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famous well not famous but if a coal clip of me talking about the Mike Hearn
ragequit back in 2016 yeah I mentioned it before a lot of people retweeted it
you can watch it right now and retweet it that’s how you spread the word that’s
how you support the show retweet my tweets of old shows from 2016 almost
four years old and I had a strong hand back then I wasn’t worried about Mike
her and I bought two Bitcoin Mike Hearn had his uh and I paid what
less less than 400 death was 390 apiece for each Bitcoin when Mike Ahern had his
ragequit so we talked about this a few days ago one that remind everyone oh
yeah it is late at night but conviction keeps me going baby and keeps these
shows popping out yeah disrupt meister comm over 1500 of my shows there that
i’ve been on or created etc etc so let’s talk about cracking cracking has a post
about keep key uh-oh now Kiki’s been uh selling their keep
keys for like five dollars lately at various events people have been telling
me about this and maybe this is part of the reason why I don’t know we’ll get
both sides of the story here crackin labs has found a way to extract seeds
from a keep key crypto currency hardware wallet all that is required is physical
access to the wallet for about fifteen minutes and in their description it’s
linked to below it looks like it’s kind of complicated I mean it looks like you
need a special tool you gotta be technically sophisticated fifteen
minutes seems pretty fast and they say they told they they told shape-shift
which owns keep key about this back in September so three months ago now one
thing they also mention is if you have the passphrase protecting your recovery
seed your bid 39 passphrase which I think they kind of implied was hard to
implement on the keep key I I don’t actually have a key key on me right now
and well if you had the big thirty-nine passphrase this does not apply so there
you go there’s something right there well shape-shift replied again the
shape-shift owns the keep key and I’ve I’ve never uh you know I always say Trez
Trez or ledger I always say then I say digital pit box
I don’t ever liked keep key because Voorhees
I mean he’s a smart guy he was he liked uh bitcoins who acts he later came back
I wasn’t a fan of his for a time so during and during that time period I was
recommending Hardware wallets and I was telling people not to use kikyo some
people not to use shape-shift because I didn’t want to support his Bitcoin 2x
stands which has he I think he has admitted he was wrong about that but
anyway with all that in mind they say that in their blog post that they had
already talked about it back in the summer at some point and again they say
enable your bid 39 passphrase and just don’t lose your if you physically keep
your keep key you’ll be cool just they say maintain best practices and yeah so
I mean the major argument here is and they say it doesn’t take 15 minutes to
pull this thing off it’s it’s much more complex
don’t lose your key key dudes and and have a passphrase and I think it’ll be
cool hey but they just don’t have a one
Hardware wallet either how about that and I happen to be wearing my crypto h/w
wallets shirt now too coincidentally I got this from the great people over
there I used to have an affiliate code I still I have not gotten an affiliate
code with them again their boss is a good guy I theosis if I’ve hung out with
him before he sold them all over there and right now people aren’t buying
anything because new people aren’t coming into the space they’re just not
retail investment and we’re talking about this yesterday but one of the sure
signs of that is when a lot of people were coming in back in 2017 man
everybody was buying a treasurer ledger keep key digital bits box bit box found
that like button and uh yeah now that was buying anything apparently okay
maybe God vide lingham retweeted this tweet without
comment and I haven’t seen buddy else mentioned this but Mark Cuban says no
chance so his worth I found out about because of Vinny I don’t know what point
Vinny was trying to prove here I don’t think he was saying he agreed with Mark
Cuban I hope not but mark cheery brings up some interesting points about Bitcoin
and some bad points to that make no sense he says no chance for Bitcoin to
become a reliable currency okay so yeah I mean reliable that that’s a little bit
of a qualification you know he can go back one day and kind of change his mind
say well I said reliable cars he says and it’s in Forbes of course well not of
course Forbes is known for some negative Bitcoin uh articles he says not just not
because it can’t work technically although there are challenges it could
but rather because it’s too difficult to use now I will say right now it is it’s
hard to use I’m not denying that but does that doesn’t mean it’s always gonna
be too difficult to use white was he a short term thinker here long term
