Tesla 3…FUCK TESLA! What do you do in the club? Show-off… This car feels like a supercar. The most important thing that you must do now is to activate the subtitles in romanian language. On PC, you push this button and then you select subtitles. On smart-phone, you should touch the top right corner, then subtitles. Do you know that there’s other ways that a bad car seller can fool you? Most of the people, when they buy a car, they verify it so that they don’t have any crashes or more kilometres. But, there are cars with the right amount of kilometres, they didn’t have crashes, but they have been totaled. Let me give you the perfect example… Still a McLaren 720S, but not the one we filmed with today. The car has only 66 000 Miles and from the front, it looks perfect. At the interior, it has no issues… It was damaged on the back and can be repaired. But, if we go to the Crashes Section on CARVERTICAL, we see that the car was totally damaged because it was flooded. And probably, all the electronics inside was affected by water and you can’t know if the car can work properly anymore. The electric side of a car is very complex. That’s why you need to verify a car, before you buy it, on CARVERTICAL! It’s very hard to find yourself all the hidden problems that a car can have. CARVERTICAL is connected with the police, insurance companies, services from all around the world. And it can tell you if a car has problems, even if they are hidden. If you go to buy a car and you bring a friend that knows something about cars…you need to honor him. A verify on CARVERTICAL costs only 69 Ron(14,5 euros) and it can And it could spare a scam of thousands of euros. You have the link in the description. So you got a place here, so the key will not rattle around. Yeah I’ve got a place for the key, which is good because the Lamborghini has no place for the keys. So this has a place for the key, at least. Which is good. This goes here. Rich man problems…Rich man problems, bro… Rich man problems… It’s good to be back. Yes Hello, dear friends. I’m Andy Popescu. And today we’re making a vlog with Cobra Tate. I’m back again You can’t get rid of me. I’m like a disease. Wow, everyone looks. Yes, everyone’s gonna stare. I like this thing over here, how it looks.. it’s like almost convertible Yeah, it is almost. It’s very, very light in here which is good. When, It’s very hot outside. You come back to your car Yeah. The car is really hot.Because all this sunlight’s coming. When you press unlock in this car, you automatically lowers the windows and puts on the air conditioning and empties the car Oh, yes as soon as you press unlock. Good thinking. Yeah, good thinking McLaren There’s lots of little things about this car I love and there’s also the old things which was slightly annoying like a woman, you know, you love some things and other things like I got a good deal on this car. It only had 3,000 kilometers on it. I saved lots of money. Really? Yes That’s what I always said in my vlogs, you know Don’t get new, get the secondhand one with low mileage. The guy bought this car for 288 000. Yeah, the 3,000 kilometers on it and I got it for two hundred. Eighty eight thousand! Oh my god… You know so if I would have bought the spider, it would’ve been 290 000. Too much.It’s incredible. Yeah, I got very very very good deal on this car. So it has 4.0 litre engine with two turbos. Yeah, twin turbo, 4.0 V8. And 720 horsepower. Well, this is what’s really interesting. There’s a conspiracy theory going around about these cars. They actually have a lot more than 720 horsepower. So what happened was every time they put one of these on the dyno. Yeah It’s coming up near 800. Really? But the reason McLaren says less is because they sell the Sena. Yes, the Sena has nine hundred horses. That’s a million. Uh-huh. So who’s gonna spend a million for nine hundred horses. Would you get eight hundred for two hundred thousand? Yeah, so these are just way over 720 on the dyno with stock, just stock. So they say they’ve deliberately said it as less than a has And when I show you you might believe it too cuz really is crazy It’s like the best bang for the buck apiece car. Well, yeah, I mean yeah, I mean I Didn’t I when I buy cars I buy what I want I didn’t think about like what’s good value whatever whatever. I didn’t even know If I’d really love this car, I just thought you know what this unique is original worst case I sell it But I’m I fall in love with it fall in love with it. It’s it’s it’s crazy It’s like a crazy girlfriend eventually. You kind of like it the craziness. Yeah, alright Yeah, you get a normal girlfriend afterwards and you’re like what’s impressive is that it has all these? 720 powers delivered to the rear wheels. Yeah, so it’s not that Lamborghini is not an all-wheel drive now the Lamborghinis for our caliber Keaney Easy to drive this car will let you crash. This car will let you crash It will just let you just slide and just destroy your car even with the traction control traction control and I’ll let you crash so Even with traction control, it’s still a Crazy Horse Yeah, it’s still Crazy Horse even with trash control. So you could in the main menu here you have variable drift control so you’re gonna just how much the car let’s drift and I’ve got it down to minimum now there her but So to do a press this turned out different moments. Let me go through everything of a lot the sky. Yes Yes, so when you acted when you press active so when this is off This is the standard driving pressure. When you press active you activate the ability to change the powertrain and the handling so we have This ones handling this ones powertrain So if see for comfort, which is in now, you put it in sport when you run I support you see the dashboard changes Yes, and you put in track and we see the dashboard changes again your button even more of the sport gear. Yes The track is really cranking. Let’s leave it on comfort. Yeah, that’s they’ve got a couple for free And then you can press manual put it manual we can leave it on a Mac Aero Just press it raises to spoiler in the back. Mmm-hmm. And that’s an air brake. So when you brake hard You brake hard it flips up, right? So when I brake hard next look in the rearview mirror and you’ll see it it flips up And you feel that it’s law the air brake is I thought it was just a gimmick. No, it’s a real thing You’ll feel it. Yeah, you feel it when the air brake comes up you feel it? it’s like it’s like you just down to gear you know you Where did you go by this car from England apart from England? Damn? Why do you care buy all your cars from England? It’s super no it’s not this cheaper. I understand the system. I tried I Have to register them. Yeah, I have one romanian car a BMW a normal car and the whole Bureaucracy is a nightmare for me. I don’t speak Romanian the people I mean, I love Romania But let’s all be honest. Sometimes Romanians are not the most helpful you go in there and you say excuse me I only speak English. They look at you like the foot. I don’t care about your bullshit car So it’s it’s a headache for me. I understand the English system. I have a very good relationship with my insurance company I understand everything works if this car has a problem, I know they can fix it for me III would be worried dubious to spend so much money and have a Romanian car and remaining insurance remaining thing and if maybe something isn’t Done, right and then a crash and you understand or comfortable with what the system I know All right. So and also I’ve spent lots of money on number plates really I watch it I heard this thing, you know about the guy that spent two million on a Bugatti and three being on licence. Yes Yes, so in England you can buy a number plate. So I on this one. I have t8. It’s sexy take sexy Okay, I mean everyone already knew but I thought I’ll just put the street to book her a slum know for sure It’s me, and I’m sure I’m sexy. No ho-hos broke. Did it dirty? No soap I was gonna write a suicide note, but now I can I make it suicide notes. How much was it? So that was like four thousand girl, really? Yeah, only for the license plate for all the fertilizers and then I have on the Lambo a fighter FY t3 are fine Yes, I know fighter as I know. How’s 10000 and t8 spike ta spy. I got them a half thousand So I’ve spent lots of money on English number plates. So I was your Instagram page. What is it a comprar table? I saw there that Lamborghini fooled you to