Hello! I’m Crypto Casey. In this video we
will be looking at Metal Pay, the first
all-in-one digital banking platform for
cryptocurrency. Marshall Hayner,
the previous co-founder of QuickCoin,
who also helped build Stellar, Dogecoin,
and Block.io, Erik Finman, who is
famous for being the world’s youngest
Bitcoin millionaire, and a team of people
with experience from Amazon, Apple, the
Federal Reserve and similar are at the
helm of this new venture. As some of you
know from watching my videos on how to
buy cryptocurrency, the process can be
daunting and complicated. Metal Pay aims
to tackle this problem by offering a
simple and easy-to-use platform that
allows people to buy, sell, send, receive,
and actually use cryptocurrency. Most of
the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
applications currently available are
fragmented and cumbersome. Some apps only
allow you to store Bitcoin, while others
offer an exchange functionality with
fees and difficult registration
processes. The Metal Pay team set out to
build an all-in-one solution for
cryptocurrency management and create a
new opportunity for beginners and
experts alike to get into cryptocurrency.
Metal Pay is the first start-to-finish
solution that integrates cryptocurrency
and traditional banking seamlessly and
secured all of the proper licensing to
operate legally in the United States.
It’s extremely easy to use and features
a cryptocurrency exchange that currently
supports 17 major cryptocurrencies,
including its own native crypto called
Metal Coin or MTL. At the time of this
video, Metal Pay is currently available
on iOS mobile devices. Android support
and a web application will be launching
near the end of September 2019. The team
believes Metal Pay has a rare
opportunity as the first all-in-one
cryptocurrency platform to become bigger
and more usable than Bitcoin and
Facebook’s impending Libra currency. So
let’s walk through downloading the iOS
Metal Pay app, setting up an account, and
checking out all of the interesting
features this platform has to offer.
Navigate to the App Store on your iPhone
and type in “Metal Pay.” Next to the app,
tap “Get.”
Enter any credentials you need to
approve the app download. Once the app is
downloaded, tap “Open.” Next, tap “Sign Up for Metal Pay.” To get started, select your
place of residence from the list below,
then tap “Continue.” If you experience any
issues or glitches you can shake your
mobile device to report a bug or provide
feedback. Enter your cell phone number to
sign up for Metal Pay then tap the “Next”
button. You should receive a text with a
six digit code from Metal Pay to enter
into the next screen. After you enter the
code, tap “Next.” Now you need to create a
long, strong password to secure your
account. Enter your password twice to
verify it and then tap “Create My Account.”
Now pay close attention to this step
because you will get $6 worth
of Metal Coin for free. Tap the QR code
icon next to the referral URL field. Tap
“Enable Camera,” then tap “OK” and face your
phone to the screen as if you are taking
a picture to scan my code. The field will
fill in automatically with the referral
code. Tap the “Continue” button. Nice!
Now you can claim your six dollars worth
of free metal coin. Tap the “Claim” button.
Next, you will need to verify your
identity. When you create a metal pay
account, a new fdic-insured account is
opened and linked to your Metal Pay Cash
Card. Tap the “Let’s do it” button. Metal
Pay will request access to your camera.
Tap “OK” to proceed. You will need to take
a picture of your passport, driver’s
license, or other state-issued ID. Tap the
red button at the bottom to take the
photo. Look at the photo and make sure
all the information is clearly legible
and all four corners are visible then
tap “Continue.” On the next screen, enter
your first name, last name, and address
that match your ID in the fields
provided and a secure email address. If
you followed any of my previous videos, I
suggest using your encrypted email
account we setup together using
ProtonMail. You can scroll down to the
description area below to set one up now.
After entering your address, tap the
update address button. Once the
information is correct, tap the “Looks
Good” button.
On the next screen, you will need to
enter your social security number and
birthdate. Note that you must be 18 years
old or older to sign up for Metal Pay,
then tap “Continue.” You’ll see a screen
saying “Verifying your info.” This should
take a few moments. Great! You should be
good to go. Now you can choose your
profile picture from your photo library
or take a selfie. Once the photo is
uploaded, you will see your account. Tap
the “Start using Metal Pay” button. You
should see a notification pop up with
information about your $6 a free metal
coin. Tap “Got it” to continue. Next, you
will see another notification about the
latest version of metal pay. Review the
improvements and tap “Continue.” Awesome!
Your account is ready to go. We are going
to explore some of the features Metal
Pay has to offer. First, let’s connect
your bank account so you can take
advantage of everything Metal Pay has to
Tap the “Cash “icon on your dashboard. Note that transfers sent after 7 p.m. Eastern
on business days will usually arrive in
your bank account the next business day.
Funds can take up to three business days
to arrive subject to exceptions. If you
want more information about this tap
“Learn More.” Tap the “Add Cash” button to
Read the notification and tap “Got it.”
When you’re ready, at the bottom of the
screen, tap the “Add funding source” button.
Next, choose how to link your bank.
Login to your personal account using
your online credentials or enter your
account routing numbers manually. You’ll
see a screen notifying you that Metal
Pay uses Plaid to safely and securely
link your bank account. Tap “Continue.”
Search for your bank and enter the
corresponding credentials for your
account. Once the linking process is
complete, you should see your account
information. Tap “Continue.” Your bank
account will automatically be selected
and you will be directed back to the “Add
some cash” screen. Tap the number field to
enter the amount of cash you wish to
transfer to your Metal Pay account.