thinking more too easy to hack too easy to hack now that is pure fun on that
dudes part man dude that that’s absolutely wrong what what I I want more
information there what are you talking about mark are you just spouting out
nonsense that you hear you are you confused about exchanges getting hacked
in Bitcoin getting hacked very interesting too easy a hack way too easy
to lose now it is easy to lose it is easy to lose your private key that that
is true that is true but hey personal responsibility is new counterculture so
that’s a valid point and people are working aways so it’s not easy to lose
like their KITT key they’re working on ways aren’t they yeah well you get my
point there Hardware wallets working on that uh and what he says too hard to
understand well right now for some people it is hard to understand the
internet was really hard to understand it at some point – too hard to assess a
value now again I don’t know what the heck he’s talking about there there’s so
many exchanges out there the price discovery is there dude the value is
being assessed okay do you mean there’s volatility
yeah there’s volatile I don’t know what you mean by that maybe again you’re just
repeating some flood talking points the the billionaire also pointed out the
vast number of other rival crypto assets available adding that it is too much
work for people to know why Bitcoin over everything else no that’s not just
because there’s a lot of competitors it’s got the first mover advantage why
big point over everything else it’s the most decentralized of all of them it
doesn’t have a leader that can be arrested and thrown in jail how about
that that’s a pretty simple explanation there but but you know it’s very
interesting that he brings up their there there are a number of other rival
crypto assets available because human has not shied away from commenting on
cryptocurrencies in the past including his reference to Bitcoin as a bubble in
2017 as well as even taking part in an initial coin offering for único gold
único in gold a crypto asset associated with online sports betting operation
unicorn according to coin desk post so ok
apparently he was involved with an ICO once ok so I mean dude you’re no crypto
expert if you were involved with something called unicorn gold or so I
don’t even know what the heck that was call it there man but everybody makes
the states everybody can learn and who knows maybe there’s some ulterior
motives for a fighting Bitcoin per I mean maybe he wants to have his own
crypto I mean he wants maybe he wants to be like a Mark Zuckerberg and have his
own cryptocurrency one day who knows I would not shock me the least and Mark
Cuban comes up with his own his own Libre type of project but just don’t
want people that a lot of people were cheering you know Mark Cuban was like
Bitcoin no pedestal the dude he cleared clearly from this comment of his he is
there some he’s blindly repeating some talking points out there too easy to
hack I don’t that one is that’s wack hack is wack
don’t whack its hat ok pal alright so we got oh yeah oh I already said that we’re
gonna talk about coinbase in one second let me just see if there were any
questions out there you know we don’t got any oh look barefoot berry greetings
from New Zealand dude I was thinking about you Barry I heard about that uh
volcanic eruption down there I was very tragic I don’t think that was near your
part of the country I believe it was a little north of where you are from what
I recall I know you’re on the South Island and the volcano was off of the
northern part of the South I I don’t even know no but I’m glad you’re I’m
glad you’re here barefoot Barry I I always like to see New Zealanders in the
house I was in Auckland when it was 2015 and I saw turn 2016 there so I hey it’s
been four years I I right I landed there on December 2 5th 2015 so Wow four years
since I landed in Auckland okay beautiful country beautiful country
coinbase and a better business bureau I think we got a little bit of overkill
here now in such a new industry like cryptocurrency
there’s gonna be a lot of confusion okay there’s gonna be a lot of people that
buy stuff buy Bitcoin by altcoins at coinbase and are gonna have no idea what
the heck they’re doing and they’re gonna try to send it they’re gonna lose it
they’re going to send it to a be cast address when they think it’s Bitcoin and
so a lot of people have complained and this doesn’t necessarily mean that
coinbase is a bad company what it means is that we’re in a brand new industry
and a lot of people get confused a lot of newbies that is their gateway to
cryptocurrency and it’s clear they’re getting confused so my guy ra8 o3g had
said I believe that coinbase refunded him when he made he a minute he made a
mistake I think he said I don’t wanna I know you said you made a mistake I think
you said be cash to a Bitcoin address over there or something you did and they
actually refunded you even though it was your fault