sell you another car. Yeah So what Lamborghini no dama? I’m an easy guy to Trick they call me and they said you want to come to Bologna early and test all of our newest models we’re gonna do our Braking challenge a track challenge an off-road challenge sure grove and we and we’ll fly you to italy and put you in a hotel Of course I said yes, and I said to Tristan before I go I’m not gonna buy a car I’m not gonna buy a car and I think I’m gonna buy a car – Gordon broke with a new of the talking fluid I’m thinking of upgrading the Huracan to either the Huracan Evo or the perform on tape the Evo There’s some things about I really like this as rear-wheel steering Right, so it’s crazy like because that’s rear-wheel steering it can turn. I’ve never been in a car with a turning circle so small, right? Perform monthly hasn’t got rear-wheel steering, but it’s just got a few more horsepower I mean a perfect month who’s been around for a while, but the peripheral monta there’s a limit in a number of them So I’m thinking my money will last longer cuz there’s not so many. I don’t think so, bro. No I know it’s a lot of money 200,000 and you’re saying exactly my brother said it’s a hundred thousand for a spoiler and a few horsepower And I know it’s stupid. You can travel the world for two years with this money behind your right All right, the sensible man, you’re right. Really you’re right. I know no you’re you’re is true I raced a perform on this and I beat him anyway, so this is still with yeah So you you spend so much money and you get a car lesser than this. Yeah, you’re right. You’re right I judge from my point of view, you know, you should live your life Listen, but this is what I always say. I got like everyday tense tense of people are telling me Andy what car should I buy? You’d buy the car that you want. Yeah, you know what’s better? What makes you happy? Yeah, I can tell you about the the performance of the car I can tell you about the handling but I cannot be you know, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Of course Yeah, okay. So for little the V8v a v8 and it’s not really so loud. I mean the Lamborghini has an amazing noise. It makes the pops Really has a sound. Yeah. This is not so loud I guess the sound is one of the areas it lets itself down a little bit. It’s actually a very quiet car I’m not really going completely crazy. It’s not at all the door opens from this button. Yeah, because I almost froze With the door and a few other things interesting Definitely. It is a very special car. I feel I’m in a special car people have been saying all Over the internet if you want a car really just for speed this is the best value car money can buy I mean this is being Hypercars million dollar cars is faster than all of them. You know, this is the only car that beats the Tesla P 100 D in Whatever mile yeah in 400 meters. Yep, and then they’ve racist against Peggotty’s Iran against the Porsche Spyder at the Porsche 928 and everything all the million two million three million euros car beats them all I got a meet that the I Thought that the suspension is gonna be much different but it’s not no in comfort its it’s okay when you put it in track It’s very very stiff. But usually I Drive in sports So we’ll put in sport Now the dash changes here changes the information it tells you your tire temperature all this kind of thing And we got to tell you say to the haters that the the airbag light came on when you did the ramp Yeah When I put that when I did the rap the airbag light came on my called up McLaren and I said I wrapped my car The airbag lights on they go. Oh, yeah. It’s no problem. We’ll just reset it It’s no problem home is which well, it’s not even just this is that Romania has no McLaren garage That’s why there’s no MacLaren’s here. So I have to drive to Munich to Reset for 10 minutes. I have to do a three-day fucking drive to Munich and I hate Germany He’s the worst country in Europe, but it’s the most boring place in the world. What the fuck? So yeah, there’s nothing wrong with the car, but let’s go That’s the thing with these supercars are always gonna have the old warning light these kind of stuff in Supercars I always say supercars are like women because one week a month They don’t work the last look with the Lamborghini We get some very good feedback from the people, you know, because oh my god I didn’t realize the Cobra was such a nice guy always talking about the Jackass because of his Instagram Yeah, I do give that image. I can’t yeah when you have one car, you’re lucky when you have two cars What did I say? Something like a one car you got lucky if you have two cars you’re doing all right But if you have three cars reflexive flex it on the broke boys So just show it off. I’ve always been a baby shop But you know what like you live one life man, even if one life if you can do it I lots of people say to me Oh I only have a hundred thousand euro or 100 thousand year old car didn’t do it then do it buy it who gives a fuck? No one’s gonna tell you what to do with your money Happiness has no price if it makes you smile every day then fucking go deuce This car has it does have turbo back. It’s the first thing it does have turbo that compared to the Lamborghini Yes, and to when I put my foot down you’ll hear the turbos. You’ll hear a hissing noise like You hear a real big kiss on the turbo. We cannot see the engine like you see on the Lamborghini now You’ll hear the turbo so you can hear them over the exhaust even when I put my foot down But once they do kick in you’ll feel it so there you bring your foot down you wait half a second, but then when they come Five suspects emotion. So you drove this car from England now I put on a truck Driver how am I just put the chip book are from England Romanian? I got a really good guy thousand euro so it would cost me boarding this an idol or a head right and then the miles on the car and then the time and then the food and the hotels I mean also, like if I want to drive through Europe There are some routes which are very interesting but the route from Romania this fastest route England is the most boring route Yeah up through Budapest up into Germany all bana bana bana. Bon, France all bana what I own this is boring So to go the fun way through Italy and Croatia in those countries is a one-week minimum, you know to do it properly So so how many miles you will get on the car now? I’ve put 4,000 miles on it about a month because you really drove it pro since I got this car It’s all I’ve been driving. Oh, you left the limbo. I mean, yeah, I still love my Lamborghini How was it the other day we were transfer Gershon So I still love it and it grips amazing that car but uh, this has just got that raw You know the force not for me but for all those people that I know what they want cuz hire you in every single message on Instagram every single message on YouTube so they want to know how many cars do you have? So make them happy so you have the Lambo of the Lamborghini Urraco Huracan I’ve asked the Martin Vanquish as ultimate was only 175 in the world, right? I’ve got this 720’s I’ve got Bentley but the Bentley’s in England is in England. I know the Bentley I saw it. Look it’s in the okay Well Bentley, and I’ve got a BMW x5 x6 Like a daily. Yeah daily car and then This is enough cars for one month for now. You’re losing money with these cars. Yeah Yeah, you know, but yeah, that’s not three. You know Tesla. I know Tesla Tesla is like Jerry can go. Yeah Tesla’s like you’re cut off it’s bullshit. We gotta respect everyone’s opinions, right? Of course, I gotta admit Even though you said jerking off compared to fucking day. I gotta admit that the Tesla I know is like I’m so ready to race you. Yeah, I Know I understand. I understand exactly hoping for are good cars. It’s hard to say anything bad about them a little bit chicks 12 seconds later Alright, okay, I can even attack with a tool for Kido – laughter – often gentle So tell me about the insurance on this car. So I have a very good insurance company and they trust me, okay because They know I can drive. I’ve lots of cars with them So they take time you’re good to like let’s say for instance if you scratch it Real good. They’ll give you the money for it. Yeah, the windscreen if there’s a windscreen if that’s it’s called Cosco Yes for this one pay for insurance. Yes for insurance. Yes. How much would for insurance be? Well, I don’t know cuz I’ve got groups