first go ahead and pull into our litecoin technical analysis We’ll also take some questions from our live audience throughout this stream And as you guys can see we went ahead and broke a very strong resistance level Which is exactly why we went ahead and saw this over 20 percent run-up here to calculate this in the last 48 hours We’ve seen a twenty four point six seven percent run-up here for litecoin so let’s take a look at what levels we want to watch where the proper buy and entry points are gonna be Alongside what is happening here with litecoins technical analysis? now if we were to go ahead and draw out this Very long standing resistance level that we finally broke that Eventually allowed us as you can see to go ahead and see that 20 plus percent run-up you can see we’ve touched this resistance level multiple times in the past once here once here once here Once here, we could just keep going on and on you can see over here We tested it three times before going out and breaking past that level and what’s really interesting about That is if you look at the RSI here with litecoin We’ve talked about this in the past and that’s anytime the RSI goes beyond 60 that when things become extremely bullish and you can see we found resistance at 60 we drop back down and then we finally broke past it and that’s exactly when we saw that 20 plus percent run-up and if You guys paid attention to our video yesterday of our Bitcoin analysis I talked about bitcoins RSI and how it’s finding resistance at that 60 level And since we haven’t yet broken past it, I wouldn’t go ahead and recommend putting in a position right now Once again, this is it financial advice But it just wouldn’t be smart to put in a position where we’re not necessarily seeing that momentum So I see we have a ton of people on our live stream and go geo a see Mitch DJ fitness Gabriel What’s up, Mitch? Good to see you man. It’s been a while. So let’s go ahead and transition here and complete our litecoin analysis So in regards to whether it’s a good time to buy right now in my opinion with the RSI at these overextended levels at 83 it’s completely overbought I would definitely give litecoin a little bit of some time to go ahead and See some sort of a consolidation If we were to pull up the the good old Fibonacci Retracement and take that up to that resistance of what we found. I would assume that we’d at least see 0.38 retracement back which would take us right alongside These levels right around here and that would also bounce right on top of our previous resistance level So I think that that 0.38 or even that point 6 1 is a possibility But I just don’t see it going back below this long standing resistance because we’ve finally broken out of that after Testing it so many times and if you guys understand technical analysis, which is why I highly recommend studying and gaining that skillset You know that previous resistance typically turns into support and vice-versa And so if you guys are getting our trade alerts by the way, the link is in the description below We’ve been posting some amazing altcoin trade alerts and I’m not gonna go through all the altcoin alerts I think we already posted for just yesterday alone. This was one of them We actually posted one for augur as you can see forming a textbook pen I’m gonna talk about why I believe Augur and some other altcoins are also gonna be seeing some gains Over the next quarter being the fact that we’re starting to see a little bit of momentum in this market But we’re not necessarily in a bull market yet And that’s all in regards to bitcoins technical analysis, which we’ll all so go through in just a second. Gabriel says killer glasses I love them. Thank you so much collaborative A seam is in the house John are in the house by the way guys It really helps out when you guys like this video So, you know on the YouTube page just click that thumbs up. You can see it We’re only at one like right now that’s because the video hasn’t even fully posted. But I love seeing look at this That’s awesome. Make sure you guys like this we D of you guys enjoy these live streams and the analysis that we’re doing I’m really planning to do this on a daily basis or as much as I possibly can So I want that support But let’s go ahead and look at our so we went ahead and made a call for auger You can see we’re trending along this line here if we did also pull up other moving averages You can see that we’re most likely going to see some correlations here. What we have here is the exponential moving average the EMA We’re right below it right now What I’m waiting for is for us to go right above that And in my opinion we’ve seen this ascending support level hit and touch three times already And in my opinion what will soon see is this breakout to the upside and that’s because it’s a textbook pattern that you guys Should know of you guys are part of our discord once again that link is in the description below where we’ll post all of our signals and we have all of our trading patterns that but it’s A textbook pennant, that’s for me. