Hey, hey, everyone. Bitcoin here. I’m living
the dream out here in LA.
My vegan roommate Anya and I found a wonderful studio apartment for only forty seven hundred dollars a month.
My landlord said he won’t take Bitcoin as payment though,
which i think is sort of
short-sighted of him. But anyhow,
I decided to take the couch, you know
because I’m so short, and Anya can take
the bed then and the only snag so
far is Anya has been having some
digestive problems. Poor thing. But other
than that you know things have been
going really well over here I just
recorded my first scene for episode two
and I wanted to say thanks to everyone
in the community for your donations
we’ve almost reached 50 percent of our
goal which is, you know, really exciting.
[Bitcoin, I need another wipe.]
Oh, coming Anya.
Thanks everyone,
I’ll try to send another update soon.