for my Bentley my Lamborghini master Martin as this I pay 16 thousand a year Sixteen thousand. Yeah, that’s really cheap really cheap for a million euros of cars. It’s very cheap. They’re very good company Yes, so I’m happy with that. So that’s all one and a half thousand a month. Yes, really good Yeah, it’s crazy considering how many cars I have, you know and how expensive they are. Right, but you never had the Problems never had problems like Ivan. I bought well no Lamborghini. I’ve had three new windscreens Yeah, and that’s twelve thousand and so one year They must have made no money for me because they they change the windscreen three times right from cracks And did you change in here uranium? Yeah. Okay. They let me change you here. They pay the invoice for me. They’re very very It’s getting really it’s a special car But the one question I really want to ask you and I think I asked you before Tell me how the people look in this car compared to Lamborghini What’s your opinion of the outside world people love both, but I think this one is more curiosity Lamborghini They know what Lamborghini is Ferrari is a Ferrari Lamborghini the Lamborghini, okay, but with this people are like what what is what is that? What is that? What is it? I’ve never seen this before. What is this one? Is more impressive? Faster you’re going so if you’re already going let’s say I only know miles. I don’t know kilometers I say forgot 100 miles an hour. Yeah. Yeah, so you put your foot down. It’s still like Oh still crazy Yeah, you’ll get up to 180 190 miles per hour my 300 Palmer’s an hour like hoon I’d feel surprised. This car has only Rear-wheel drive. Yeah, we’re on the rear wheel drive so and sometimes when you put your foot down you don’t get the full experience because it just wants to Even now I still haven’t put my foot down without traction warning when we do that. You’re gonna feel like a rocket. Mmm-hmm So well, we’ll try again. Be careful. Okay? We got insurance I love scared We gotta wait for the guys So they can see what the car runs Okay, now you can go But what for the people? Flowering track as well. Yeah. It is louder Look, even the little kids. How old are they four year old? Yeah, okay It’s a lot how they look at the cars loved cars I Say this a mile away boys mile away that is over and over and over again Children of the you are your biggest fans of supercars. Yes always the kids The girls will be that guy but the children Even the paramedics were looking look carries. Dad never carries that Thanks are always staring as well the police’ll I mean I have no front number plates so pretty So I’m waiting for them to get a truck trouble You never got stopped. They’ve stopped me twice, but both times they didn’t they didn’t know it so they didn’t say anything so far So far so good. We Got ya. We’ll see how it goes But I’m not afraid I’ll work some now. Yeah, so they did stop you the times. Yeah, I got stopped the other day Look I will. How are you Andy? Did you see how he threw Minya you stop one second? Yeah, thank everybody who’s in a big fucking hurry. That’s Romanian driving proudly I Spent yeah in the winter now, I don’t do too much That’s when I do my work and we make money and then waste of all yeah, I’m very confident in this car If I I think this just there’s nothing on the street many haters I literally I really don’t believe anything on the street. That could be this gun Since ten point four seconds 0 to 400 meters it’s almost 40% of a kilometer in 10 seconds We promised standstill exactly from attending them say exactly so this cars is really crazy, but we get 12 I still haven’t shown you McLaren power by will yeah Show me outside the city. Yes, especially because you know things happen really the guy with Aston Martin, you know I heard about this assistant frame. This is really crazy like like We cannot be sure but what we know from the press is that he was drunk He was 240 kilometres an hour and on cocaine, you know Cuz the user drunk and then you put cocaine to wake up like fuck I sure I’m sorry like and I mean I actually know him very well. I know really yeah, I know him and I mean He’s a nice guy. But where you gonna do cocaine and drink and drive a fucking DBS? Really? What can I say? I mean are you there’s no one? No one can defend you in this position exactly. I sloppy fucking did it Yeah, and the DBS is a very fast car, you know Yeah, thank you may have twin-turbo 700 horses like this and rear-wheel drive right same very similar to this So how do you know Liam you and even dogs know him? Yeah from clubs and those kind of things like I I Every single weekend I say, okay. I’m done with clubs now, but then Saturday comes in really Yeah, I don’t know why I just don’t they like you like drinking no know what in the gloves show off Pull off in the fast car put outside by 50 bottles of champagne pour all on the floor Phone app uses. Yeah, spend 10,000 euro go home stupid. Oh, there’s a most stupid thing in the world I cannot pretend it’s smart. I Never like gloves bro. I never liked clubs in my life. And I had a friend that always said oh Maybe next time you’ll love it maybe Their bull shot me when I was fighting I never went clubbing ever Maybe I’m trying to get out my seat because you were bored. Yeah, exactly So now maybe I’m getting out my system a little bit, but it does have nice clubs as far as clubs go They’re much nicer than London or something. But still what about your brother? Does he drink? Uh Yeah, he drinks. Yeah. Yeah, although he’s too polite killer. Yeah. I’m the good brother. He’s departure. She was also a fighter Yep, we both fought so was the tired, but you were better than him like in there in terms of titles Yeah, la merde anemia in terms of yeah, he’ll openly admit that like people go who would win the fight if you fall Gonna go Andrew and illiterate people got no who’s better? Well, I mean, yeah, I was more dedicated to to it than he was I think that’s part of it Yeah, he was also a very good fighter himself Certainly a dangerous guy, but there’s that little bit quicker. You know, he can kick your ass. Yeah I’ve started a diet about three months ago and a friend of mine a Kickboxer started in said Andrew you have to try this has changed my entire world as a carnivore diet is basically living on 90 85 to 90 percent of what you eat has to be me our calories per day Few carbs a little bit. You can like have a fry or fuck around with it But in general it’s all meat meat meat meat no rice, no pasta. No big plates of Chips or any carbs like that just me and you can eat as much meat as you want them to your phone So tell me about your energy level with this time. Yeah, so Two things changed one first thing that changed is I started losing body fat And the reason I was losing body fat is when you eat only meat diet the first few days. They’re quite hungry Did you have like this carbohydrate number once you get past that and your body changes? There’s a whole bunch of science behind that’s boring but kept OSIS Yeah, your body thought your body doesn’t burn glucose anymore it burn to get those exact So I started losing body fat, like I was always in good shape. Mm-hm I was always like Hercules Yeah, right But now I started to really like my six-pack really came out and it was crazy And and the reason is when you’re eating only meat you don’t actually need that much food So you’re losing body fat because you’re dieting without trying so when I was eating normal food I eat three or four times a day sometimes snacks in between but I mean only me Ali a Big launch of steak a big dinner of steak. No breakfast. No snacks that I’m full Like no room for anything else. It’s weird so the first thing happens is you be a lot less you lose weight and secondly is the way I feel is Completely different you actually had Laura and it more and it you know when you eat lots of food and you get that tired lethargic I don’t want to lay down the vessel easily. That’s all carbohydrates as all carbohydrates And also anyone here who suffers with depression or anyone here who feels angry somedays or brain fault Ever have those days your brain feels like it’s fuck. You’re not thinking clearly. You’re not sharp You know, that’s all carbohydrates when you remove carbohydrates all that goes away My I used to have really bad brain fog and I know this because I play chess every day I play one or two hours a day of chess. Well, her father was a grandmaster. I