Hello YouTube televiewers! I just felt like doing a little banknote bundle collection video. Those banknotes that I started collecting since 2009 Let us begin this one. Five Dollar New Zealand Five Pound Great Britain One hundred Kyat Myanmar Two thousand Kip Laos Twenty Dirham UAE (United Arab Emirates) Two thousand Peso Colombia One thousand Yen Japan One thousand Won South Korea One Ringgit Brunei Ten Francs Switzerland Five Dollar Australia Five Euro European Union One hundred Dollar Taiwan One Dollar USA (United States of America) Ten thousand Dong Vietnam Ten Dollar Hong Kong Twenty Baht Thailand One Ringgit Malaysia Two Dollar Singapore One hundred Piso The Philippines This is the previous series of Philippine Piso Banknotes Let us begin this Five Piso Ten Piso Twenty Piso Fifty Piso One hundred Piso Two hundred Piso Five hundred Piso and one thousand Piso Here are the another Two pieces of One Piso From the previous series This is One Piso from 1961 Here is the signature of previous president Macapagal And another one One Piso from 1967 Here is the signature of former president Ferdinand Marcos Finally, I presented those banknotes that I collecting in this bundles Please subscribe to my channel Thank you and MABUHAY!