sooo hello people go in today and I’ve
got a lot of 50 dollar banknotes if you’re not too familiar of these these
are probably equivalent to Bob about 40 US dollars oh if you told him it’s been
mine 50 US dollars yeah you ever been a pawn mmm he did :
I’ve made another video on this um series of banknotes and these are going
to get changed next year so as these lasts a long time they will
all be able dawn and their life will not end as a bad bank name but a lot of them
boom withdrawn in this condition this is almost uncirculated anyway so what I’m
looking for is any unique serial numbers so let’s go so here we have aim 2013
anything special day seven nine seven no don’t think so
seeing 2013 again seven seven nine no it’s pretty nothing dear nothing new
well middle we’ve double 795 1995 dis Fang that’s pretty good condition for a
22 year old banknote and as you can see these are twenty fifty dollar banknotes
last about 20 20 years in the polymer state yeah yeah nothing that rich is fun
2013 a few six isn’t that okay 2006 they see
me thank you go oh well ninety five six double six eight seven four nine I read
this one 2007 yeah double I that’s pretty young
panting 2005 nothing ding IB 2005 also you got six zero one of these ones was a
five was a seven or the serum was a five that would have been something I came
you go 60 and 0 6 he was still nothing mmm Papa Papa which is 18 Cantonese they
say which is foreign Cantonese if it was all ain’t who would have been some that
collects Chinese like ah cuz it sounds like well good yeah and that’s nothing
extra key okay number 95 okay nothing in that one this one 96 96 is not home
coming you well great force two sevens in the six
yeah I really wanna keep k95 well there’s been a lot of 95 someone mr.
Bank in there paint that collection I don’t expect a lot of 94 think nice
Feeny’s good condition take three fives Oh 940 now 95 JJ 95 lots of zeroes in
that this do-nothing never 95 King another 94
– okay ain’t one ain’t ya okay 80 88 16 nothing there never 95
okay 60 new habit this one another 95 so pretty good condition almost very
extremely fine still not worth keeping my $50 back now it’s hard to actually
get rid of okay 95 never ninety five seven five one seven four four seven new
bitter ones are going in the bank net before new 13 seven-one-seven Kay 95 or
666 no real I wouldn’t keep it would 2014 only one money 2014 is a pretty low
print and they’ll probably tell our side until the new bank night is the
introduced next year okay 2010 9 2010 okay so thank you for
watching if you like to see if there’s anything let me know down below but
anyway have a beautiful day