Microchipping Humans – Mark of the Beast | RFID Chip Implant- 666
we are wondering what it is happening to
the world
everything is changing
the very idea of human being some sort
of natural concept is really gonna
change our bodies will be so high-tech
we won’t be able to really distinguish
between what’s natural and what’s
artificial inside our own heads is the
most complex arrangement of matter in
the known universe you might ask
yourself can we get to be superhumans
the original Industrial Revolution was
driven by the discovery that you could
use steam engines to do all kinds of
interesting things but that was followed
by additional revolutions for
electricity and computers and
communications technology we’re now in
the early stages of the fourth
Industrial Revolution which is bringing
together digital physical and biological
systems one of the features of this
fourth Industrial Revolution is that it
doesn’t change what we are doing but it
changes us with the ability to visualize
brain activity for example through a
simple consumer base EEG device it gives
us access to ourselves in ways that
we’ve never before thought possible it
unlocks the black box that is brain and
enables us to really truly be able to
realize an identity that is aspirational
there’s now a scientific foundation for
the effects of mindfulness on the brain
on the genome on biological aging and
when the human mind does know itself
then you get the potential for a new
renaissance that restructures itself in
terms of our relationship to life our
relationship to the planet our
relationship to work we need a different
economic model by that I don’t mean
capitalism versus communism what I’m
talking about is a shift in the system
along the lines of the two big changes
that happened in the 20th century
was a much greater focus on health and
education and the role of government
working with business and then a
reaction against that in late century to
near liberalism where the focus was in
free markets freedom the individual and
getting government’s out of the way we
need shift to a new system
will allow us to meet the basic needs of
every human on the planet that will live
within plan she means they’ll be fairer
and that will be focused as its key goal
not on growth per se but on maximizing
human well-being and history tells us
that a values shift is triggered by
creation of a new story about how we
want to live I see the circular economy
is something which fits very closely
with mankind’s goal to be innovative and
creative and to always progress we can
use asset tracking we can use IT we can
use 3d printing to enable this different
economic model to recover materials feed
them back into the economy and really to
decouple growth from the resource
constraints we have
the reason we live in cities is not
different today than it was ten thousand
years ago even if we have got networks
connecting us we still want to have
places where we meet of course all this
means the place where we work in the
place where we live are much closer to
each other a city where we don’t need to
have big supply chains in order to
produce things where many things can be
sourced locally thanks to 3d printing
and robotics so if we’re able to do
something to transform cities to make it
more efficient then the impact can be
think about the prospect of getting rid
of plastics we must not only be inspired
or informed by nature but actually use
natural organisms with which to design
products and building parts only instead
of very material properties were varying
biological functionality design is
critical today because it’s the first
signal of human intention for the
question of adding quality to quantity
but isn’t a matter of simply circulating
two things that are potentially toxic
it’s circulating things that are safe
and healthy for all generations so the
goal is no longer I want to be less bad
less monotonous less unsafe less I just
it’s really about a diverse safe healthy
of just world with clean air clean water
clean soil clean energy
together we are fighting to preserve our
fragile climate from irreversible damage
and devastation of unthinkable
importance we think about the original
Industrial Revolution it was an energy
revolution I like to think of it as a
kind of book ending of a period in human
history during which we use fossil fuels
and it worked very well for us for a
long time but now we have to bring back
to an end we have energy technologies
that can power our civilizations solar
wind biomass so then the question is
well how do we get kriti integration
maybe the wind is blowing in denmark the
sun is shining in germany and now you
can move that electricity through an
integrated grid you can supply energy to
everyone who needs it and you can supply
energy at all times
Microchipping Humans – Mark of the Beast | RFID Chip Implant- 666
walking around you do see different
stuff far as like the body marriage line
they use a lot of things that help them
lift up and move things to the car you
just sit there and you know program
something and it
it has all set mine so go ahead and do
everything and then as humans we just
come in and take the extra step to help
technology it’s not the the cure-all for
everything there’s definitely a lot of
things where people perform the
operation better but certainly for the
right applications robotics and are a
huge improvement to the process the
prediction of five million jobs lost by
2022 technology is serious but it’s not
the main question construction
manufacturing services public health and
education these industries will still
exist the main question is what will be
the future of work how will we define
work how will we share the wealth from
the viewpoint of the labor more jobs now
do we really need new education or new
we’re working with a world in motion in
FIRST Robotics trying to encourage
students from third grade all the way up
through the end of high school we had
students make sailboats and then we had
them race them and so they could see how
quickly they could move and they
immediately went back and started to say
oh I saw what happened I’m gonna go
change this or that and that was third
graders I just given a prize to a kid of
18 years old that has discovered
something really very very unique came
up with how to get better productivity
and better yields for seeds of corn and
so he basically came with the idea that
if you would perforate these seeds you
would get more food and you think about
they say but he didn’t go to university
so how does it get all that knowledge
and he told me I mean I’ve been watching
YouTube since the age of 12 and I’m so
interested that I’ve seen everything
about it I’ve read everything about it
the world is really open to learning the
thing is how do you give the incentive
to your kids to do that it’s this
ability of digital technology to change
outcomes to truly empower people all
over the world that can create a more
equitable growth because I think the
world needs that fourth Industrial
Revolution has the
Henschel to make inequalities visible
and to make them less acceptable in the
future and hopefully together and garner
political support to take the necessary
decision to reduce the gap
humans have always been using tools but
because of the recent advances in
technology we’re beginning to have
machines that can augment us in all
sorts of interesting ways I was the
first person in the world to be able to
voluntarily move my legs while stepping
in a robot like citing the nervous
system using electrical stimulators
directly onto the spine we believe that
a cure will be possible if enough of the
right people have the will to fast-track
a cure for paralysis
we take two things from the patients
first we take a three-dimensional x-ray
and we extract the three-dimensional
data out of that so we can make a
perfectly shaped puzzle piece and then
we also take a sample of fat tissue from
the patient so that we can extract the
stem cells out of those and we use those
stem cells with this three-dimensional
scaffold that we fabricate and after
three weeks we have a piece of living
bone that’s ready for implantation being
able to use genome editing to understand
the genetic changes that lead to cancer
and technologies like a drug delivery
getting molecules into particular types
of cells there’s a lot of excitement
about being able to move much more
quickly on this disease one of the
things that I think is so essential to
free and open societies is freedom of
thought and up until now the
conversation we’ve been having is around
freedom of speech once we can access
people spots and access people’s emotion
we have to create a space that enables
people to think freely to think
divergent thoughts to think creative
thoughts and in a society where people
fear having those thoughts the
likelihood of being able to enjoy
progress a significantly diminished we
need to take responsibility at every
level of society from the individual and
the person to the institutional to the
global to adapt to these technological
challenges and changes without
redefining what it means to be human
what it means to work what it means to
be completely
in this world people always ask me if
I’m an optimist or a pessimist
the technology exists but how do we get
it and implement it at the scale we need
at a price that people around the world
can afford even though we have everyday
problems we have to solve we have to
Microchipping Humans – Mark of the Beast | RFID Chip Implant- 666
find a way to lay the foundations for
the innovations of tomorrow