On February 10, 1998 at 7 PM I smôked wëëd
for the first time ever. I was 17 and I remember that moment perfectly
because it was the first psychëdëlıc experience of my life. Within a few minutes of taking four big hits
I left my body and I traveled to another dimension. Within two hours I started getting messages
and visions that I couldn’t understand. Looking at my four other friends who I was
smoking with it was clear to me that my experience was very different from theirs. I have never been a regular smôker but when
I was younger I would do it at least once every few weeks with my friends or by myself
playing Quake through the night. I didn’t know about meditation back then and
I smôked mainly to get relaxed. I didn’t understand the visions and the messages
and I was ignoring them for many years. They were too chaotic and too incoherent and
looking back at those experiences now I think my brain wasn’t ready to be the receiver of
inter-dimensional communication. The entities were also there but I definitely
wasn’t ready to communicate with them. I’m talking about this now because after I
made one of the first 434 videos called “Who / what are machine elves” I mentioned the
psychëdëlıc properties of the plant and I received a lot of feedback from people saying
it is not possible, from people asking how it can be done and from people experiencing
the same type of psychëdëlıc contact. While recording a podcast with Tripwhip recently
he described the same thing that happened to him and I took it as a sign that the time
for this video has come. In the same way as mushrooms allow me to contact
machine elves I believe my reaction to wëëd is also quite unusual. I’m going to tell you now what happened that
I realized this magic flower has psychëdëlıc properties. First just a quick reminder that these videos
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I am extremely grateful for your help. Around 2014 one of my friends gave me a small
bag of wëëd. I didn’t know what strain it was and she said
to be careful because it was strong. I had heard people say this before so I didn’t
really pay much attention to her warning. I decided to make brownies with it and I baked
the usual amount and ate 3 pieces of it. Within an hour it was clear that this is not
regular stuff and the trip turned into an nightmarish ordeal. Another girl who ate the brownies with me
started getting panic attacks and we both went into a very bad place. After things calmed down I went to sleep and
slept for 12 hours and afterwards I couldn’t stop tripping for two days. Now that I look back at it I know it wasn’t
a trip but poisoning. That’s how strong it was. For more than a year I kept the rest of it
in my drawer and then in August 2015 I discovered mushrooms and not long after that I decided
to smôke some of that herb a little bit to relax. Since I already knew about my hypersensitivity
to all chemical substances I decided to take just one hit and to my surprise I didn’t experience
the usual sleepy sensation but I was contacted by machine elves and I had a regular mushroom
trip instead. After that I stopped taking mushrooms and
I would just smôke tiny amounts to get in contact with the inter-dimensional entities. There was virtually no difference between
a mushroom trip and smoking. This lasted for a few months until I finally
ran out what was in my drawer and then I started experimenting with different strains but unfortunately
I realized that they don’t have the same psychëdëlıc effect. I started going through a lot of strains just
to see if any of them could work in the same way as this unknown one I got from my friend
and to this day I’ve been unsuccessful in finding it. There’s a strain called Blue Dream that got
close to it but it’s only a fraction of the sensation I had previously. I noticed that strong sativa strains have
more of a psychëdëlıc effect then Indica strings. But to this day I have not found out what
that original strain was. Ever since I made that video about the definition
of machine elves many of you have been contacting me to say that you had the same psychëdëlıc
experience and it seems that it’s not just me and that many people can have a psychëdëlıc
trip without psychëdëlıcs. I would ask you to describe your similar experiences
in the comment section because I know that many of you have some additional information
that could be helpful. It would be nice to compare notes. From my experiments and the information I
gathered it seems that sativa strains and high levels of ŢHĊ are responsible for the
psychëdëlıc effect in wëëd. Also edibles have a completely different effect
than smoking. Prior to making this video I looked online
again to see what everyone says after 4 years and it seems that people are starting to realize
that this enthëogën can have a mind expanding effect and there is now plenty of articles
and reports confirming it. I even found some peer reviewed scientific
papers dealing with this issue. Here is my theory on why this plant can be
a psychëdëlıc. I believe our body is a consciousness filter
and substances like psilocybin switch off the mechanism responsible for blocking access
to our higher self or inter-dimensional communication. What I find interesting is that you need a
psychëdëlıc initiation first for gräss to have the this effect. It seems that psychëdëlıcs open some sort
of a gate that allows for the mind to be liberated from the physical limitations of the body. I need to explain that I myself, I’m not a
big fan of wëëd. I really love the relaxing properties of Indica
strains but I noticed that strong sativa strains can have a very detrimental effect on my emotions
and my sleeping patterns. Many recent studies have indicated that regular
consumption leads to behavioral and personality changes that have a negative effect on your
body. And because machine elves made it clear that
taking care of sanity is very important in this reality I would strongly suggest to limit
the amount of bud you smôke. I know it’s fun but I think we don’t fully
understand its effect on the human body and we’re only starting to discover how these
terpenes can help us. It is also important to watch your dosage
because smoking or consuming excessive mounts of wëëd can cause panic attacks, paranoia
and extreme depression, some of which can make you end up in an emergency room. I have seen it happen and I experienced some
of it myself. Remember that my psychëdëlıc wëëd trips
happened after one hit but that might be just me and my crazy sensitivity. I encourage you to experiment to see if you
can experience the same psychëdëlıc effects. Try meditating after smoking or eating brownies,
look into the hallucinogenic effects of various types of strains, try opening your communication
channel with a psychëdëlıc first and then experiment with pot. Some strains can have psychëdëlıc and hallucinogenic
properties. I would advise against mixing them as they
are too unpredictable on their own, let alone combined. Gräss has a lot of benefits and used responsibly
can be great. I’m really happy that the recent change in
legislation in many states and countries made it legal and I feel it is the first step in
also making psychëdëlıcs legal. There is a lot we don’t understand about the
chemistry of our bodies and if some of us can experience expansion of consciousness
using this plant it means that there is a big section of human biology that needs a
lot of attention. It is my goal to one day conduct a study finding
a correlation between psychëdëlıc states and wëëd. If you want to help me to get there quicker
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