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discord as well everyone links are in the description below as always now we
are sitting on 83.9 that no 84000 cave so we do have a bit of money at our
disposal so I reckon what we should do straight away is actually start merging
some planes together here can we purchase the 5 straight away we can
purchase a 6 straight away actually all right look I purchased another 6 what
have we got here giant box now I want a giant box game I can only bother
watching an ad right now even though I do know the games probably gonna end up
forcing me to watch an ad very very shortly so just get ready for that
everyone expecting a very soon I think we’re about to get our first new playing
here guys yep here we go 12 the Thunder it’s got pretty high speed and air our
earnings right there that’s alright we just send the Thunder out there straight
away now we actually have no planes at all on the field we have a five and a
four what else can we do here we can purchase the Wildcat now dan really push
the Wildcat but I think we’ll purchase a whole bunch of f2a threes done just
purchased a whole bunch of sevens there’s the ad I thought I knew an ad
was come and do we Beaufort knew this let’s quickly skip that there we go done
so Chuck together a whole bunch of sevens there have two weights got a nine
now lovely got a six and a seven there so what we’ll end up doing is actually
purchasing another six to turn it into a seven merge them two together nice got a
four there as well we throw these on the field quickly does they help generate
some more money well sorry what should we doing here
guys we’re gonna throw together a whole bunch of fives or just maybe sixes I
shot the other a whole bunch of six is there but ideally all we need to do is
just continue to merge everything together guys do not I mean that’s all
we have to do at the end of day all right so I got two fives man into six
and a seven there we go got another seven nice quite a bit of eights now on
the field and very good for us will change us nine into a ten put that back
out there generate some more money for us here we do have another eight as well
but what should we do with that eight cut together two sevens I think there we
go turn to a nine nice all right the things are looking pretty good for
us right now I can’t purchase a whole bunch of threes I reckon I will do and
I’ll turn them into boards yeah two fives with a six now very good
chuck that six out there to generate some more money for us head to the shop
guys tell me if I purchase a whole bunch of fives there so that’s what we will do
five others cheapest option I think right now return them at those sixes
I do have a three now sitting there doing nothing so we turn into a four I
think Emily wait so we get the next three four
there’s what’s gonna end up happening is guys again will drop a fall for us in
like a little cardboard box you’ll see you here in a second
should I maybe change some of my money into these badges here as well I changed
40 once the hours and where it’s a lot of badges dude maybe that’s what I’ll do
though maybe we need that many badges Hey I
mean just go down to 4000 badges may be done exchange okay so now have 4,000 of
these badges just go to the shop if we can oh I do have a reward here $20,000
thanks game boots not only boosts where the shop shops up here isn’t it should I
figure out the hello shop is now guys I want to spend my points for the gank you
say many gem shots and stuff here’s my rank
I’m 11,000 best in the world right now apparently interesting yeah I can’t
change my name steel which is a very weird okay here we go airline earnings
increased by 20% done what else can I approach is here
anything else no nothing else damn well I actually
can’t purchase anything else on this have 5000 on those badges okay so it’s
done at least now we have a 50% increase to income got a 6 here turn it into a 7
nice eights great stuff there another Wildcat in the field now it’s helpful
for us at least cost me purchase here though just spend those for speed things
up a little bit here a stupid giant box which is taking up one of my spaces have
fustrating I don’t know six great seven I think I’ll have another four there yes
we will good now pretty much running low on money that’s a bit of a problem we’ve
got two files together turn to a six that’s done
nice merge of seven then we’ll merge the area that’s done there as well but
another nine I’ve got two nines on the field when I on let’s merge them merge
that as well level up yes almost got a million dollars there and three of those
gems where the hell they are I got 11 out of 12 down the field guides
very good for us but now everything’s gonna cost a lot of money just to revert
back to the twos oh my god run twos everyone that is funny ads
yes all the twos on the field turn into the threes the pours can’t believe it
down to the twos and the ones here as well now that is pretty freaking funny
got a six and that sticks out two threes for wait for another four to spawn
another four should drop down pretty soon hopefully for those well here
alright so just take the lap very good measure twos five their three
I don’t eat junk yeah I need school now another one I think that’s done two
three merge the three got a for now it’s in that four out no worries another
force just dropped down there a thing guess it has spring at the 4955 merge
onto a six merge this into a seven and that’s done a good start I will look
what I end up doing everyone is leaving this to grind offline and yeah I guess
we’ll come back to it tomorrow as simple as that it’s not really much more I can
do now I have to keep generating some more
money I’ll be CRO either way I will catch you all tomorrow for next episode
okay thank you very much everyone see y’all then