play online and some days I just wouldn’t fucking see I blues game lose like just lose all day If you fiddle focus I could I was trying to focus but I just couldn’t see clearly I just couldn’t see things. So some days. My brain just wasn’t firing properly But when I changed it, this diet is completely different with less carbs with the less carbs You eat the better if you really want if a piece of bread have a piece of bread The idea is the less carbs the better and then what you do is you eat lots of fatty meat Because the fat in the meat has all the vitamins So you can actually change to a hundred percent meat. You don’t need fruit vegetables bread You can go completely me. If you eat fatty meat that’s gonna have all the vitamins you need So I love the fat you meet lots of fatty steak a little bit of salad, and that’s it. And It’s changed my worldview, man Just changed everything about ie and now I’m eating I’m eating like basically once a day So would you recommend this to somebody everybody who lose everybody really everybody? I really don’t want to lose weight. Even if you just want to put muscle on even if you just want to feel more energetic Because what happens now, I’m at a point now my body has shifted and changed I genuinely eat once a day and I’m not hungry. I yeah, I’m not hungry What’s your body? Once that change happens from glucose to ketones you can have two two steaks and your five 24 hours sweet That’s so nice. It’s so weird and what though? Another thing I’ve noticed is how much time it frees up because I I never cook a home ever I used to go out get some breakfast go out get some lunch So now I know it’s during the day when you’re not constantly eating all the time. How much more time you have? I know it’s I’m stupid and I feel so much better. Yeah, I feel so much better so much more energetic Stronger everything I look better Yeah, you feel better. I that feel better, which is the most important thing how you feel Another thing that I find interesting is people think they along me. Oh, I like me I eat meat No, you don’t hamburger. Isn’t me hamburgers fries bread There’s only 20 percent of your meals. But yeah, or you did all spaghetti bolognaise. That’s no meat That’s a little few pieces of meat and it’s pasta sauce cheese Yeah, you know me, so I don’t realize it with the normal diet Even if you think you’re a meat-eater, you don’t eat very much meat. Yeah, they say Will make you cancer if you so much mad bullshit, right? Everything gives you cancer the Sun gives you cancer shampoo gives you cancer cigarettes Like I know my granddad lived till he’s 94 smoke every day. Where’s your time? Is your time like that? This is something if you’re going to live life this way, it’s bullshit. I wish I knew about this one. I’m still fighting Yeah, bro, it would change everything really what was the last time you uh, I still train only two days ago I was sparring. Yeah, I could still spar. I’m so dangerous a Little whoever I’m still on so lethal weapon. I mean I’m gonna have that first of my life. What did you attack? It’s a good question bro. Even I don’t know. Yeah, yeah One day I woke up and I 99% wanted to fight but it’s not enough like you to fight You need to be a 200% really? Yeah, it has to be all you care about everything in your world and I started you know, I want to drive fast cars I want to go Expensive places I want to travel the world. I want to lay in bed I wanted to have you know to to sit with my girlfriend and not be thinking about some fight coming up I want just my whole mentality towards have changed for me to fight At the level I know I can fight retiring shouldn’t be an option. What was the best thing about fighting with adrenaline? What what was it? I mean, of course it was it’s nice to be appreciated for yes. I’m the world champion Yes, everybody. Appreciate dude, you fucking nail it. You’ve gotta the belt the yeah, that’s for the best of the world okay, but what was the best thing a new morning right now This is fun I think the fact that Fighting’s very lonely. There’s no team. It’s not a team sport It’s just you her you against them And if you win you get to take all the glory really and uh, I know this sounds bad. I really liked seeing The other guy lose really? Yeah, it’s like he wanted to be a winner Yeah If it wasn’t about me winning is by him losing really, but he dedicated his life for the last three months to trying to hurt me and I I Knocked him out in front of his wife all sports It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s in my mind just Watered-down versions of war we used to humans used to have. All right, and now we don’t have war anymore So what we do is we invent sports and then we say who’s better through the game The game has rules but a ball and a net Whatever but fighting is the closest thing to real war like who cares about baller than that? Yeah, like it’s not war who cares? It’s Ahsoka’s them. Yeah, like Fighting’s real. What’s the best moment of your career? Like when you said fuck yeah My last world title fight when I want my fourth World title. I had a guy who has 210 fights never been knocked out. I was the first really first time to knock him out What does his name Wendell Roush’s name was it was a Dutch fighter. Where did you fight? I fought him in England? So that was the highlight of my career I think can I press this button do you have to pull it out pull the Okay like this, right, yeah the police don’t like it but luckily you can go like this just going to go meters an hour The people are watching Nice this is like a supercar People keep pictures So fucking nice You really know how to draw a pension, you know, yeah, yeah, well absolutely this this cars gonna die So I love the doors everybody like with the phones. Yep yeah the doors and then just when I took this car to the Transfiguration, it was cars to the Transfiguration, yeah, let’s throw door. Oh, yeah, they send the Lambo and uh They’re both amazing cars, but this has just caught that when it’s in track mode is just um, that brute force is crazy Yeah, but leave the lamp. Oh you feel safer because it’s four by four. All right Yeah, a Lambo group spends no time and no turbo lag This is this this has got the turbo light But but when the turbo does come in, it’s almost it’s worth waiting for you know It’s turbo lag, but when it comes in, you really feel it. It’s not a little bit It’s a big time if I had to choose it would be to be hard don’t make me choose. Yeah, it’s different It’s better to have I love them both I know the world says nowadays. If you love one, you won’t love the other I’m trying explain to my girlfriend. That’s not true I could love both of you you know I can I can love you and I can love her and I can love my lambo and I can love this and I’m just a man full of love. Like I love everything I can so much you love I feel for everybody I don’t have to choose there’s none of this. So you must choose if you really love this one You wouldn’t like the other one. That’s not true. That’s not true. I’ll give you this lie Yeah, I like I like a bomb so I got this wrap on the six series because I saw your car and I liked how it The line reflects their light reflex, you know? Yeah, not only from the Sun but also from sources of light during the night Yeah, of course. Yeah. Yeah. I got at the petrol station when people see you in the distance There’s good wrappings great because painting is a fucking thing. Yeah, and it’s so cheap I told you I’m wrapping them with like three thousand. Lei. Yes Yeah, there’s nothing that’s really it’s really good to do I like I like wrapping and it protects the paint by the end. Sometimes favor better afterwards exactly All the girls I’m like, yeah Yeah What Batman looks a book arrested? Yeah But the best experience with is with the door up, you know, yeah, it’s fun. Then you really draw attention This is your bed broke. I Laugh when I said, this is look at me Flexing in bed with this word. Thanks the bed shake what does the idea of these pictures? I don’t know that this is my bed, which is where you sleep for sleep and I keep the machete in my room Handy under desks. Yeah With the machete, yeah Yeah Always packing brother always packing. We’re always ready before I make you you know, I got this guy. Oh my god You’re like so this is what everyone’s reaction when they saw your vlogs it’s amazing. Yeah, really? About you matey How you doing where the shattered ihr the expose