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing with Bitcoin you know that auger analysis really, uh it goes in line with uh with what I believe is happening here with Bitcoin because what really is happening here is you can see We formed this initial falling wedge here And then we formed this bigger falling wedge, which was actually a very bullish sign because this was a lot steeper Which meant that there were a lot more, you know seller prep. There was a lot more seller pressure here than what happened here Where we saw a little bit more of an elongated Descent which means that the seller pressure was a lot weaker, so that’s very bullish sign as well But once again, it really takes about us getting to 75 percent of the structure for us to expect a breakdown That’s exactly what happened as we predicted this initial falling wedge. Breakout few guys We’re keeping up with our live streams And so right now in my opinion we may see Bitcoin actually go back down and test those 3450 that 3460 level again before Seeing any further highs and that’s exactly what you see here happened with auger You can see we touched that twice we touch Sending support level twice you touch the third time and that’s why I’m expecting that breakout there, but you can see with Bitcoin We’ve only touched this ascending support level twice so far. We want it we want to touch that at least three times in order for us to Go ahead and you know assume any sort of breakout and another thing I want you guys to pay attention to is if we look at this initial Bottom that was formed and how we really popped up about 14% This was very similar in regards to price action because as you can see here This was also right around that twelve to fourteen percent mark but what’s different about now? Than before is when we did see that initial by volume come in it came Very strong within that week, but right now we’re seeing that by volume coming strong but still weakened after that initial buyer strength, so that could also Show a lack of buyers in the market as well And so what I’m watching with that is the histogram here with the MACD and and you know Really? what I’m looking for is for us to surpass this this this level or area because every time that we Surpassed this area and this resistance we’ve seen the higher levels in price action. But anytime we’ve stayed below this resistance level It’s really just been us fiddling around at these lower levels and keeping a consolidation phase within you know What the price action would would reflect and so, you know What I’m really watching right now is to see whether or not this textbook pennant can continue its formation and for us to see a healthy pullback before seeing any further highs and That’s what I’m extremely excited for because if we can tap that ascending support level once more it’s really gonna solidify things Mark, Maxwell said it liked. Thank you so much John R. Says nice call yesterday. Thank you so much I’m telling you guys if you guys are not getting our signals. The link is in the description. We have been killing it I’m telling me I mean we’re looking at every single all coin in the market as a matter of fact Let’s go ahead and transition into the altcoins and talk about what’s happening here And which all coins I am watching here in the next quarter for some possible Woo’s now what’s really cool about looking at coin market cap right now at Least something that I enjoy I don’t know if you guys are gonna agree with this or not, but we’re seeing a very different lineup here You know, it almost feels like a different season of football or just a different season of basketball where you know Like the Rams they came to the Super Bowl this year and it’s been a while for them Right, but the Patriots we all we always see them in the Super Bowl. So it’s like with all coins obviously We see Bitcoin aetherium and rip what in the top charts but when you start going to these lower levels here and and looking at the top 50 you’re seeing some new names and I think that’s exciting because what that Means is we’re starting to see Development of new companies even after this quote-unquote bear market and what that means is, you know there are still investors that are optimistic about this market because they want to be pouring their liquidity in the market if They weren’t right. So looking at the charts. You can see we’re seeing some new names in this market You can see maker here This is something that we nest not necessarily wasn’t in the top unless any of these all coins have changed their names you know maker has never been in the top 50 at least from what I remember in the 2017 rally and so it’s cool to see a coin like that T’s owes, you know They had one of the most controversial I CEOs You know going through a ton of lawsuits and now they’re in the top 30 so very impressive 440 Zoe’s true USD that was never there in the 2017 rally so that’s you know, that’s in business now a hollow is another one that I you know I never saw in in the 2017 rally and now that’s you know here in the top 50 so there’s a lot of these coins here that are just starting to come up upon DX and that’s you know, That was actually the latter part of the 2017 rally. Sorry. I did hear a lot about that. Steam is really pushing back I remember seeing the top 30 now. It’s in the top 50. So that’s really really really not doing as well And you know, we’re not even seeing much development with EOS as well. And if you guys know euros and And Chios and I’m