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bringing you a brand new videotape got another killer video for you guys full
of information say we’re be talking about Facebook’s cryptocurrency the
light point having and also we’re gonna be going over some Bitcoin technical
analysis we’re gonna be covering all that as well as tons of other news that
went on in the cryptocurrency space but before we get start with that like I
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Bitcoin technical analysis now as you guys remember I talked about the weekly
closure that is this big red candle that closed not too long ago and we were
talking about it closing under the 7785 each dollar region below that to me it
would be a very bearish sign and a sign that Bitcoin overall the Bears started
to take over as bear start to take more control now what we saw happen we talked
about the doji that came in here now we had that huge bearish engulfing candle
again closed below region closed at pretty much seven thousand six hundred
and twenty five ish and from there we can see the new candle has actually
pumped a little bit but it’s still fairly new so not too much information
we can have there for me I would close I would take this candle out kind of
ignore this candle and focus more on the last two but if we do move on
actually looking at the stochastic as well here you can see we did have a
bearish crossover here it was at some very high level so no surprise there and
the RSI also started to cool down a little bit again it was at some very
high levels as well so no surprise we’re seeing a pullback here for Bitcoin now
if we move into the daily as you can tell there is a strong support in this
area we saw this previously even back all the way here and we also are
noticing some resistance up in this region again the same thing can be seen
up here we saw some resistance for Bitcoin these two areas are some of the
big ones been balancing in between about 17 rate balancing between previously
it’s balancing in between this area now it to me the price is just very choppy
looking at the daily you see the stochastic is actually pretty low so
there is obviously the opportunity for that to move its way up and the RSI
floating in the middle after they did both a break below our training language
we knew was going to happen eventually that did come back down allow them to
cool off a little bit so both still have room to go up if Bitcoin decides to have
a further push upwards but to me the price right now has been very very
choppy I’m not confident with the price right now I’m trying to play this very
very slow and very very patient one a trade that I was able to do with a lever
straight on bit max was being able to long from the bottom and be able to hit
all of my targets in a short trade that did very very well but for the most part
I’ve been playing this very very safe and if you are in the trailer group
you’ll know that we are trying to play this as safe as possible waiting for a
little more indication for a bit corn on the weekly like I said it looks pretty
bearish and it looks like Bitcoin does one the Bears do want to take Bitcoin
further down but on the daily and we do see a lot of potential indicators for
Bitcoin to be moving up as well so as always I’m gonna give you guys more
information when I see it but for now I still need to see a little bit more but
moving on from Bitcoin litecoin is having the litecoin having is coming up
56 days 5 hours 11 minutes and 45 seconds away and if you’re wondering if
that has anything to do with a light coin pump you tell me like when is over
four hundred and sixty one percent since like the 13th of December
of course of litecoin having is coming in sooner than the bitcoin having which
is also something a lot of people are looking forward to probably not as many
people looking at the like we’re having as the bitcoin having but like one is up
over four hundred and sixty one percent well bitcoin I believe is up like over a
hundred eighty percent so again not nearly the price action that we’ve seen
coming in from like course if you’ve been holding like coin congratulations
it’s been absolutely killing it the low here was roughly twenty three dollars
now it’s currently trading at 127 with a high of almost a hundred and thirty
dollars this is on BitFenix is that is the chart that I’m looking at but that
is absolutely insane so that just makes me more excited for the bitcoin having
that’s coming up get something a lot of people are looking forward to doesn’t
mean that we’re just going to be parabolic from here on out but as we
move closer and closer I do expect bitcoins price to to react very
positively to that and for that to be a catalyst for our next bull run so if
you’re here before they having if you’re here you know at these early early
stages now’s the time to start picking up some awkward’s of course I’m not a
financial advisor I’m not giving you guys financial advice simply give you
guys my opinion now is the time to dollar cost average and if we do drop
further down which is of course a very possible that if you are a long term
holder and you want to improve your entry price then you dollar cost average
on the way down it’s worked for everyone before it is in my opinion the best
strategy you could do if you try to time the market you are most probably going
to completely miss it and then end up in regret later but if we look at coin
market cap two hundred and fifty four billion dollars in market cap with a
fifty five point six percent bitcoins ominous now we’re having a little bit of
a green day today obviously from the closure that we saw on the weekly candle
we did have a huge pump coming in starting the next weekly candle so no
surprise we are seeing some great of course like coin is up eleven percent
again performing very very well just absolutely killing it if you’re holding
like coin like I said before congratulations it’s been it’s been
performing very very well now the biggest Gator of the day is Aurora up 60
percent nebulous is up 56 noses up 27 so all points have been performing very
very well hopefully you guys were able to cap
on some profits here looking like prices especially the last you know the last
weekly candle we can see that prices are leaving big where money is leaving
Bitcoin in order to enter the awkward so money that was previously leaving the
awkward to enter bitcoins Bitcoin was having its move on upwards we saw all
coins suffer a ton one thing I was talking you guys about is a potential
all coin season that should be coming soon because all coins were just they