acting division Mirek audacity artisanal salute our water chicken thirsty, so dr. Jaffe So doctor kilometres an hour, bye bye boys Is it luck yeah, so have you ever thought about having kids Absolutely. I’m a hundred percent good have kids. Yeah. Yeah. I’m excited that kids. I can’t wait. All right I can’t wait to Gravesend the same way. I was raised. Yeah with nothing Absolutely zero I was raised I was raised the hard way and that’s why I think it’s the most important lesson you can give a child They don’t need fancy toys. They don’t need expensive things exactly like People saying all kids are so expensive Well, yeah, they can be but also you can get two pairs of clothes from mega and modular My kid doesn’t need designer clothes doesn’t need nothing. You can have just a t-shirt Sit there be good if you’re bored do some push-ups There’s your fun push-ups are free. All right get to work. But you see people don’t understand this, you know, they make the the They make this mistake They say oh I want my child to help everything that I did not have they don’t realize it’s bad for him You do this Absolutely, really? Absolutely. I my kids can be raised with and that’s why I’m happy to buy somebody cars since I lose all my money The kids come to make his own money and get y’all None of this inheritance bullshit. No, it’s down to him. He can do it by himself. I did it by myself exactly My father was an amazing man who’s a very very smart man, but all his money was spent on gambling and women really Yeah, he died. Didn’t have a penny. They’re like 12 dollars And I want to die the same way all the night with 12 12 dollars in the bank Never know nothing else and I can’t take it with me Spend all so all very good Yeah, my kids ought to be raised tough because I am super super blessed to have a tough mindset I see I see some people and they struggling in life and it’s all that their life is hard. Is that their mind? Struggles under the conditions of their life, you know, like everyone’s got trouble every single person out here is trouble, right? It’s how you deal with the trouble people look at us with our fancy cars. They lolly is no stress oh, we have stress and we have trouble just the same things that we have the same trouble is you but in fact The nicer your cars and the more money you have sometimes the bigger the trouble you get legal trouble lawyer trouble this you can end Up in jail all these things. So everyone has stress is just how you deal with it. Exactly Either happiness is not having a happy life. It’s having a mindset that allows you to be happy in any situation exactly If you’re gonna be, you know, like like the attraction law, right if you’re always down and negative you’re gonna fucking attract negative Yeah, because that’s what you see. That’s all you see. That’s all you see, so I cannot stress enough about fucking be positive I’ve tried to be How do you say optimist? Absolutely? Yeah, that’s why I say I always say when I’ll have when my kids will have 18 years old when I have kids and my kids will have would be 18 years old and I can drive I’ll buy them a brand new Logan Yeah – yeah absolutely brilliant car and they don’t crash it and learn how to park and all that stupid shit and the happiness in life comes from the differences of levels apps you go with a low level and then better level and better level and better level and this is how it Goes really this is how I see it and sorry people don’t understand this even though I say this you say this The guy with the Ferrari or video pops in says this they don’t understand. Yep. People are too good Seven-year-old girls waiting all the kids love the cars all the kids love the cars imagine What would they say if I was opening the door? Yeah. Hello girls I give them an experience. They cannot forget. Yeah, absolutely No, this is fun. You know the fun in five I feel the park. You know, ^ it’s just like yeah, so so the engine spins the wheels we have the wheels cannot Get a car can’t leave the traction fry. Yeah. Yeah, you can throw it now Bro time we got we got some bread we got yeah. Yeah 3 2 1 go That’s the turbo and the Turbo Boost so the turbo is the hissing That’s the turbos. Yeah, it’s really loud with turbos this car very big. Yeah So there was like half a second half a second Ok, let’s do it again 3 One go It gets like everywhere dude that was a hundred miles an hour It’s called an antipasti place I Do a lot of videos here because nobody’s here you can relax so now since I’ve started my rap career I Let’s hear it your song is here When I’m on the road stay in your lane suicide No, hope I was broke did it dirty no soap I was gonna write a suicide note But now I kill it making suicide notes bang it out bang it out till the game I don’t want to hang up our white chicks No doubt kind of money mid these hoes wanna shout So it’s my first song the lyrics are kind of just like the typical, you know, I’m rich I got money blah blah blah music, you know, but I lost some more meaningful ones coming out But the first one had to be very much, you know, well seven twenty it sounds complain Looking down your door like police an array. Don’t fuck with me Big Daddy. So did you make a video for this? On YouTube. Oh, oh, really? Yes. I kick it out type it in type in my rap name is mr. Plenty Okay, mister blimpy mister plenty suicide Mister plenty is my rap name, but mister that name was given to me by old Jamaican lady. Really? Yeah, well me know I was in England and I used to meet you’re making food everyday a Lot of started to make some money and get like a nice car and some nice clothes and stuff She say, ah, mister plenty plenty of money, but dear girls. If a better auntie got plenty of cars. It was like mister plenty Yeah, like that named mister plenty. So I changed his morale and those either Show the watch off, you know why I show the watch off like the focal area. Yeah, like just flashed a Gold atom flecks on the probe boys Yeah What what should they have? At least starred in so I was in Marbella and I’m this they had a boat for two million euro And this was the watch that matches the boat really I said, I don’t want a boat I like the watch I watch the earth away thirty five thousand thirty five thousand. Yeah, really? Oh my god 35,000. Yeah murals watch. Yeah, really and I and I stand scratched up and So you like watches well, no, no really No, I don’t at the times never write on it because I don’t wear everyday is one of those watches that charges runner movement Right, right. So every time I take it off for a couple days that the times never try anymore, right? So I only check the time on my phone so I wear Oh, no reason all huh? It’s stupid. I’m not gonna sit and pretend I make smart financial decisions, right? I don’t you don’t I’m good at making money, and I’m very very good at wasting So, uh, yeah. I’ve got a Hublot. I’ve got this Super cars, but do you consider yourself happy? I’m happy with her without money man. I’m a happy guy. Am I it’s gonna you know, what? No, I don’t see myself happy I consider myself stoic Content. Yeah, I’m always in the same mood Like it doesn’t matter of my life’s going good or bad. I’m always in the same mood. I’m like a neutral individual I’m not unhappy. I’m not I’m not overly like yeah, I’m just right. I’m always like this in the middle I’m one of them ninety guys, like if something really bad happens or something really good happens It’s not gonna change how I act and talk that much. No, I’m not quite stomach. I’m quite Zen okay, let’s take some questions from the from our Audience on Instagram. Yeah far out corporate and follow any of a biscuit vlogs. Is it good? Because I’ve seen that not a lot of people buy this car More people buy it in Romania is because of the servicing I think supercars you want the money Yeah They’re expensive but to have a supercar where the nearest service centre is three countries away. Yes be braked because like how many Bags of potatoes. Can you carry with it? That’s a very good question Car would you choose from a SUV? I? Have a BMW x6 to me an SUV is just an SUV like I don’t care which one it is I’ll drive a Dodge duster out of here. It’s just such it’s for Work it’s not for fun. You know, what would you do if in Romania? Be a law that forbids A steering wheel on this side. Well, then I’d have to go somewhere else I guess wouldn’t I but I don’t doesn’t look like they’re gonna do that anytime soon, hopefully We’ll see you with