Nice to meet you! My name is Gabriel and I’m very excited about the finding that I did today.
This video was totally not planned, I just arrived from the gym I haven’t even eaten lunch
But today I found out something amazing that will revolutionize the way you train your neck and the way I train mine too.
If you too also don’t own a head harness that is a equipment used to train the neck
Which is very hard to find here in Brazil, I can’t really find it even though I looked into many stores.
So you will benefit from this tip I’m gonna give the same way I’m gonna benefit as well. I’m very excited
I plateaued on 37,5kg on the neck training because I couldn’t hold any more plates in my hands
Unfortunately here every sentence starts like “but my gym…”
I couldn’t hold them because the plates in my gym are way too thick. I can’t hold them over my head
And even 37,5kg was extremely hard especially for the neck extension, I could do that weight only for flexion.
But with this new method we can load a lot more, let’s check it out!
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So as you may notice the variation I’m doing is using a neutral grip bar and putting the weight on it, using the clips especially so the weight won’t fall.
It is interesting to use a towel or something on the top part of the bar because it’s where most of the weight will be. On the bottom part I didn’t feel the need today since I was just testing the method.
I believe the only big difference is that you have to balance the weight and make sure your head is moving up and down and not twisting to the sides.
But this way is more comfortable as my final thoughts on it, it’s way superior. I won’t go back to the other way with the plate on my head and if I can keep having good progress I won’t really by a head harness.
So that’s what I wanted to show on today’s video, it’s way more comfortable and I can finally smash my weights on the gym!
This way it’s way easier to overload the weights and the reps, it’s better for you to hold.
Hope this serves you well! This is gonna be a video which I’ll make sure to sub in english because the exercise like this is way too nice and I never seen people spreading the word about it!
So it will all be subbed so more people can follow and develop the yoke training in the world!
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