The world of stock investment
is quite complex. And if you have decided to invest,
or if you are thinking about it, it may seem very confusing to you. So, to make it easy,
we have decided to make this series, where you’ll get all the information
related to the world of stock investment topic-wise. It won’t help you to make money quickly, but you’ll be able to properly understand
the world of investing. And you’ll also learn about
the roles of important people of the world of stock investment, which will help you to make
investment decisions. Like, cricket has an ecosystem
having ICC as a unit. The cricket teams and cricket boards
of all the countries are a unit. After that, leagues like IPL and Big Bash
are a unit. Stadiums are a unit. Different formats of cricket, like one-day,
T-20, test matches, are a unit. Umpires are a unit. And all these units are interconnected. Similarly, stock investment
has an ecosystem which has several different units, like market participants, assets,
instruments, SEBI, exchanges, brokerages & depositories,
dealers/ brokers, smallcases, mutual funds, and many more. All these units are also interconnected and constitute stock investment ecosystem. So, in this video series,
we’ll tell you about all of them topic-wise. Today, we will discuss
the first topic – market participants. Market participants means
all the people and the companies who invest in the stock market. Market participants are of two types. First are retail investors,
who are people like you who trade or invest in stocks. The retail investors who invest
a huge amount in the market are called HNI
(High Net Worth Individual Investors). The second type of market participants
are institutional investors. They collect funds and then invest them. Mutual funds, hedge funds,
corporations, banks, trusts, charities, all these fall under this category. They may be based in or outside India. They have a very large amount to invest. That’s why, in the stock market, they have a higher share, and they can cause
significant market movements. If we take a look
at stock market participation in India, the retail investors have increased
at a rate of 11% CAGR in the past 10 years. If we compare, in the financial year 2009, 1.7 million new investors
joined the market. And in the financial year 2019, 2.8 million new investors
have joined the market. That was about
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