welcome back guys it’s cryptococcal here and in today’s video i’m gonna do a very honest price prediction and realistic price prediction for light corn so guys if you guys have been following me you know that I was a very big fan of like corn at one point I was really bullish on it and it was probably one of my favorite coins especially when it was going through the light pay saga I made loads of videos on like corn I still I still have been keeping you guys up to date and you guys know I’m not as bullish on like corn as I have been so in this video guys I look at the main article that came out on like coin about like corn will never test for four hundred dollars and kind of why they’re saying that and at the end of this video guys I’ll do a technical analysis I’ll give you a quick prediction according to technical analysis what like corn is looking like to be honest guys like corn could be moving up slightly but I don’t know longer-term it might have a lake down but I’ll do that at the end of the video guys so like corn guys he’s been doing not I can’t say he’s been doing good he’s been doing slightly better than before it was in the free for guys and and like corn lost so many resistant especially when it broke down that level i I I’m I’m not I’m not hardening any like going to be honest guys I’ve I’ve sold a lot of Melaka I think I still own a few in one of my cold wallets but again I’ve sold a lot of like one around that time guys recently seen some revival but whether how long it’s gonna last I’m not to show it’s really dependent on Bitcoin so this group sabes group I think is called us research status group I’m not sure which one it is and they apparently are a very reputable company and they they used a lot of pricing models to to come up with this valuation that are kind of above my head to be honest the models they’re used and they’re saying even with dramatic dramatic improvements and more developments are like on an even more adoption like crunch on average out about 255 dollars in the next decade it could mean that you know light con goes up to you know $300 400 500 dollars and drops to run 255 because we know how speculative the market this market is and what happened in December January so again this price prediction doesn’t mean that it cannot go above 400 it is saying that it should be around 255 if it could go above and then drop down and you know with with what’s been going on with Charlie Lee like pay and their partnership with token pay verge that that Bank and I’m not really too sure there’s not been that many positive news that I’ve really liked I do like their pay with like on campaign that’s something I like but I’m not too keen on some of the stuff that’s been going on so this is the price prediction from satis group and it talks about you know the institutional investors are wary of sinking investors money and currently the market you know is you know it’s kind of a scary market we are in the end guys so based on their forecasts on Pierre Pierre metrics various traditional valuation models they project that prices will never see the light of 400 dollars that’s where like on peak before sinking to current levels what’s odd is that they take the john mcafee route placing bitcoin at four hundred and forty four dollars in ten years and sixty thousand by end of 2018 while these potential price tags many many remain upbeat about off bitcoin ending up placing like corn and you know so they’re not really bullish on like because they’ve done technical analysis they’ve this technical analysis is slightly older than mine and they were looking at hundred and ten seventy but we’ve dropped a lot lower so i’ll give you guys a more up-to-date price prediction i was looking for a trading like corn actually I was hoping that if it goes up I’ll buy some because it could be like an ABC correction and could hit that sixty level and so I was waiting for tweeted this I was waiting for a like on trade potentially again it’s not wouldn’t have been a massive trade but I mean it’s Friday night now song I’m just gonna have brought some Hollow a hot it’s in one of the coins that’s been pumping quite a lot I just bought some of that before before I go out tonight so right let’s do the quick price prediction guys so whenever you do technical analysis guy you need to look at the longer-term you need to start off on the longer longer and longer timeframe I usually start at the weekly or the other daily at least and you can see guys it’s been on the three or four guys it formed a bear flag and it crashed again there are some resistance level here it needs to absolutely hold above this if it doesn’t guys again I can this is not financial advice you make up your own decision but if it drops that level guys then it could be another big drop daily level is similar guys it’s not it’s trying to see a bounce but that drop was quite brutal because we were hoping that it can carry on going up and it hit that that moving average as you can see the 15 moving average and it dropped and what I was looking at guys is oops let me saw this Charter so what I was what I’m looking for now is it to break above that moving averages if it can guys like I said it could be like an ABC correction could then the equal measure move I could actually put the feet in Fibonacci levels on and see what it looks like let’s quickly do that guys to give you a bit more accurate level of where it can get to I suppose to do so yeah and if it could get to up probably about 59 $60 but I was saying visually and then it could drop so coop like an equal level ABC correction and drop if this is the first weight so again this is where I see maybe if you if you want to get out of like corn you could sell at 60 if you are a massive believer a believer of like oh and you think it will go up you can keep hardening guys but my prediction would be can get up to run 60 and then drop RSI RSI levels aren’t quite basic as well so that’s what my prediction is so hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys like like Khan guys subscribe to my channel and for more like Khan videos and and more cryptocurrency videos I do I’ve been doing a lot of videos lately just break keeping guys up to date with the latest news and cryptocurrency and Bitcoin world it will technical analysis price predictions a whole lot to keep you guys safe in this crazy world so thank you very much for watching this video guys I hope you’ve enjoyed it if you have enjoyed it smash that like button subscribe to my channel ten on the notification button