The equivalent of 10,000 satoshi in bitcoin currency is 0.0001 BTC, which is also equivalent to 44.20 pesos in Philippine Money. Don’t put in mind that you will only earn small amount because BIG things comes from small. What’s up everyone! This is Aiza Mercado and thank you for watching again my new video. Now we will have an update on our freebitcoin in our Qcash app. Today, I’ll tell you the do’s and don’ts and there newest and coolest updates but before that as you can see here in my channel you will notice that I have private my video which is about the G-invest because in my community tab I posted that my G-invest account was hacked. The worse part here is he putted an TFA google authenticator in my account which means that I haven’t activated it. But I talked to the admin of this site and he showed me the screenshot stating that my money was stolen. So, lesson learned for all of us to put a Two-FA authentication whenever we signed up to a website alright, whoever hacked my account God Bless you and I hope it could help your family. Going back to our video, we will have the cool updates here in Qcash. I can see that there admin had been very active and I can say that there application is very much stable, it isn’t easy to be hack and nice things here is if it has issues the admin can automatically solve it. And in case you wanna watch the previous video of this there will appear an “i” button here in the upper part on this video. Then just click the video description for the link if you wanted to download it. Alright once you downloaded it and you will have this kind of scenario “no data found”, all you have to do is go to your>>phone settings then go to>>More settings then>>application then let’s click installed and look for Qcash app click “storage” then “clear data” and incase also click, clear cache going back in our icon which is Qcash as you can see we can now signup or login, incase you’re done in registering here so here just put your full name, mobile number, password and for the referral section just leave it blank since they dont have referral program. In mobile number, you can put anything or your regular number as long as it’s unique and not existing in the database of this application. Alright we’re done, account created success we can now login. the main purpose of this video is to update you guys and tell you the do’s and don’ts so that we won’t be block by this app as you can see now the group chat has now content you can see the community chat of Qcash app you can ask whatever, like what happened to your account and what’s the proper way to get points and they now have an official telegram channel. You can also join here to check there new updates and news about here application now we have a good new, which has been put here it says, “Good news we updated the app”, make 10 claims per day earn 120 points and another good news here is the time interval has been lessen which is 30 minutes. Before, when I posted video about this their interval is 1 hour. Now we can take 2 games in one hour. So overall 10 claims per day which means we will get 1200 points per day, but they also adjusted their withdrawal their mininum withdrawal now is 10,000 points on how to earn here, you just have to answer the quizzes and there is no right or wrong answer here if you notice this there’s “1” here and you have to do is answer 25 quizzes. And take note that every quiz there were ads that will appear and do not click the ads showed here DO NOT CLICK. Okay? DO NOT CLICK. Just click the “no thanks, or back button. then wait for the timer to be completed to be able to take another quiz you have to repeat it over and over again until you reach 25 questions/quizzes we are almost done with the 25 quizzes alright, let’s continue okay, if you notice here we got a claim button to get the 120 points all you have to do is follow my instructions let’s now claim it, just click continue and there will ad that will appear through your screen and do not close it, just click it and open it in your browser you can watch it or leave it blank in your browser and the catch here is wait for about 2-3 minutes. Wait till the application will go back for you wait for it you can scroll it down repeatedly but do not ever click links. And here as you’ve notice I haven’t done anything it just go back by itself and now we can claim it claim success! and now it will enter in our wallet 120 points. Alright its new cool feature is you will only have to wait for 30 minutes to take another quiz In my previous video that was 1 hour interval but now since they updated it it’s now 30 min interval. You will do this over and over. You can claim 10 times per day. And for the minimum withdrawal as you can see here in withdrawal section they updated it with 10,000 points but still one is one 10,000 points is 10,000 satoshi. The equivalent of 10,000 satoshi in bitcoin currency is 0.00001 BTC, which is also equivalent to 44.20 pesos in Philippine Money. Take note that this is not a fix value since the BTC market now is down and if it rises it can come up to 50 pesos, 55, 60 it depends on the market of bitcoin. Don’t put in mind that you will only earn small amount because BIG things comes from small things. Okay here just put the amount example 10,000 for the email, use the email address of your coinbase or then select method, either coinbase or Alright it’s that easy to claim and payout here. So this is our 4th video about on their new update number 1 they now have a groupchat and telegram channel for the announcements, number 2 we can now have 10 claims per day, number 3 is the 30 minutes interval, number 4 we can earn 1200 points per day and their minimum payout is 10,000 points. I must say that this Qcash app is a legit app and we can spend time on it. Just exert some effort and you can use multiple account in multiple devices. So you can have different device for one IP Address but not the multiple account for one device. I hope this is clear and I hope this video helps you to earn extra money online. Don’t forget to like and subscribe in our youtube and telegram channel. Thank you for watchinh, this is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!