sorry. What was that eyo sand? Bitshares and steam are all created pretty much with the same team You know It’s all led by Dan Larimer and his team And so I’ve actually spoken on stage with Dan before and so I’ve been around the the behind-the-scenes and you know There are busy guys at the end of the day. It’s like any company, right? It takes time to grow and scale and and that’s the same thing that they’re experiencing Another one that I am noticing here is the this token here. Dai This is just coming up as well. You can see we’re at about a seventy seven million dollar market cap Which is also quite substantial there So what I’m really watching is to see which coins are entering this 100 million dollar market cap range because if we can look at that 100 dollar or 100 million dollar market cap range as a entry point for a potential top ten coin that we can really catch these coins early on like we used to I don’t know if you guys remember how He caught silica back in the day It was like in the top 60 at the time and as it started entering those higher market cap levels I took notice of it and it eventually just shot up to the top and we saw like 50 60 percent gains in a week And so that’s what I’m looking at right now I’m trying to see which coins are entering that 100 million dollar market cap range and you know Those are really the coins I would be watching if I were you guys those are the majority of our altcoin alerts as well because with more liquidity there’s less Manipulation and so I want you guys to see if there’s a any questions that you’d like answered. And if so, Go ahead and put it in the chat or in the comments as we continue this live stream But I wanted to cover a couple headlines here as well So now that you guys realize you know in terms of what I’m looking for in all coins It’s that 100 million dollar mark now what’s cool is I saw this headline today? It says Bitcoin use is quietly surging back to its peak and it’s funny because this is just validating what we’ve been talking about over the past few weeks and I I Didn’t see an article until now until now about it, but after you know, we mentioned it and made a video about it now We’re seeing articles about it and you can see here if we were to pull up this chart We’re seeing some very consistent transactions on a daily basis over 300,000. That’s a very significant mark for Bitcoin because once again the Fundamentals may have not caught up to the technicals for Bitcoin which might make Bitcoin an oversold asset right now. That is devalued at where it’s supposed to actually be and what that means is if we’re seeing a Fundamental increase in use case with Bitcoin, but we see prices continuing to descend it’s just really becoming an oversold asset class is eventually gonna have to pop and see higher price levels and see some sort of exuberance because of how oversold it’s getting and so it’s something to really watch what I’m really looking for with the Transactions per days to see if we can actually surpass the all-time highs that we saw that caused the December 2017 rally because if the December into if the December 2017 rally took Bitcoin to twenty thousand US dollars Then what would happen if we surpassed that in terms of use case, you know, what would that value Bitcoin app? You know, obviously in 2017 people didn’t know or have a rational Legitimate number for Bitcoin but now obviously there’s been a lot more of a progression in the way that Bitcoin is analyzed In the tools and the metrics as we’ve talked about in the past and so with that maturity We could really start to see some sort of intrinsic value Being put on Bitcoin as an asset because that’s the only reason we’re seeing so much volatility and so much up and downs because nobody truly knows an intrinsic value and that’s you know, that’s when we’ll start to see that consolidation phase as we’ve talked we’ve talked about in the past that Occurs in every market cycle and if you want to look back at the 2008 crisis, it’s a very similar You know, it’s a very similar path and if you guys watched our livestream to three days ago we talked about how in the 2008 recession and and and and the way that eventually took us past the all-time highs that we saw in 2008 and and exponentially higher it all started with a higher low forming and a reversal in that Long-term descending pattern and I I wouldn’t be surprised for us to see something similar here with Bitcoin as an asset class. So Something I would do want to talk about here while we look at some questions Dave Hubner says hi. And I’m good to see you back. It’s just like the old snipers is coming back. I love it Yes, I’m very very glad to be back and we’ve got some really cool stuff coming soon to all of you guys You know Our discord has just been such a fun Community for me to be part of and to provide all of my signals and provide the education that I’ve been providing You know It’s just cool to interact with each and every one of you guys. So it’s good seeing you guys there and it’s awesome See you guys on our livestream So once again like the video if you guys appreciate these live streams So we can continue to really bring you guys the best information possible. So check this out. Very interesting article here I think this is important google