so they try to be responsible there but he says and you think it was because you
complain to the Better Business Bureau about them now
was that a legitimate complaint that you had because it was your fault well I
mean you still wanted your coins back and they had the ability to do so
because if you sent it to they had control of both addresses in other words
so you you could get it back even though it was your mistake and they did refund
you which was great but he says looks like I was exceptionally lucky I’m
reading this quote from RA 803 Combes currently has an F rating with the
Better Business Bureau and and is not BBB accredited the company has received
12 1269 complaints in the past three years with 948 related to product or
service problems 191 having to do with billing and collection 32 due to
advertising your sales issues six related to relates to guarantee and
warranty problems and 92 categorized as delivery issues coinbase has resolved
232 of these complaints to the satisfaction of the users while 437
complaints either were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the users or did not
receive a final response from their from the user in whopping 600 either did not
receive a response from coinbase or were not resolved by coinbase this
low response rate is the major factor lowering the company’s a better business
rate now I I’m gonna say this again I’m not the biggest fan of calling base in
the world I think it’s the easy place for Americans to buy it and just get
their Bitcoin off of there but if people try to do complex things over there and
they’re gonna mess up and it’s gonna be their fault and then they’re gonna be
angry at coinbase for ever and ever when coinbase can’t I mean they’re people
that send their coins off of coinbase to stam addresses that they somehow were
given and they blame it on coin basins become and how can coin base help you
when you’re not you you made a mistake and so I this is this is a sign of a new
industry and a lot of confusion out there and at one time coinbase did have
pretty bad customer service but I have been told their customer service has
improved and that they answer questions quickly now who knows I I did like that
I you know are a informed me I had no idea they had so many
complaints and had an F with the Better Business Bureau and I didn’t I know the
Better Business Bureau it could actually prod coinbase to help him out that was
very informative also I’ll say ok so Baria beat barefoot Barry said I don’t
listen to the news so thanks for the heads-up all right yeah there was there
was a volcanic eruption in uh in New Zealand it’s fine in summer here but
Barry is in a very remote location I believe I remember you told me it was me
or kind of near a small city but not so near so you’re like in the middle of
nowhere in New Zealand I mean maybe maybe you’re some Bitcoin billionaire
that’s belting yourself uh some fork there I mean there’s a lot of the
supposedly there are a lot of Westerners that don’t want to build compounds in
New Zealand but that’s the big room right I don’t I didn’t really see that
when I was there but what do I know I was just in Auckland beautiful beautiful
all right so Stella Nick Carter he warned us about
Stellar’s air drop a few months ago or whenever they came out with their air
drop that it was a lot of hype that they were saying they were gonna be 300
million died there was gonna be two billion dollars worth of stellar given
away to a hundred twenty million we’re gonna be giving away like in 20
different separate giveaways and Nick said well hold your horses there how do
you know how much it’s gonna be how do you know it’s gonna be worth that much
they’re gonna really give away that much well they didn’t this is the end they’re
giving away three hundred million worth 16 million that’s it
16 million dollars compared to 120 million dollars 300 million stellar
compared to 200 billion so they were hyping it up they were using it as a
marketing tool they exaggerated quite a bit did they know they were gonna do
this all along I don’t know it’s stellar dudes why even why even mess with that
stuff that okay but Nick was correct and I actually brought that up quite quite
quite a while ago that Nick Nick had said that about stellar like well
weather the headlines they were using insane how do you know it was good how
do you know it’s gonna be worth 120 million especially if you’re giving away
so much of it eventually if you’re giving so much of it away it’s gonna go
down in value and they didn’t even they don’t even get to that point they didn’t
want to get to that point they knew better to give away I think they were
give away 10% of all this dollar it was some tremendous number all of a sudden
that given a moment I let them blend it it’s ripple isn’t it it’s like it’s the
same type of thing it’s you know centralized nonsense but hey you can do
what you wanted this we’re the big boys play you want you were a value off and
