Hello hello hello everyone! My name is Aiza Mercado and welcome back in our new video where I’ll be reviewing another website which is a type of wallet that can be use as piggy bank at the same time it generates up to 18% of profit per month. Okay so this website is called Digital library token or you can go to www.ditwallet.co. It’s a crypto currency type of wallet that has a feature of saving up your money and at the same time it will profit up to 18% monthly interest. Okay so you can see here it is highest paying wallet, easy to use 24/7 support and has a multi level revenue system. They conducted ICO before, and now the DLT wallet is equivalent to 0.58 us dollar, it is also decentralized, transparent, efficient , instant withdrawal, secure, hassle free, multicurrency, unlimited investment and daily benefits okay so in this 18% we can see our daily profits here per day okay they also has an application it is available and we can download it in google playstore or appstore. Later on I will be showing you their application. Safe payment, global exchange, we can directly exchange crypto currency using our app, multi chain wallet, token management, business opportunity. DLT is a decentralized digital assets, according to them a platform that we can use to trade DLT coins, bitcoin, ethreum and lite coin. Start your profit by depositing now and earn up to 10-18% per month they also has staking rewards in our daily basis, withdrawals and token conversions we can withdraw here anytime of the day, we can earn dlt coins by holding bitcoin, ethreum and lite coin, no membership fee, no contracts, we can use dlt tokens to purchase hotel stays, airline tickets and many more. Credibility: they got an application in google play stiore and in apple, nice thing here is they have a web platform. Talking about future of dlt, they will be having dlt e-card, dlt atm, dlt banks dlt insurance and dlt e-shops. How it works? Okay step 1, download application or use the web browser, step 2 install and register step 3, login with user ID and password, step 4 select crypto concurrency, step 5 click on deposit, step 6 select wallet address step 7 start trading bot, step 8 get reward which is where we can earn daily profit. We here in our account and as you can see I invested 0.1 btc or it’s like $739 and my AI robot has been already active now i’ll be showing you how to deposit and start this AI bot okay so no. 1 we will click this deposit okay so the minimum deposit here is $100, click deposit then “I undestand” and a btc wallet will appear on where you will send . $100 now is equal to 0.014 bitcoin and I suggest to deposit higher amount because they don’t have the same conversion here in dlt wallet. Once you’re done in depositing, you can view it in your dashboard and now let us now activate our AI bot so now lets click AI D bot all you have to do in here is to choose a crypto currency for example, btc then here just put the amount of $100 okay let’s confirm it now they said “please confirm” and take note that we have 5% deducted amount if we get our money here within 30 days, and if it reaches 31 days onwards only 2% will be deducted in our investement. Okay so.. Let’s click yes Alright success. record is add succesfully! Now you can see that it’s available here in our Ai D Bot now we’re here in my android phone we’re here at google playstore let’s check how their app works using our devices. Well, let’s just open this and basically we should have an account. Here in this part you can create an account and just fill some basic information, like your desired username fullname, email address, country, password and the 6 digit secret key will serve as you pincode and you should remember it because it is important during withdrawal. and enter captcha then I agree and then create account. Now we’ve logged in into my account and as you can see the my 0.1 btc has earned 37.50 us dollars, take note that all that we have invested in ai bot like bitcoin, ethreum and litecoin the profit will be received by our dlt token. So from here let’s go to dlt token and as you can see these are my previous transaction as you can see the value that we are earning is not fix, like 3 tokens per day or 5 tokens per day it’s like 2$ per day so I’m earning 100 pesos per day in my invested money which is 0.1 btc. Now let’s go to convert Now I want to convert my dlt into bitcoin all I have to do is enter the amount of dlt that I wanted to withdraw like for example 63 dlt then the bitcoin that I’m going to receive from it is 0.00502984 btc okay so take note that they have a transaction fee of 2%. don’t forget to put your pincode here if you’re done in the setup of your account and your password then it’s now ready to convert tadaaaaah! “Amount swapping successful” and you can see it that it’s here in my balance let’s check our btc okay so transaction is completed now, we will be having our proof or withdrawal. So let’s click withdraw then enter wallet address all you have to do is paste here your wallet address then withdraw amount if what is your desired amount but take note that it has a transaction fee of 35,000 satoshi or 0.00025 btc. Enter amount we can take all the amount okay then enter here your 6 pincode so this is the amount that I’m going to receive it is 0.00489211 let’s now withdraw it okay so let’s go back and refresh it. Alright so our bitcoin is now gone and I’ll just here in the screen our payout and check if I will really receive my payout in my abra wallet. One thing, we can immediately withdraw our investment here. On how to do it, let’s click this icon then let’s click D-bot history okay so from here we can click cancel to get our investment immediately and withdraw and put in our btc wallet address directly. But for me since I’m new in this wallet and my profit is still small so I’ll let it stay here and wait for it to profit huge amount. Let’s talk about their other feature here like for example the Ai D Bot ofcourse this is what we did earlier on how to start in Ai D bot next is here in circle all your referrals will appear here from level 1 up to level 15 in our level 1 structure we will earn here 100% meaning all their profit will also be our profit, for 100% next for level 2 we will earn 40% from them level 3 to 10 we will earn 10% revenue and for the rest 11 to 15 we will earn 5% revenue next is the d bot history you will see here your investement you can see it here I invested additional $200 next is revenue we will see here everything that we earned from Ai bot revenue and the circle revenue is from our referrals and this our revenue rate per day take note that it changes everyday meaning it’s not fix and it changes everyday next, announcement every announcement of digital library token will appear here and lastly is their news feed okay you can see now that 1dlt is now equal to 0.59 usd. Okay so that’s how digital library token wallet works or dlt wallet and on how to earn from 10% to 16% per month. I hope this video had help you in reviewing this digital library token wallet or dlt wallet and ofcourse don’t forget to subscribe for more updates and on where we can earn extra money online. Thank you for watching! Stay cool, stay “payaman”. My name is Aiza Mercado. And see you on my next video.