play cop hosting an app that steals users cryptocurrency So I want you guys to get a little bit more Precautious with the way that you utilize cryptocurrency as you can see here it says the malware worked by replacing wallet addresses copied into the Android clipboard with one belonging to Attackers as a result people who intended to use the app to transfer digital coins into a wallet of their choosing Would instead deposit the funds into a wallet belonging to the attackers. So it says your clipper malware has targeted window users since at least 2017 and it’s really targeting meta mask. If a lot of you guys know about Matt amass is a very popular platform out There you can see it says the Clipper malware available in Google Play Impersonated a service called meta mask and when you continue this article This is really where it goes into how to prevent stuff like this It says this attack targets users who want to use the mobile version of the meta mass service So there’s just seeing a loophole within the mobile version and it says here one way to don’t get your crypto lost You know, some people are transact You know that they’re making thousands and thousands of dollars of transactions a day and things can get risky in an early market like this But what’s really cool about this is this is how every asset class forms. This is how every commodity is formed, right? there’s obviously never systems in place to first handle once You know an asset class is born but as time Progresses as things mature things eventually get done and that actually is a perfect segue into this next article here It says Bitcoin ETF will eventually be approved at SEC commissioner says very positive uses We once recently covered here about two or three weeks ago Bitcoin ETFs not going through because of the government shutdown But you can see it actually addresses in this article It says you eventually do I think someone will satisfy the standards that we’ve laid out that Americans can get hurt So it’s basically saying that it take now allowing Bitcoin to go ahead and surpass that $20,000 level so you can choose the SEC has rejected back in August of last year nine Bitcoin ETF proposals these before Proposals were based in Bitcoin futures rather than me backed by the physical coin and it quests here before We’re after half off being the fact that we haven’t yet completed the the platform side But we’re still posting our daily signals straight to your mobile phone desktop or web browser using our discord So make sure to check that out dragon says BTC with lightning should be more valuable than Visa and PayPal, you know It’s exciting because you see ripple making all of these different connections with banks and partnering with them and the banks are loving ripple They’re like man, this is just so much better than our traditional systems Well, you know, I think the fact that you know, this initial rally, that was very simp So in my opinion, we’re still a little bit early in this triangle I want to see this ascending support level get tested a third time to confirm that this is a point of Consolidation and you know, it’s really a patient approach You know, I think the one good thing here is the fact that we talked about this here This was a very steep a little bit more of a weaker seller market And so I think that’s the one positive thing here Now with this volume, we can’t necessarily tell what’s happening, you know, cuz this was still significant volume, you know This run-up actually started a lot different than this one right this one started with a gradual increase in volume while this one started with a very very You know hard, you know Just just a shot of volume that comes out of nowhere And so it’s reasonable for us to see a red bar after something this significant So the real question is whether or not we’re gonna go ahead and start to see this continued descent of price action Which would then allow me to assume that we’d hit that 3450 level before seeing that further high and it’s something that we saw here with auger You know, this is one of our signals that we posted for our members and it’s a more mature pattern of what we’re seeing Right now with Bitcoin because you can see we’ve touched that support level three times versus with Bitcoin are now at only two times So hopefully that answers your questions here. The late adopter says it will hit third time triangle support Well interesting there bushido says name great analysis as usual thoughts on iOS T, please We’ll definitely have to do so all coin requests soon but I do want to you know stick to a topic that relates to the majority of this audience because I am going to be Heading out soon So do you guys have any other questions on any of the topics that we covered today if you guys have other conversations? Bushido, I’d love to see you on our discord That would be awesome for you to talk there. You know, I’m on the discord and I can respond there as well And that’s 24/7. So other than that, I think we’re gonna be wrapping this up soon is neo still a good coin So we’re talking about alt coins. So here’s what I’ll wrap this livestream up with in terms of alt coins What I’m looking for is volume. I’m looking for use case which coins are being used So if we were to switch this chart up a little