Hello again, good evening. For this second video after the staking, this time we will focus on masternode that is finally
Staking with a minimum entrance fee. “Exactly, in fact it’s a bit staking’s evolution
Wholesale to explain you take the principle of staking as explained in the previous video unless you have an entrance fee
so basically as you have your entrance fee
the network trusts you “yeah” by default
like that there’s only you who can verify the transactions and those who have the same entrance fee
So there’s less people who can
verify transactions, secure the network but therefor the rate of return is much more superior then
the problem is that it is less
less easy
to make masternode
because it always has a little configuration to do between two “we didn’t explain in another video on staking, is
it easy to install and difficult to install; we said we had a small pc unlike mining; staking “
“Click click Next Next Next, finished, you download the blockchain, you put your coins above it, you shift your wallet
that stakes. “So basically as your wallet is connected and the machine has Internet
“There” you stake and there is nothing to adjust while masternode there’s a little config, “there’s a little bit of
config, there’s little command lines to retrieve
stuff that’s a little more complex. “” There’s command lines but for those who are fans of the only windows
we can still do it with windows. “We can do it with windows
There’s a console for orders on each portfolio “ok” okay? but the thing is that as there’s less people that can rightly afford
that entrance fee “yes” rate of return is really superior; in general, masternode start
for example 5/6% forthe well-known as Dash
but you can get 200 300 500% and there’s even many
1500% per year, but precisely because there’s this entrance fee and that’s what makes a little scarcity
of masternode; all transactions go through there “and that’s something that is still relatively little used”
It’s not very used especially as it is there’s more
currencies, currencies, people can not do all, “exactly “so we remind a little bit as staking in term of power level
it doesn’t requires a crazy thing; “This is the same as staking”, “except that staking there’s an entrance fee, it
must have this much money to be able to
claim, claim masternode and then generate a large gain in profitability
“Exactly,” with gains that will make you forget you clearly Livret A “but for example
Artic coin here is actually at 30% a little over 30%, bisounours at 60%
the Interzone at 200% so you see truly like there’s this rarity
the ability to secure the network, there’s scarcity of nodes
so obviously we gain tremendously. “So those currencies that will bring us to 40/ 50 /60% Do we have to invest
1000 euros 2000 euros of this coin to be eligible for masternode?
As usual in the crypto currency the more you’ll diversify the least you will be subject to the risks of falling
to the disappearance of a currency or so “exactly” it was a shitty project disappearing “exactly and then beyond it
For example I mentioned earlier Interzone which aims to make a complete social network blockchain
A mix between diaspora and facebook you know and everything on blockchain
There’s a huge range
So the more it will be known more it will be used and more masternode go up in value “yeah and therefore the entry fee
will go up, “” exactly “so it is better to do it now.” For example, I got bisounours at 11 dollars
I think right now it is 30/35 dollars
So you see it is already a plus;it will go up progressively”;” So it is very interesting from there, by the end of 2017 because
In 2018 we will not hide it and you know if you’re there, watching videos on
masternode, interesting in mining, trading for purchase
holding it’s just I buy and wait
if you are at masternoding level you know this is the time to buy, this is the time to invest, “exactly
earlier one is in masternode, the cheaper it is”, “the cheaper it is and the more it will bring you crazy
and if it is a concrete project with something that brings a real interest
typically technological, a sort of facebook on blockchain or
or other projects you know it will explode in the next two years and your masternode that cosst you maybe 15
$ of coins will make a x 50 x 100 x 200 “,” and beyond the value
the thing is you do values creation meaning that when you got a
masternode as staking, every time you secure a transaction, you are paid, it is actually added to
Your portfolio so even if they drop a bit
as you have created value
Well it necessarily offset the decline, but if it goes up, well your rise will be especially high actually
and it’s mostly what’s interesting in a mastenode “;” So here I see auditors who are worried, yes you down here, I see you
if masternode, my machine breaks down “;” then in general,
how to explain? they have an error compensation; for example, the one I know most is the Arctic coin
if you reconnecte yourself within the next hour it is as if you were not offline
“Okay, that means what am I doing? I save a
wallet file? “,” you backup your wallet and your config
Here, “” my config file “there” to be able to go back as soon as possible meaning
I take another pc lying around at home that served as the dekstop or I buy a raspberry pi
or a small PC because once again there’s no need for a big config to make a masternode, a small 30
euro pc is enough nomatter if it’s on windows or on linux some things like that, I remind you that I bought mini pc
during black friday that cost 32 euros, which can potentially
make two or three, “three”, three masternode of 32 euros computer “here” we can not say that it is expensive “exactly”, hardware
So you buy like this, you could have a backup pc when there is one that you do fail
It’s okay I get out my wallet file I put my password back, I put my config file back and you relaunch
Bam I am masternode again and I will continue where I was, the blockchain
resynchronize, I get all my gains”, ” and also to reassure future masternode creators
When, for example, you go over time, for example for the Arctic coin, you are offline
and the time you actually reconnecteyou just lost the time when you were offline
You don’t loose again / You put no time
to be back, oh yes it is him I recognize him, “here” after you catch up, “and yet when you reconnecte it takes you 15 seconds, but but the
thing ismostly that the network does’nt reject you, so actually if you’re offline for three days you lost three days of gains
but you don’t lose what you have created and you will not lose what you’ll create
and in fact it is mostly what’s interesting
Meaning even with a failure or whatever well in the worst case during three days well you create nothing but it’s okay
yes it’s just three days “yes exactly”
Ok something to add?
Well except that there are more and more currencies setting about masternode “yeah” So it will
go check, there’s several websites that do that like masternode.pro, masternode war online
providing lists of masternode
so I recommend these websites
Go check anyway on the websites of different currencies all that how they are perceived, particularly what’s said on twitter
because there’s still
some shit coins that making masternode just to be in the mainstream and ultimately break down
three months after they are worth nothing
So be careful anyway”, “stay on solid projects, investigate, check the forums, go see reddit, “exactly” go on
ask us questions in comments on youtube, we will tell you what we think, if we know the project or if it
is completely shit coin “here”, “and then I would add if you enjoyed this video
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that’s it. “” Exactly”. ” Well ciao “.” See you soon. Ciao”