Hello, I’m Daisy Cousens.
Welcome to This Week in Social Justice.
This week’s biggest and baddest social justice
fails include the
feminist incarnation of Monopoly where women
earn more than
men, the Now This video making the rounds
asserting that the word
“guys” is marginalising women, and depending
on how long I feel like
talking about the first two topics, we may
even get time for a bonus
Let’s get started.
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Believe it or not, just social justice has
hit the world of board games!
Everyone who hasn’t been living under a
rock for the entirety of their
lives will have at least heard of the game
For years it has
entertained and educated individuals on the
joys and pitfalls of being
a real estate mogul, and has also destroyed
its fair share of birthdays,
Christmases, and relationships in general.
Now, since the origin of the game can be traced
back to 1903, when
it was known as The Landlord’s Game, it’s
understandable the
distributors of the game, first Parker Bros,
and since 1991, Hasbro,
have had to jazz it up a bit over the years
to keep people engaged.
The UK and USA editions of the game were created,
along with a
number of spin offs like The World Edition,
the Ultimate banking
Edition, a regional Australia edition, and
to keep up with popular
culture, a game of Thrones Edition, Stranger
Things Edition and a
Deadpool edition.
Recently, however, Hasbro has outdone itself,
releasing none other
than Ms Monopoly; that is an edition allegedly
empowering women.
The game seeks to celebrate women trailblazers,
and Hasbro has
made a number of distinct changes to the game
in order to do this.
For example, the classic Monopoly man is replaced
by a dark haired,
ambitious-looking female.
Women players collect $240 Monopoly
bucks when they pass go, while men only collect
the usual $200, in
an attempt to flip the so-called gender pay
that…let’s just defer to Shoe0nhead for
a second, shall we?
Anyway, the game also replaces properties
with ground-breaking
inventions and innovations by women throughout
instead of building houses, you build business
Featured inventions include WiFi, chocolate
chip cookies, solar
heating and modern shapewear, all created
by women, to highlight
the contributions women have made to society.
In addition; unlike classic Monopoly, where
the goal is to be a real
estate mogul, the goal in Ms Monopoly is to
be an advocate whose
mission is to invest in female entrepreneurs.
Whatever that means.
Okay, so a few things on this.
It is very tempting in this situation to
jump to the most obvious conclusion; that
Monopoly is suffering
from get woke go broke syndrome.
By all accounts, it looks like our
beloved but self-esteem destroying board game
has capitulated to
the social justice hoards and is attempting
to go through a feminist
enlightenment to remain somehow acceptable
in the eyes of Twitter.
But here’s the thing; I don’t think this
is the case at all.
I am pretty
certain there’s no giant social justice
takeover of Hasbro; on the
contrary, they are simply responding to the
pop culture zeitgeist in
order to make money.
Brilliant, old-fashioned capitalism.
Why do I think this?
Well, unbeknownst to a lot of people,
Monopoly, or The Landlord’s Game, was actually
invented by a
woman named Lizzie Magie, an American anti-monopolist
created the game to explain Henry George’s
single tax theory.
designed it to illustrate the negative aspects
of concentrating land in
private monopolies.
So, right from the get go, the game wasn’t
designed to celebrate anything; it was to
ridicule and critique.
We can see this in incarnations like the Monopoly
Cheaters edition,
the cash grab edition, the pay day edition,
even the game of thrones
edition is sort of tongue in cheek.
Not only that, Monopoly recently
released a Monopoly Millennials edition, to
make fun, of, well,
Most pointedly, they also released a Socialism
edition, in which
players attempt to work together to make a
better community by
managing and contributing to projects such
as a no-tip vegan
restaurant, an all-winners school, or a museum
of co-creation.
However, they face obstacles like bad neighbours,
DIY community
projects going wrong, constantly voting to
shake things up, plus
there’s always an emergency that requires
dipping into the
Community Fund.
Players also only collect a $50 living as
they pass go, instead of the
traditional $200, and the game allows you
to steal resources from
fellow players if you perceive them to be
doing too well.
In other
words, it’s a giant way of taking the mickey
out of socialism.
Unfortunately, it was pulled from the shelves
after a collective freak-
out by idiots in the media and on Twitter
because they can’t take a
Which annoys me, because I really want to
play it.
Therefore, while Hasbro may have made this
feministy version, they
are nothing if not fair.
Everything they do with different incarnations
of the game seems to be tongue-in-cheek, while
always being light-
The company ultimately seems to just cater
for the many
and varied demographics that play Monopoly,
and the social justice
inclined are one of those demographics.
The only thing really that annoys me about
this is the implication
that a woman would rather invest in female
entrepreneurs than be a
real estate mogul.
I personally would much rather own a ton of
But then again, I am a filthy capitalist and
not a feminist, so
I am probably not their target market for
this version of the game.
So, I’m only going to give this a medium
social justice fail, mainly for
the fact they’re catering for the much-lied-about
gender pay gap.
Noted online heavily regressive-progressive
news and commentary
source Now This is at it again with a new
video featuring a feminist
scolding everyone for saying wrong words.
The latest gripe they have
is with the word “guys”.
…you can see where this is going.
Can’t you.
If she hadn’t lost me beforehand…she lost
me at gender non-
conforming folks.
Only according to feminists with nothing better
to quack on about it.
Literally nobody else cares.
First of all; if hearing a certain colloquialism
in greeting is enough to
disempower you from speaking your mind in
today’s age of equality
and empowerment for women and I guess the
confirming, then you have far greater issues
than you realise.
of all, stop judging the past by today’s
It achieves nothing,
and you can’t change it.
Also, the women this commentator is targeting
this video at were
not even born in the era she’s referring
How could they possibly
be affected by those social norms?
*Sigh* Carry on!
Well, at least she’s admitting their goal
is ultimately social
Okay, so you
get the picture.
Look, when I see these condescending,
preachy videos and commentary from these hardcore
leftists, I can’t believe how little they
have learnt from the 2016 US
It’s like they want Trump to win in 2020.
While this is not
true of all words, language evolves over time.
The word “guys” is,
generally, seen as more of a colloquialism
nowadays for a group of
people than a gendered term.
This is just an example of fourth wave feminists
themselves again; on the one hand they want
to be treated the same
as men, and on the other hand they demand
special treatment.
lack of self-awareness is hilarious.
Huge social justice fail on this one.
Bonus topic!
We have a bonus topic this week.
This doesn’t
necessarily have much to do with social justice,
but I know you will
all love it, so I think I need to include
The 2019 US Open has just
concluded, and the men’s champion is that
magnificent Spaniard
Rafael Nadal.
Who just happens to be my favourite person
in all the
Anyway, in an example of his sensational blend
of gentle
masculinity, this happened
a vast contrast to
screaming spat last year from Serena
Williams, who, upset she wasn’t winning,
tried to blame the fact the
umpire calling her out for bad behaviour on
So, while
the 2018 US Open will unfortunately be remembered
for that
tantrum, I’d say the 2019 tournament will
be remembered for,
among other things, this lovely display from
the truest of champions.