Next, tap “Add Cash” to Metal Pay, then tap
“Send the amount to Metal Pay.” Nice!
Now the transaction is pending. An “Allow
Notifications” window will pop-up.
I recommend enabling this to keep track
of payments and other information. Then
tap “Allow.” Notice in this cash section
you can also choose to cash out any time
to transfer cash back into your
connected bank account. Also note that
your metal pay cash account is FDIC
insured, which is great!
Swipe down to go back to the dashboard.
Next, let’s check out the cryptocurrency
marketplace. Tap the “Crypto” icon. You
should see about six dollars worth of
Metal from scanning my code in the
earlier steps. Awesome!
Tap on Metal. You will see the options to
sell and buy Metal. Tap “Buy.” The minimum you can buy or sell currently is $10
worth of Metal. You can enter an amount
you wish to buy in the number field.
Notice at the bottom your “Metal Pay Cash
Settled Balance” is zero.
Once your bank transaction goes through,
you will be able to use your cash to buy
Metal and other cryptocurrencies listed
on the Metal Pay exchange. Go back and
you can check out the other
cryptocurrencies metal pay supports by
scrolling down. Once your cash
transaction clears, you’ll be able to buy
and sell those cryptocurrencies as well.
Let’s go back to the dashboard and check
out Metal Pay’s other features. Tap on
the “Payments” icon on the bottom menu. As
you use a Metal, your payment history
will be listed here. You will be able to
search through your transactions by name,
message, or amount in the search field
at the top. You will see your referral
bonus listed. Tap it. When you or a friend
joins Metal Pay via referral link or
promo code, you will both receive six
dollars of free Metal Coin from the
Metal Pay team. You can tap the “Send more
invites” icon to invite your friends and
family via text, email, and more. Next,
let’s check out the “Scan” feature by
tapping on the “Scan” icon at the bottom
menu. The app will access your camera so
you can scan the referral code like we
did in the previous steps to set up your
account. If you skipped that step earlier,
you can scan my code here to claim your
free six dollars worth of Metal. Using
the top buttons, you can tap “My Code” to
view your code that you could share to
other people. Using this code, people can
request payments from you or you can
request payments from them. Tap the “Share my code” icon to invite your friends,
family via text email and more. Next, let’s check
out the “Discover” button by tapping on
the “Discover” icon in the bottom menu.
You may receive a notification to
improve security by using touch ID when
you open the app make payments, execute
trades, and initiate bank transfers. I
highly recommend enabling this to
protect your funds. Tap the “Enable touch
ID” button. Complete the touch ID setup by
touching your iPhone fingerprint reader.
Nice! Touch ID is enabled. You can change
this setting at any time in your
profile by selecting “Turn off touch ID.”
The “Discover” area features access to the
Metal Pay support knowledge base and if
you scroll down below that, you will see
cryptocurrency related news from all
around the world. Awesome! Let’s go back
to the dashboard by tapping the “Home”
icon in the bottom menu. Now let’s check
out the Metal Pay app settings. Tap on
your profile picture in the top left
corner. You will see your profile picture,
name, phone number, and some tabs below.
From here, you can invite friends, manage
your linked bank accounts, turn off touch
ID, edit your password, manage
notifications, leave feedback for the
Metal Pay team, get support by reviewing
their FAQ section, contacting Metal Pay,
and much more. Below that you can rate
the app. After using the Metal Pay app
and getting comfortable with it,
I highly recommend rating the app to
provide feedback. And finally, there is a
logout button. Let’s navigate back to the
home screen. Next, let’s check out the
“Request” and “Send” features. You can use
Metal Pay to send money without
transaction fees, which means you can
send anyone any time funds for free. Also,
when you use a Metal Pay to send money,
Metal Pay actually rewards you with
cryptocurrency. So you are earning money
simply by sending money using Metal Pay.
Tap “Request” on the home screen. You’ll
see a notification asking you to allow
Metal Pay to access your contacts. Tap
“Link Contacts” so you can conveniently
pay and request money from people you
know, then tap “OK.” Nice! Now your contacts are linked. You will see your friends who
are already using Metal Pay at the top.
Below you can tap the “add” icons next to
a contact to add them or you can tap the
QR code icon to scan a code someone sent
you. Tap on a contact and you can see
where you can type the amount and enter
a message like rent, food, drinks, or you
can type a custom message. Then you can
tap “Request from the contact” and
continue with the request. Let’s go back
and check out the “Send” feature. Swipe
down and tap the “Send” button. You’ll see
your contact list again with the same
layout. Tap on a contact and you can see
where you can type an amount and enter
a message. Below the “Pay contact” button,
you will see a “Metal Pay Cash” button. Tap
that and you can see all of the
different ways you can pay the contact,
whether it be cash, your bank account, or
using cryptocurrency you have on the
Metal Pay app. You can also add a new
funding source by tapping the “Add” icon
in the top right corner. As you can see,
Metal Pay has a straightforward and
easy-to-use interface with a lot of
unique features. Most platforms are
exclusively an exchange or a wallet and
difficult to set up.
Metal Pay seems like a viable solution
to current issues many new users face
when trying to buy and use
cryptocurrency. Thank you for taking the
time to watch my video. So what do you
guys think of Metal Pay at first glance?
Does it seem like something you could
see yourself using to pay friends and
family? Download the app and take it for
a spin. Let me know what you guys think
in the comments below. Be safe out there!