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Welcome to Hipfig’sTravel Guide series on Macau. In this video we’ll share our
experiences with currency exchange counters in Macau so you can use this
guide to make your travel smoother in Macau. The Macau Pataca or Macanese
Pataca or MOP for short is the official
currency in Macau; however Hong Kong dollars are accepted everywhere Macau as its a wider circulated currency. Another reason is that Hong Kong dollars are
easier to convert back to other currencies outside of Macau. The Macau
Pataca or MOP is pegged with the Hong Kong dollar and accepted by it Macau vendors
on a one-to-one rate everywhere in Macau if you’re visiting Macau for a short
period then we suggest changing currency into Hong Kong dollars which is very
easy in Macau at any of the many currency exchange counters. There are two major tourist sections of Macau: the Macau Peninsula which is the old Macau
and Taipa which is the newer part with the Las Vegas Strip like resorts and
casinos. You can find many currency counters on the Macau Peninsula side,
however you will not be able to find any private money change counters on the
Taipa side but this is not a problem as you can walk into any casino and
change currency in Macau. In Macau you can also walk into any bank and change
currency. You will need an ID or a passport to change money in a bank in Macau you’ll find money exchange
counters at the airport, ferry terminals, hotels, casinos, and tourist areas. Look
for a casa de cambio on the Macau Peninsula side which means house of
change. If you’re changing a large amount of currency then shop around and don’t
forget to check out Hotel Lisboa’s currency exchange counters. They have
three. Another place to try is Soi Cheong money changer. It has nine branches
located near tourist areas in Macau like Senada Square,
They’re also located across the Rio Hotel and Casino and they also have
one and Zuhai railway station along with the outer harbour ferry terminal.
Also check out Parkway exchange also known as P&W exchange which has ten
branches in Macau. They have branches located near Senado square and on the
Chan Kok building which is besides Holiday Inn in Macau. There’s also Casa
de cambio Asia also known as Asia exchange which is four branches in Macau. They’re also located on senado square and near the lisboa and Holiday Inn and
Rio Hotel and Casino. If you’re around senado square or the lisboa hotel, you’re
guaranteed to run into several currency exchange counters. When in Macau always
have cash on hand as cash is king and Macau small vendors and most taxi
drivers don’t take credit cards. Remember to change any left over Macau patacas to
Hong Kong dollars or US dollars before you leave Macau to keep things simple. By
the way you can definitely find an ATM machine at any hotel. Let the good times
roll in Macau. You won’t have any problem changing currency in Macau Happy Travels. Go to hipfig com for
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