bricks and all this blah blah blah, but then ought to leave Romania. Goodbye Romania. I moved to Greece. Yeah How much does it to eat the car all the fuel? Yeah, it’s crazy how much fuel this car uses? Okay, twenty-eight point five liters 400 callers 2008 Is that good or bad? It’s pretty bad, but it’s like less than the m6 d m6 has five litre aspirated, which is louder I recognize Have you ever met a gold-digger because of the car No, you know I really don’t think so. My whole my whole view on gold diggers is a strange view So let your okay so my view on gold is this If a girl likes a man for his money Does that mean she doesn’t like the man? Well, I don’t know if I like a girl for her tits Do I still like the girl you do not me sounds like he was who’s more shallow the woman who wants a successful man Or the man who wants a woman who’s pretty with big pants that doesn’t care what her name is So everyone shallow? so it’s like I think that woman being attracted to Successful man is normal and I wouldn’t say they’re gold diggers for wanting this and I was a pretty woman I’d want a man who can provide for me to take care. Of course. Why wouldn’t you doesn’t mean that gold digger? Yeah, it doesn’t mean she’s a gold digger a black person She likes successful men. Yes. Why would she not like successful men? Yeah, so and I mean like it’s different if you have to pay her per hour like a prostitute But yeah, if not, then I don’t I don’t see I think this whole gold digger thing is over exaggerated Yeah, and the only people I see complaining about gold diggers are men with no money Yeah, all gold diggers buildings all the men with money. We have no problems with girls liking our expensive cars and nice houses Of course. Yeah, anybody likes everyone everyone like successful people house bounce with me Bouncing the gum a brother and the gang stepping in the house Give me the ride for me die for me put your fucking hands in the sky coming To the e money on my mind every day every night Door suicide Kurt Cobain McLaren 720 But it sound I complain when I’m on the road stay in your lane big game killed like a shock to the brain suicide suicide suicide Suicide let’s do it. I do it I do it die Okay, no, don’t tell me I want calm Park, okay break and drive I Did it? Yep? Okay internet. Now, you are careful with the pothole scene, right? Yeah, you have to be careful. Yes. It’s crazy it’s crazy because this Romania is not poor Romania has money there are many countries more poor than Romania. Yeah with nice roads So it’s a weird like a normally it’s like it’s not even about money because there are many poor countries with nice roads So it’s a comfort to the comfort setting. Yeah, right, if you know my bedroll like this, it’s okay Yes, you can plan your questions. No Instagram people you can drive this car as a daily driver But it’s not the most comfortable Like you see the seat I can feel there are racing seats. Yeah, they’re racing seat They’re not she’s designed to be like you’re your living room or chair. Okay, I feel like I’m racing I’m ready to race and how the seats hold you they’re not comfortable sit there But they still got power seats. Yeah McLaren the first time in my life that I’m driving a McLaren. Yeah. Have you ever been other MacLaren’s I’ve driven the 570 Yeah, I’ve driven I’ve driven the 650 After in them all 100 have you ever tested it to see how much you’ve got never tested it we can test it to hear, you know Press the launch control there. Just go I won’t go more than 130 because with rear-wheel I just but we can’t launch control because the airbag warning light Oh really? Because there’s a light it disables long. Okay, so I don’t know Canada Yeah, I can’t do that until we can I mean you can just put your foot down recording it floor floor floor The Lamborghini was much Faster reacting and just aspirated engine. Yeah. Yeah, okay So this is definitely a lot faster than the comfort setting. Yeah Okay, so you press it and it goes once again four four four four We even had a little slide yeah, you felt it. Yeah Okay now tell me before how what’s the difference if I put it in track mode? Tracks are the same the same. It’s so insane track touring tracks the best I could do. So let’s decide so from standstill maximum maximum maximum as you See now if I was keeping flooring it we could have turned Yeah, so when I felt the wheels are turning I stopped. Yeah the acceleration. Yeah, this is what you must always do Slow Now you see the difference between this and Tesla is at this speed the test lab presses and goes. Yeah. Yeah Let’s see. What happened in this one. It’s in track mode. Okay, this is Presenting things how they are this car will smoking at this laughs over a hundred kilometers per hour Yeah, but at low speed we have five kilometer at five miles an hour’s let’s see What happens here track mode is the sportiest, right? Yeah, three two, one four, four four four four Okay, this is the truth this car is the best for highway yeah, okay So if you’re on the highway nobody can fuck with it. Yeah. Yeah. Nobody can fuck with you. That’s for sure. Okay, let’s Do a zero to 100 Okay, three two one for floor floor floor floor Again, oh, I can pull a hundred kilometers arm because of the safety. Yeah slides it slides So I mean this car is crazy You need to eat takes time to get used to when I first drove it House, like it’s too crazy to drive you really need to get used to this car. Yeah Okay, so we are back on track. We are in sport mode. Okay, thirty six miles an hour Can I for it course can okay three two one Kind of oh, really kind of slow. I don’t be a fucking hater. I’m sorry. Oh, no No, but he needs to turbo is these tuples its it doesn’t you have to really know the car Yes revs get over the turbos on yes. So in order to be brutal this car, you gotta you gotta rev it up Like what should I get say? I’m here second year. Yeah now forty four four four So after the boat it really leaves the power yeah Yeah, so you gotta know how to look do the brake boost and oldest it like a racecar Make this car very brittle. Yes, he’s making great boost. He’s making everything here. But yes, I can now say I like the Lamborghini Better in terms of filling a 4×4. He’s got instant power This is more pretty than the Lambo. Yeah, but it takes time. Let’s do track Now I’m afraid to for it. Really Is a manual a circulatory system? Now I feel those secret dollar power Very nice. The feeling is awesome. But this feeling is only possible on the highway I’m not driving on the highway that offer. Yeah Yeah, once he started it’s nice it was his gun you got the card it goes you really go Yeah, you can feel how you can feel how much how powerfully is what’s going? Yeah, I got seen the other car is just gone. Yeah, but it has to keep going in turbos are very big It takes a long time for them to spit up. Yeah, this is just how the car is Everyone said this to me before it’s got a turbo lag But yeah when it’s going it goes, yes So it matters of which one is good to have both when upper Guinea against nudity have both cars So 46 miles an hour I hit the second here Go Yeah, it’s fucking fast and that’s maybe where this of the excitement comes is that in the papper Keaney You’ll enjoy but it will never scare you This car scares you a little bit the only when you for it when you’re for it starts to scare you because it’s not sliding He’s got too much power yeah too much it’s like it’s like a wild horse and I’m trying to control it all the time Does it have some some traction control stability control it does have some on but it still lets you All the slides. I don’t want I don’t want to go experience this car without any yeah And this is why I I have I like this car very much But I can’t you think it would be better without the Turtles. Yeah, you know, yeah I know I’m biased and again Piku car you want okay I I and I enjoyed this car a lot more two weeks after I earned it Yeah I knew when I knew exactly where the gears where to go to get my turbos to kick in but I knew exactly how much Would spin what was the duration that the turbo kicks in really around four and half five thousand four and a half So when I understood all that it was much more fun to drive No, it took the time to get really get used to it because to really wrap it high So why don’t you get used to that in many ways now? To me it feels as good as the Lambo because I don’t have any lag as I know the car so well now You know, it