stellar be my guest strong hand Bitcoin baby that’s that’s
what it’s about long term thinking Bitcoin is next Bitcoin estelle over the
next Ripple oh my god I just want to like vomit when I say something like who
cares with an X ripple is I’m not gonna say ripples next why would you want to
be I mean I’d rather have a Libra right I mean Libra is an extra I know okay
moving on I feel faint talking about such so it’s nonsense
finally let’s go let’s get a flashback to 2016 and the cloud mining era oh man
there were so many people that used to say Adam I’m gonna cloud mine I’m not
gonna buy Bitcoin I’m just gonna cloud mine in look at this and I was just this
is ludicrous dude why you did just buy it it’s $400 why don’t you just buy it
why do you have to go because people want the one they thought so special
because they were mining supposedly oh it was shoe and they were affiliate
codes it was like theirs yeah an affiliate system the pyramids it got a
guy above you got paid if you bought if you sold someone than something else it
was ridiculous but there was something that came out at that time called bit
Club Network which was supposedly you’d buy miners it wasn’t cloud money but it
was kind of cloud I only know what the heck it was but at first at the
beginning of 2015 2015 in 2016 this guy Joby weeds
he was a respected member of the Bitcoin community and the Bitcoin community was
a little bit different than everything was a little bit different than it was
before the shemitah before mr. Mexico
really started talking about his shmita thing and he and mr. mister shmita
before he was shmita you know more people associated with him a king of the
trolls tom Bayes did actually this Jobi week’s character did and you know you
can’t meets a guy hadn’t gone off the deep end so I still like actually read
with the the shmita guy did talked about because he talked about Bitcoin you know
I was into the drugs and the stuff that she meets a guy was talking to alcohol
and all that stuff but so I that’s how I thought about Joe be weeks I believe and
big club and king of the trolls was friends with Joey weeks and I’ll give
kick king of the trolls credit and Toby’s credit they were saying to Joe be
weeks like dude this sounds too good to be true this big Club thing it sounds
too good to be true and at first I also was just like well
they’re you know king of the trolls is a respected member of the community and
Tony vases of respected member of the community they’d like Jovi and this this
isn’t cloud mining exactly so at first I thought it wasn’t a scam my was I did
not think it was a scam at first I was there it was still night relatively
early days 2015-2016 right but soon into 2016 I made a video called all cloud
mining as a scam and I had changed my mind about him about Joe be weeks now
again he that wasn’t true cloud mining it was some other nonsense but tone
BAE’s had clearly said back then that maybe Joe be doesn’t mean this to be a
ponzi but there’s no way there’s no way this thing is gonna succeed
well coin desk has a us arrest three an alleged crypto mining pool fraud scheme
there’s another article I think wired that I link to below that
has quotes from them just saying from the very beginning it was a scam they
were scamming people according to the accusations that were out there
so this Joby dude was a total liar on Annie and for for a few moments I I
again I was I didn’t get everything back in 2015 yeah I didn’t it was the early
days I didn’t and I think and tone didn’t think he was scamming he said it
would turn into a scam but I mean toad made his initial
prediction was better than mine because I was like well if tone says it isn’t a
scam but it is a scam but tone-tone knew better he knew that it would turn into a
scam and you know he was friends with the guy and everything III just thought
oh he must be a nice guy he’s friends with King of the trolls and then of
course getting the trolls became king of the trolls she meets a guy went totally
berserk and you live and learn you live and learn yeah got he careful
with something sounds too good to be true it usually is so much much props to
tone for catching this at the very beginning this was and again everybody
was talking cloud mining back then it was and I was very proud to you know
back then just saying don’t clown like don’t get into this I made a little
mistake I told I I told people just buy Bitcoin
but I said does Joby do maybe maybe this is a legitimate mining operation I don’t
know I didn’t know about mining but I didn’t tell people to buy that darn
thing I’ll tell you that and once once I started you know preaching cloud mining
is a total scam yeah enough of the Jobi so these things we have all sorts of
trends all sorts of people trying to complicate things all you gotta do is
just buy the real thing you can’t beat the real thing baby
big Club not the real thing cloud mining not the real thing
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