bit and look at the top volume coins You can see Bitcoin and Ted. They’re obviously number one into the majority of people that are margin trading and you know, and and International users are using these two coins to just go back and forth with right so you can see aetherium litecoin also In the top five here But then you start going down to these lower levels and you start to see some familiar names, right? You know Yoast Ripple Bitcoin cash Tron theorem classic – see cash quantum stellar neo, you know, we continue to see these familiar names but oh What is this pact so standard? This isn’t a familiar name, right? This isn’t a coin that was around during the 2017 rally this coin wasn’t around in 2018. Well, when did you guys hear of packs? You know at least III it wasn’t something I was watching in the top 20 on coin market cap. So you start to You know eyebrows start to rise when you see coins like this that weren’t here before seeing significant amounts of volume To the point where number one it’s over a 100 million dollar market cap. What does that mean? That means that that’s a pretty good amount of liquidity, you know Typically one investor won’t go ahead and invest 100 million into a coin that’s typically a multitude of many investors if not dozens of investors Investing a significant amount of capital and an abortion and a lot of that being retail investors as well But typically when when coins are launched there are you know those big investors that you know, make up the majority of the coin And and then you start to look at you know You start to compare the volume of where it was previously to where it is now And what’s cool you can see here this coin here in terms of satoshi value has risen Gradually over time so it’s also looking good in this macro scale. And so when you start to see these micro and macro indicators showing positive growth for coins that weren’t necessarily here during the run-up it really Raises an eyebrow because now investors are a lot smarter than they were in 2017 So for them to make a coin like this pax coin, which is a number 39 coin. So it’s in the top 50 But it’s in the top 20 of volume. You know, that’s a significant feat for a coin like that And so, you know, those are the type of coins I’d be looking at right now in regards to potential increase in Market cap over the next quarter and so I wouldn’t be surprised for us to see this pax coin in the top 20 in terms Of market cap in the next two to three months, right? And then the reason I say that so somebody said pax is a stable coin Okay, so that’s probably not a good example, but you know There are examples that relate to this that aren’t stable coin So like another example here would be crypto comm right. It’s it’s at and it’s number 89. It’s in the top 30 of Volume and this obviously isn’t a stable coin and so if we were to actually look at the analysis here we can probably find Similar indicators to what we saw here with pax, but the point is we’re looking for coins That weren’t necessarily here in the past. You can see this coin It’s being used quite significantly and it’s seen a long period of consolidation, right so what that can make you assume is this coin is completely being oversold but now it’s being used a lot more and so You know, that’s really what I would be looking for The reason I say that is you have to understand this at the end of the day the only coins that are gonna be here 5 to 10 years from our coins that have use-case and so you know coins like the bit toward the BTT coin that’s a coin that I’m excited about personally because it’s already applying to millions of users on the BitTorrent application and so there’s already instant use case for that coin which is why when it launched we saw in the Five of volume for that time frame and so I would be looking for which quois Coins have use case because those are the ones that were most likely gonna see seeing any sort of significant increase in the next quarter, so Hopefully that helps out The late adopter says pro tip everybody’s watching the 200 weekly moving average. Nobody’s watching the 50 monthly moving average Yeah, the further you go in timeframe, the the more strength you’ll find and so But sheet says name great analysis as usual. Thank you so much. I think we read that one already So I’m gonna be heading out. I have a meeting with our developer, but I really appreciate you guys tuning in I hope you guys enjoyed this did you guys enjoy this livestream go ahead and leave your opinion in the comments below and I cannot wait to See you guys on the discord. So thank you guys so much for tuning in today and I’m gonna be heading out junior-m. O’Brien says like grin virus says yes, I enjoyed it. Awesome The late adopters his best coins doesn’t necessarily win. It’s the ones that are most used that win, right? It’s it’s the social media platforms that are most used that win, right? It’s it’s the the the rideshare apps that are most used that win. Right? It’s the same thing with the cryptocurrency It’s the one that’s most used that’s going to win mark maxwell says always appreciated item. Thanks John, r says nice job. Thank you guys so much appreciate you all have an amazing weekend Have a blessed day and I will see you guys very soon Thank you. Chris. Johnson