took a long time to get that way. You know, I’ve been driving this everyday hours a day For like a month now. Well, I I’m gonna be honest to you. I think in this car I cannot scare you You know that why I was able to scare you can get you by surprise. Yeah Yeah, you see but in this one. I cannot get you by surprise now I see what happens when your fucking things get into an accident crazy These people just drive to aggressively. They’re so aggressive. It’s not even about speed is about their attitude on the road Yeah, I have it sometimes where rage yeah And the cars see a fast car and they that but they have to prove something that I’m like Yeah that it’s just like and these are the people who crash. Yeah stupid so stupid egos cause crashes Yeah, you see what I’m saying, there you go it’s there their powers there it gives me happiness. Yeah, I know it gives me happiness It’s like feeding me happiness. Yes It’s a very powerful car once it’s going a goose goes goes but it will do like this Up to a hundred miles an hour just go and go and go. That’s crazy Yeah, this is an attention seekers car. Don’t get it if you don’t like attention because you know everyone stares Every time I park it and I come out There’s always people around it if your pictures of how do we make it automatic. Is it more brutal in manual? So yeah, yeah No, is it more brutal in Manila? It is not brutal Yeah, because this was these happens with my old m5 in manual is more brutal Yeah, but but you have to concentrate on us. Yeah, you gonna do it. Yeah, but it is more brutal you say yes. Yes I am only driving manual so I can control the gears so I can always make sure the turbo is ready, right? I understand. So automatic It doesn’t take this into consideration Right. Now if in the third gear if I throw it it will change gear to the second or first it will go down Yeah, but I won’t get it as good as if you did it yourself Second. Yes a yes. It’s it’s touring on 3000 which where is we would have done it down to France? I’m performing. Okay, so I go manual third gear Let’s see, I do bambam. So I’m gonna prove second first. Yeah for it. Yeah Okay for it second first. No, didn’t I press two times but it only okay. Let’s do it again sorry, okay, so for one to See if it doesn’t shift appears first gear down first and then floor Cuz you’re flooring it and now you’re trying to go down. It doesn’t go down Yeah, it doesn’t want you to it doesn’t go down two gears now, but you saw right? Yeah, I’m not crazy. Yeah, yeah okay, so yeah, I’m Now there’s first only three to go Oh My god you got like a constant source of happiness here. Yeah. Yeah, it’s really it’s real Yeah, Israel it. It’s fun sometimes Having money really gives you happiness. Most us question is it gives you freedom to do things, you know? You know absolutely get rich or die trying. Yeah. Well, that’s it. That’s the game and Yeah, get rich or die trying’ absolutely true I like the LCD, you know, it’s it looks like please like like a car should be Yeah, it’s nice and like you when that warning message is gone You’ve got lots of things you can do in here and you can change all the same check your train But you miss some laughing and all this stuff mister plenty songs, right? Yes. Oh, I can’t believe you spent 35,000 euros on a fucking watch No American I I could I could get Something better than a watch which always has the wrong time. He says not Vina. Yeah only starred in Yeah, Dean, what did looks nice, you know, it’s a nice watch. Yeah, it’s nice but you know, it’s not worth thirty five thousand euro, but It’s done now. Yeah, and if I were to try and sell it I would never get my money back just a car. I’d probably get 20 or something. So just have to keep it ever since I Saw that most people on their deathbeds regret not living the life they choose and they live the life of others Have I fucking change my mentality and did everything that I wanted and I can honestly say I’m heavier. Yeah, really? I cannot, you know, don’t listen to the fucking other people. No do this. They want you to live their life Yeah, don’t fucking do that give you your life perhaps Grainger Just listen to everybody listen to us decide if it’s right for you and only that, okay But listen go to your filter analyse the information and always remember that knowledge is power. Okay I’m not forcing my advice view. It’s just I’m saying what I’m thinking. Absolutely this brake is really press hard Press are Grove. Don’t press hard Yeah this car is very I say this to people and they don’t understand but you can vouch that when I say this car is difficult to drive Yeah, it’s difficult to drive the well is the brake is hard it slides You have to know where the turbo II like to drive this car. Well, it takes practice the Lamborghini in many ways It didn’t take so much practice Comfortable with you. It’s easier. This car is harder to drive and that’s what I mean to race in this car You have to really know the gears you have to really understand the brake. It takes lots of my practice, you know And also, cuz the ride heights up yeah, but that darkness is stiffed why press it down why Yes, but why you don’t drive with the wind it up? Why why not because you know, I first limits your limits your speed Okay, got it. And also it makes the suspension the front very hard because it’s maxed right? Well, you see with the Lamborghini you got more instant power whereas this car It’s sport sport first gear manual 20 miles an hour it will look maximum Next time takes times, but when it grows it goes yeah. Yeah. Yeah exactly So I think we can we we really explain to the people how it feels to drive this car. Okay? Hey, don’t fucking hate me people. Okay, I like this car more for how it looks. Yeah, then how it drives? Of course, it’s crazy fast, but this car is better for Highway. Yeah, then for city because for the city You see how the ejection controls not past yeah because Yeah, baby power power like crazy. Yeah. Okay, so its first year look for Five thirty-two But you see how it will break us Yeah, the traction control I think yeah, so at 5,000 rpm we for it and it’s not us Yeah, that’s why you did like this in the air Yeah The NW Always what a race as always Every time for around the city a Lamborghinis a better car for around the city. Yes but if I was to race on my transfer gear should I really think this would win because when it gets on a straight and it’s going it just goes like when the interesting we’re on the transfer Gershon as soon as we come out of a corner and we both put our foot down this it’s crazy how this just But that happens so rarely Construed this is a track car 90% of the time you’re in the city. Yeah and still the city level is better. Yeah, Lamborghini is better We should say again what you said that there is no Park bottom. Yeah, there’s no Park button You have to put it in neutral that he spun the handbrake, which is not just this car lots of cars – yeah I had a GSXR I had an r1 I had a fire blade add lots of super fast bikes by I Had a crash and I stopped really how did they happen? So I wasn’t loaded. Yeah, so I was already time story time So I was in England. I was driving a car didn’t see me came out straight in front of me I slammed the brakes – fishtailing on the back and I went straight into the car and it’s her fault She came out front of me and when I I must have hit the car though. He may be 50 miles an hour 80 kilometers an hour and I went over the car No I had I had full leather full helmet everything And I landed on the ground and I was winded like I couldn’t eat my bread. I was ready I managed to get up was fighting over. See you guys to get up here we did I got up and I remember looking at the woman and she Had no idea what happened and the look on her face She had the most stupid fucking look on her face cuz it was too shocked. Mr Hershey pulled out and then bang this big crashed so she’s sitting there like this like Yeah, like like a flick and I and I swear to God. I looked her and thought I cannot let someone this stupid Like she looks like a fucking fish like a moron I cannot die I need to die like like a man like a man like ten tigers attack me and I fight nine in the living room Yeah, I can’t die from this stupid bitch So from this day, I realize that some idiot woman who’s not paying attention will kill me and I quit my position Ok, but I totally feel you. But let’s be honest. No, that’s it itself for other people you see Ok, let’s