they were down to some very very low levels now it’s something we’re seeing
prime money leaving Bitcoin to enter the all quois and we are seeing some awk
ways just absolutely kill it a ton of profit can be made from this especially
if you’re patient you play right a ton of profit can be made from these areas
and we saw bitcoins price take a little bit of a hit while all coins perform
well coin 360 calm this is a website I like to go to if the market is green I
warn you don’t go to this website if we are having a red day in the market
especially if you get emotional on bright days don’t go to this website
during the red days that’s gonna be a sea of red but when it’s a Green Day
overall it’s pretty good to see so just to give you guys an idea of how green
the market is today you guys can go ahead and take a look it’s performing
not too bad now moving over to some news for eloquence I haven’t talked about XRP
in a while so I did want to come out and say again more good news coming in more
good words coming in for ripple and XRP and what they’re trying to do so this
came from money Graham’s exec who predicts that crypto take over who’s
predicting the crypto take over after internal tests with ripple and XRP again
no surprise for anyone in the crypto space overall just believe in the crypto
takeover and how it’s going to affect the world we live in right now how more
and more adoptions coming in don’t think that’s a surprise to any of you guys but
it’s always nice to see in the article some positivity because we do know that
negativity sells clickbait sells and usually the clickbait involves
negativity so usually where we see an article for Bitcoin be it Forbes or you
know whatever it is you usually see a negative headline because that is what
sells and that’s what gets people to actually click on it unfortunately that
is the truth at also more crypto regulations should be coming in soon
that’s another thing that a lot of people are looking forward to not
everybody but a lot of people are looking forward to a little more clear
regulations that is something is going to be a focus of right now and how
I’ll be able to update you guys more and more about this both not just taxes but
just of regulations in general tax is a big one folks that’s still an area that
a lot of people are very confused about again I can’t talk about it specifically
because it depends on where you live and I’m not a tax consultant but clear of
regulations clear regulations overall will do very well for this space now
moving on the highlight of what I wanted to talk about in terms of news that is
Facebook’s new cryptocurrency now according to this article it’s only
gonna make Bitcoin stronger the main focus I want to talk about is give you
guys a little more information on this why I think this is no surprise that
bitcoins go that that Facebook is going into this what exactly their
cryptocurrency is what they’re trying to do with it and then give you guys my
thoughts so overall Libre which is the name that they’re giving it is a stable
coin from what I’ve been reading I believe that is correct it is a stable
coin so it’s not going to have price fluctuations like Bitcoin of course
bitcoin is the biggest name in the space so that’s what they’re trying to compare
it to but overall not exactly too similar to Bitcoin in terms of price
movement is just not there a lot of other features so overall they’re trying
to create a stable coin they’re going to be targeting developing countries and as
we’ve seen in the news that’s something that’s needed you see some countries
where they have hyperinflation come in their currencies rendered absolutely
useless so I believe that is what they’re going to start targeting now in
terms of creating a profit from this they haven’t really talked much about
this but if I were to guess I wouldn’t be surprised there wasn’t any profit at
all from this for Facebook or at least very very little
Facebook’s main business is advertising and they sell advertising based off all
the data that they have that’s how they’re able to be so successful at
selling advertising so to me this is another way for Facebook to gather
people’s data so don’t be surprised to hear that you know Facebook is still
going to be gathering some data now if you like or dislike Facebook that’s not
the point of this video it’s not what I’m trying to share with you guys it’s
just that big companies big tech companies we see with Amazon purchasing
you know supermarkets to the point where now they’re going to be delivering your
seer your groceries right when before they start off as a book company that
evolved into a little more and a little more in a little more and they’re
picking up more and more and growing more and more so that they can do more
things and it’s no surprise with Facebook doing
the same they’ve started you know Facebook went from Facebook now has the
marketplace and now potentially having its own currency in there as well where
people are going to be able to actually use it to actually buy things I think
that is no surprise coming in from Facebook as well as something very
similar we’ve seen with Apple that came out with the apple cart not everyone
uses the apple cart but again it allows Apple to get access to a to more
people’s information and get more people joining the overall Apple ecosystem they
start a small they start to take over more and more industries where you’re
now using you know you have an iPad you might have an iPhone you have the Apple
watch you have the Apple TV so now they’re on your wrist on your phone your
television your music you know your desktop your laptop your iPad and now
also you are able to use them for your card it’s just taking over more and more
so that’s kind of my thoughts on what Facebook is trying to do overall things
gonna expose a lot of eyes to the space is gonna get a lot more people positive
on the space and less scared to join in and that’s something we’ve seen a lot of
issue with the recent crypto is a lot of people see the negative headlines and we
were just talking about with the media and they stay away from me I think it’s
gonna give crypto an overall sense of credibility I think again we have to
make sure to let people know that not all projects are good we’ve seen a lot
of bad projects out there but overall the good projects they are indeed good
and they are trying to provide something to the world and try to change the way
certain things are done so that’s my overall thoughts on the Facebook
cryptocurrency and let me know your guys’s thoughts in the comments down
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