Welcome back to the channel everybody. Thank you so much for joining me today We’re going to take a look at a few different projects couple of updates and announcements Before that if this is your first time the channel hit that subscribe button below and you’ll get notified Every time a new video goes up So some updates first off I have decided after much Debate and after much pressure from Satoshi Shan I have decided to join EToro set up an account with them So over the next couple of weeks, I will show some trading there and show you exactly how the website works and give you my honest opinion – So that’s going to be interesting Next up II Myself and the aforementioned is Satoshi Sean. I’ve decided to join ad live Let’s do that. So D live is essentially a new streaming service We’re gonna be over there streaming a new show called drunk on crypto and It is going to be something different I can assure you that I Will emphasize towards and that is drunk and that is crypto So let your imagination run wild on tale we start stream and I think we’re gonna be streaming to Thursday nights There is a link in the description for the channel head over there and give us a follow really appreciate that So next up is moonbots, let’s take a look at this So moombas is a company that approached me a few weeks ago to try out there, but obviously it’s trading but so I said I take a look at it and They are marketing themselves as the most advanced trading bus terminal for crypto currency trading as you would expect Offering tick chart trading fasts manual scalping auto trade strategies theorem and trading view signals You can trade up to 40 pairs at a time. The phones are safe You connect through bit mix and balance via a P. I Remember never to allow withdrawals when you set up ap eyes And I said, you have the option for manual or automated shredding Now one of the Vantage’s our tech trading it is that it reflects in details smallest price fluctuations and displays each is executed or Now this is quite a complex, but I have looked at quite many parts over the last few months I often compare Butts to profit rate as well As one of the first ones I use and it’s one of them Once you get hang it with one of the easiest ones out there to use but also one of the most reliable Now we’ll do a full review of Moomba over the next few weeks. I’m currently testing it it does interest me quite a lot because it is aimed at a wide range of traders from the novice trader all the way up to the professional trader you can download the moon, but you can download the moon but Platform here, which I have done using moon, but there is a full tutorial section here how to set things up There’s a pro version and a free version and here is the moon but I Just look very fancy at all the bells and whistles, but it just have the tone of settings in here If you start off with the login section where you connect to either exchange bit mix or balance? obviously setup with you ap I Once you get that set over this is where you set up your different trading preferences So this is where you set up your stop losses your trailing stops You take profits that anything and you can have very precise settings that reflect your style of trading You can also Connect to signal groups on telegram. This is becoming something that is getting more and more popular I’ve seen a lot of this happening lately. Do you have tree signal challenge in here already? Which I’ve checked out and they’re very very busy Challenge with someone I’ve over ten twelve thousand people in there Now the thing about signal channels connected to telegram they’re getting as I said They’re getting more popular and the exchanges are watching for pump and dumps Just something to be aware of all about settings are all set up in here or detection more advanced settings here User interface what you like to see hotkeys Auto Start and settings wizard So again, so as you see there is a ton of stuff around mooom But like I said, I am going to run this over the next few weeks and put it through the middle There is a link to the website in the description if you want go and check them out So it’s a quick update today not really that much happening and most certain thing for me I think is the D live the new channel drunk on crypto VII is going to be Funny to say the least and I’m actually really looking for you in my teeth in Thoreau I have a number of videos lined up for next week and one more thing if you haven’t done so already you check out our Group, its crypto. You’ll find the legendary Satoshi Shawn over there and much much more The link to the telegram group is in the description So I hope to see you guys over there That reduces for today’s video if you liked it hit the like button if you didn’t like it It’s a dislike button here ever watching and I will see you again soon You