be honest how fast were you driving? Because we gotta be yeah, I was going fast I mean it was a 30 mile per hour and it’s got like 110 Yeah And then she pulled out I managed to get down to about 50 before here but uh still fucking should look bitch like yeah I know Yeah, of course. I was raised a superbike. Of course. I’m breaking the speed limit like that’s given Ok, but you know maybe she’s here to see you because she’s absolutely didn’t see you know, so Yeah, she didn’t see me. I know I just didn’t want to die that way I just thought the way this guy she means Kim’s gonna go She looks so stupid her expression was so stupid offended me anything that was in insurance because we went to insurance and the insurance company her company was like well He was speeding we can tell he was speeding by the tire tracks on the road blah blah any Excuse to not know okay any injuries on yourself knows? Okay. I said a kickboxing match two days later. Okay. Fall two days. Later I had all the gear on I went over the car I hit the ground and I slid but in anything but this is a good a Good opportunity to give a very good advice Always wear protective helmet if you are on a bike not even just a helmet. I had full lures leather full race leather we cannot stress enough the Of having full. Yeah, really? Yeah boats everything. Yep everything but no long. Yeah We’re losing Cameras, like crazy but it’s good because it’s good material. This opens the Frank. Yeah, and then there’s also doors There’s there’s another button there that reduces this suppressive on this one. No, this is the that’s the front No, now the one that all the earth pressing, this is no the other one. Okay, call them the one to the left What does it do it? removes the screen down to minimum mode So for the track solo, ah, I see nice eyes In for messages but the damn it shows you the ride, right? So yeah, when you put it in track mode, if you really want to just focus only on your revs and your speed only Yeah, so this is more like a race car yeah, so try it’s a track car there is only the first year How do I get rid of this? Oh, yeah you press this but it keeps coming back up About every minute this annoying but still held how much did they ask me four thousand three-one Yeah So I spoke to I McLaren dealership in London and said how much would it cost to fly your technician here? And And reset the computer and he said oh we need to insure the equipment He’s coming with a laptop, but it’s a special apps a special laptop We have to insure the equipment excited cost 4,000 euro for ten minutes of recently. Come to my god I can go You and your girlfriend in the Maldives? Yeah one week. Yeah, exactly. It’s crazy crazy We have a bomb here I know it. Oh, look how nice so nice Now I can really be a shawl. Yeah, this is definitely off Scotty’s got the The chicks are taking videos of me, of course Hello hello see people saying hi, they don’t know me but they say hi I’m gonna do this shit with the doors up all the time, really Yeah usually when I pull up to somewhere so I’m gonna pull up to a nightclub or a restaurant all open the doors first and then Pull up when they’re all ready All the time it’s a show of Scarborough a pretty capable I’m doing that pattern it will be Legolas Mr. Punished now I would’ve backed away Salud salud hi-hi repeted and he can be like a picture First best I’d ever than ever than ever Someday like Drive up Yeah, see yeah, is it right now baby when the door is open? It won’t let you put it in gear with draaga All right, you have to do it here. I guess that’s something to stop you accidentally put out about whether there’s something It’s the right car This is always your drive this car It’s so nice and relaxing to drive it I come down here my drive really slow. I don’t know I don’t cuz I know they’re looking at me to race so it’s more fun Because they see the McLaren they want to see you race, huh? I know I know I don’t give you what you want Let’s see what you can do first gear sports sport for it. Right go Two times two times the traction control stop two times in of course Somebody who’s racing us. All right. So people ask me a lot how I make money I have a website Cobra Tatum has some details of some of the things I do for making money. I’m part of our Trading platform where we’re trading Bitcoin whether it goes up or down we’re making money so we don’t lose interested in Trading crypto currencies for cash you can buy yourself a McLaren. You can go to corporate take calm And of course, there’s my new song which we’ve already played suicide instead of lifting. Yeah. I feel free to listen to mr plenty on repeat my alter ego And that’s it. I’d see you on Instagram you can bet she’s managed to grab any time. I read them all as well Yeah, you might read them all Yeah, of course you get up answer all of them But you relayed them exactly so you can send me if you call me an asshole Instagram. I’ll see it So feel free. Yeah You know, I’ve spoken to a lot of McLaren owners and they love the turbo Yeah, because they’ve only ever had my clearance and when they get in the ring anything go Yeah, okay, but don’t a note when it goes it doesn’t go look I’m Erin, but so it’s like an acquired taste some MacLaren’s are notorious for these big turbochargers So to leave a like them now, let me tell you my experience I do understand that the turbo gives a lot of power and it’s good on the track, but I don’t go the track Yeah, why would I get a car that is fast on the track? If I don’t know what the track is? Why would I get a car that is fast over 200 kilometres an hour if I get my license suspended, yeah Yeah, why wouldn’t I get a car that is right for me, which is like 12 first gear for it Yeah, nothing happens. I didn’t scare you. Yes track You gotta take a car for what it’s worth And if you if you like going to the track do get you get that car that you want. Yeah, okay I just want to explain why people are different. Yeah, people are different and it’s 2019 people are different. I Look forward to your test long. I want to go for round. Yeah as soon as it’s ready I be the first person you call. I promise I want to go and see what it’s like You know some people hate you just because you have money I can afford they hate you. Yeah, really? Yeah, I get haters all the time. Oh, you think you’re so tough? I Get how long haters from the West as well Like really you went to Romania because you’d be broke if you didn’t live in Romania like so stupid shit Right one bucharest is not that cheap It’s really not that cheap of c-4 is on you can easily go out and spend big money on a meal and sir But chris is not cheap. One two, I buy my cars in England So how to fuck as me beginner main you have anything to do with that? There’s you know, these people say such stupid things Yeah, people live in a weird weird world, but you know They say sometimes they they haters are a form of admirers because deep down inside They appreciate you they want to be liked of course aloof and they give you a lot of attention on that time. Absolutely Yeah, so if you signor completely you win they hate cuz you’re did they hit because then not you yes, of course Put it in neutral Rev it a little say hello to the police officer. I have no front number plate. So this is Let’s keep it quiet. Yeah, let’s don’t be a shawl. Let’s keep it quiet Yeah, my two friends What happen drive now, press the brake hard for us to break Press my card, bro Yeah, once it gets going I gotta hand it to you Something rattle around as my sunglasses. Oh fuck they’re expensive. I’m sorry, man. I don’t worry. No, no, no, don’t be sorry I should I need to get a tighter grip. Yeah, how much water they 500 years Saunders? Yeah, what Brent Louie Vuitton and I’ve lost like four pairs. So I’ve spent my 3,000 euro sighs this summer Okay, so I really enjoyed driving this car what do we want to say please like or dislike this video consider yourself free to to express yourself how you want with like or dislike and Please comment on this video because I promise I will read all the comments I cannot answer all the comments but I will read I will call the comments and it’s fun Ok, guys. That was a blog leave a comment see the comment section. Don’t forget to like it Dosoo sign Kurt Cobain, but Terrence 720 But it sound I complain when I’m on the road stay in your lane became killed like a shock to the brain suicide suicide suicide Suicide, let’s do a dive to a dive to a doll