Meter is the world’s first decentralized
digital currency designed from the ground up instead of trusting a centralized
authority everyone could use math and computation to create an stable unit
of value that’s measured by Meter and backed by one of the most useful
resources in our civilization: electricity. The competitive price of
electricity had been more stable in history than any fiat currencies in the
world. Meter is also blazing fast. It settles transactions in a matter of
seconds without the risk of charge backs. We are aiming to create the world’s first
global digital currency. We’re spending more of our conscious time in front of
computers and smart devices: the virtual world, which doesn’t have physical
limitations and political boundaries. We need a new decentralized digital
currency for this new decentralized society. No cryptocurrencies today
functions as true currencies – their values are too volatile and their transaction
speeds are too slow. To have a prosperous decentralized economy we need a
cryptocurrency that can function as a unit of account in both the physical world
and the virtual world. We’re delivering on cryptocurrency’s original promise to be
a peer-to-peer digital currency at lightning speeds. Meter provides a stable
unit of account that cannot be manipulated and is transparent. Our
solution is built on top of an innovative consensus protocol and cryptographic
algorithm. It is highly decentralized, resilient to major network attacks, yet
capable providing the speed and capacity of a modern global banking system. you