Hello folks David here From NM Brief Relief & From NM gold and silver exchange just gonna Go a little bit more into What money is and what currency is and the difference between money and currency so money is Gold. money is Silver! Okay, so just so we all understand Money is Gold and Silver Okay, you got that? Gold & Silver is what money is. OK, got that? now currency is Paper. okay claim checks. a claim check on money And like I said the last video it’s more of a convenience Because you know money is heavy clunky can’t fold it imagine having 20 30 40 of these It be bad, but you have 20 of these. You know 20 of these is not as bad You could have a couple hundred of these it is not bad. imagine a couple hundred of these. Now okay, so Banks weren’t even needed banks turned or evolved from basic mints Goldsmith’s that were Making the gold coins and refining it and what not and and so Banks, I mean what do banks do banks? “River Banks” control the flow of the currency Okay Now listen to the words that are that we use every day in the real meaning to them. so the river banks control the flow of the Currency, okay and so the currency Can be inflated or deflated and that’s what the control of it. You can’t do that with and so what’s going on and why this all fell apart that the banks were able to So if one of these was in the bank one $20 gold one ounce coin Then they would produce one $20 gold certificate, okay Now what was what happened is that? The banks were started to print More certificates than they had gold and/or silver in the bank So what they started doing is it started printing? $50 for every 20 dollars in the bank Now it was a significant because this is where they started doing his build any money on loans out And they said loaning out these extra claim checks that they were printing and They didn’t have the gold or silver to back it up in the banks now if a bank run and people started going and said you know a lot of people started going and taking their “claim checks” and Say; “I want my gold! I want my money! I want my money!” and The bank ran out of money, then all the people who stayed holding those currency “claim checks” in their hand landed up losing The money that was in the bank because the bank didn’t have them. Like we saw earlier. This is the bank of Erie, Pennsylvania So let’s just say that you lived in Erie Pennsylvania you had all your Money Okay, you got all your real Gold and silver and the Bank of Erie the National Bank of Erie Pennsylvania and Everybody went Took there “claim checks” and when you went they were closed shut down and you were Stuck with a bill a paper currency that was value-less Because a bank was closed and was no longer open insolvent and so you lost your money And that’s why the third Reserve Bank became to be So they could try to just control that now how do they control that they control that by printing. more and more and more and more of these fancy looking papers, so If I try to pay you “Hey, thanks for that work you did for me. Here’s some paper” You know I don’t think you’re gonna accept this paper. Now. Why do we accept this fancy paper here? “Oh, yeah, I’ll accept that fancy green paper. It’s like keeping green. You know” And the reason is because That’s how the last hundred years have convinced us that this is money, but this is not money, this is currency one of the best like mike maloney says that when you take your Suit to the dry cleaners or whatever they give you a little slip saying, “okay when you come back bring your slip in” Give you a slip. say “ok. Hey. Here’s your slip come when your Suit your nice fancy silk suit will be nice and pressed and clean about three days” so you take your slip And then you come back with your slip, and you get your suit back now That’s what these are these are just “claim checks” This is just a “claim check” saying that I have my Suit (or my valuable) in the vault at the bank. Nice and safe! So if you and I hope I’m not going too fast here, and hope you folks are understanding but What’s hard to understand is like okay, Now they print more there. It’s not connected to silver and gold no more but they have printed I Think it’s eight hundred billion in Physical papers not including the digital which is a whole other video, but What happens is this is the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe from I think 2009 Or something like that, but this is the worst case of (Hyper) Inflation because this country printed so much money that they had to make a hundred trillion dollar bill So right now. I am a trillionaire look at that one bill, “hundred Trillion dollars” this is worth I think about 10 cents American (USD-$) money at the time at the time, it’s not worth anything at all period now But every single currency that is not backed or “attached!” To real money that they can just print as much as they want this happens to it eventually If you look at this this is an old bill this is from the Weimar Republic in Germany This is a $1 million mark banknote okay from the Weimar Republic in Germany. if you look it says “Berlin” “February” “1923” and so they had a hyperinflation there also where they printed & printed & printed & printed after World War one and and so No matter what Currency in the past it has all come to it’s intrinsic value of zero ($0). gold and silver No matter what will always always always have value to them aaaallllways Especially, in economic crisis is deflation or inflationary periods with our national Debt at over $21 trillion already and with the president signing in the one The $1.2 trillion dollars spending bill with $800 billion going to the Military alone This Looks like it’s not too far into our future So I hope I hope this video was educational If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up and share it if you believe this is informative and you want people to know let them see it let them see it share it and Click the subscribe button so that you can see future videos that I will be showing about silver Certificates (and Gold Certificates) and silver and the money that we’re using today excuse me the currency that were using today So we could start using the terminology correctly we use currency today click the no turkey notification button also so that you can get notified when I have these videos up and You too can become aware and start setting yourself up for the eventual collapse of our currency and and hyperinflation into this I hope you have a good day and See you in the next video. 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