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that I thought oh boy maybe we need alternative to fiat currencies and that was where I really got behind Bitcoin by all the holidays I mean it I was looking at just a Bitcoin I was looking at all the alternative currencies way back because because he on reaction not it was a reaction to a 2008 right crash and out and it was all through 2008-2009 people were just running for the hills and we needed more heroes so I looked and I said this is a really interesting alternative I had been looking at virtual currencies in game inside of games thinking those could potentially be real my real value there for quite a long time there was a Korean group back in two thousand four or five looked at and it was called no no but they were because they were defying do you know a house the one that’s there that was everywhere in Korea haha it’s cut almonds I’m messing with your back she’s not here with like legends of the something legend ah the game chatter games legend Island I say ready because a great game and this Korean guy said I just spent $40 out of sword for my son for his birthday he’s talking about virtual sword it was the beginning or something really extraordinary so that so I always been very interested in it but after 2008 I was really kind of I had my antenna and so then so behind I actually made an investment I what I believe was one of the first Bitcoin companies but didn’t it was called coin Lab it didn’t really pan out I asked him to buy it some Bitcoin but instead he said all comte terminology I’ll create a mining organization and by the time he got all the chips and all that stuff there were a lot of bitcoins were part of mine and it was and bitcoin is going up already so we we missed a little window there but then you would be later in the auction yeah the US Marshal’s Office confiscated some Bitcoin from illegal practice teachers think bitcoin is is it’s easier to catch somebody who’s using Bitcoin for illegal act ready right if there’s in dollars I like taxes that’s no no not at all because you I mean I picked up you can I miss something – just stole some bit going from our machine here tonight I have since gone to all the called a Bitcoin trading platforms and says whose number is this so they’re anti busted – so it’s just a matter of that this is the safest currency of it right and so all the audio hackers out there beware there’s your be busted so you should start losing your courage your job and so I thought this was really something exciting oh by the way machine mathema and become and because they are like cosmetic and thousands of other currencies et Miyamoto aligned official early leader and ended beating leader HTTP became a leader in internet even though there were many other profiles right so I just figured there everyone leader and that was the leader and so I backed it there have been some technical Susan price went down much but I think it happened but I am a huge mess but it’s what I never do right $400 not a high so you’re never God which we never published so you don’t have much I did the price that bit and there was about 300 about we hung out at the time drug free sun-hi and when I knew we liked so I like very much better for Johnny one years I look very stupid for a couple of years there and I was comfortable with that because we were we were creating them it was a mission I didn’t just back put money into Bitcoin itself I used the Bitcoin or a lot of Bitcoin to fund entrepreneurs okay there were doing Bitcoin and so we have something like we have investments in something like 40 or 50 Bitcoin companies so all of these entrepreneurs engineers have been working to build out this wonderful new platform and now we’re all going to benefit from that and I think it’s probably likely quote from from my guess no mosque prefer university like to settle with nothing the future you can create it’s right for some coming after you you can actually try you try something to happen if you have a strong enough force right first behind you and and if I mean I like it because I think it’s very good for society because it opens it up it gives us another currency it’s frictionless you can store value that doesn’t have to be tied to some government and you can go across the border you can still have your big quietly there left I look beyond cool if you call me like this you know this is actually that’s what the place in our we cars do not play well for you into deflation area currency but it depends on how you look at it but it is a there is a literal a number of wealth they’re running so there’s a supply of man-thing and if that does play into it but there’s another thing that plays into it and that if we get in as people mind that there will be more out there they’re 21 million total but right now we have about fourteen and so they’re more that will be my plan and ideally they those and work together but it’s good to have a so what is going to you that is not inflationary [Music] what if I guess they’re not just putting it out there but what’s great about it it as it spreads it becomes more valuable but it gets used more and so as it sees markets better for if you use something you it’s better for you your husband you feel is better what would we had about valuable condiment that if we use well that’s funny because I should this before I come and I said in three years it’s going to be ten thousand but it was without that fifteen I think when you notice them right so I still hang on to that one so okay so what will happen if you have another year and I’m saying worth ten thousand and how people’s own probably you know would go apne because we double this year maybe what else and who knows where well that it may have fits and in ours but generally it’s something we all need it’s it’s frictionless it’s not tied your government and I think that is the most valuable thing we have because trust in government is falling around the world right I mean as we teach communicating more we do realize that these governments are kind of making up things that we have to but or whatever and so I you know I my guess is that are a really good government could run on five to ten percent of the GDP in and now they’re running a fifty percent of GDP so clearly there are some ways we can all more efficient and and if you don’t have a hundred percent faith in your government you ought to put a little bit of money into Bitcoin do you see my computer work because replaces Belarus only pond and wonderfully in my mind it is more value yeah actually yeah there was more valuable because it is so easily transferable work okay but it doesn’t clearly my you see I take an IRA from Nigeria and buy anything here but you can take the economy buy anything here anybody in Nigeria to norvo possess our Auto giddy tomorrow anagram Navidad Moses Tabata to tie a to time Moses described Avadh 10 kana survey divediva Sina Vasanta a miscellaneous esophagus media duro attend astute a mezuzah basis 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