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September the 19th 2017 strong hand long-term thinking buy and hold be a 20
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right now everyone knows my Tresor I his nickname is a ted dibiase maybe that’s
his real name I don’t know anyway you know it was said the great Bobby the
brain Heenan died the other day speaking of wrestlers anyway here here is my
Tresor with it’s a beautiful leather case
so remember uh I’m getting pumped tomorrow is era of Russia Shana I will
do and show an afternoon hopefully but then Thursday there’s not going to be a
show because of Russia China will be back late on Friday for this week in
Bitcoin and I’m finalizing everybody that’s supposed to be on that show on
Friday alright so yeah there we go uh and also something’s weird with my chat
today I can’t chat with anyone after the show I’m sorry I can see the chat but
something’s weird with YouTube but hey have fun in there guys
I can’t come I can’t talk to you afterwards so I have started to use the
segue addresses I just wanted to make that announcement the segment addresses
that you’re gonna see like in your Tresor or wherever way in my trays or
they start with a three so you should use them also and of course I know there
were other addresses to start with three before the segue didn’t did it that way
we’re not gonna get into all the technical details just know if you see
that three address it’s probably a segment address so have fun play around
I have started to it’s my creds or with it’s a crypto hwl
case all right so we’re gonna talk a lot about about crypto dividends today
because I’d like to talk about them and you know uh people like to get free uh
crypto dividends they like to get free new coins just by holding you know man
buying hold it’s lucrative dudes alright so the first act is first update is the
community activated hard fork of aetherium some people call it a theory
and 3 some people call it CHF they have a Twitter account live now it’s simply
OPC a hf ID link to it below apparently the hard fork in aetherium
might happen on October the 9th the etherium people are going to make the
official announcement soon though so these other guys that are going to
continue on and and do this a theory of number 3 or whatever you want to call it
continue the the proof of work well that that’ll happen around that I guess so
stay tuned but you can check out their Twitter below found that like button
live viewers alright and non live viewers – so Andy Hoffman now everyone
knows that andy hoffman has his own page now crypto gold central calm and you can
sign up for that become a member they’ve got a 7 day free trial over there and I
was checking it out and you like post like six articles a day it’s great stuff
I mean maybe even more than that and but he was talking about crypto dividends I
really like the article it’s what’s it the unknown but payable now Bitcoin
crypto dividends and the upcoming be gold bonanza alright so check that out
everybody loves Andy from his mild Franklin Miles Franklin days he is
hardcore into Bitcoin now people and I’m glad he’s talking about the crimp of
dividends a lot of people are speaking of bit okay bit core a lot of people
have contacted me about this I think I have a best marketer a big core out
there and I’m just like some do with a channel that’s just trying to
relay the news the people they got to work on the marketing here big core
people I know you’ve retweeted me today and stuff maybe you’re watching you guys
got it if you guys just spread the word there are a lot of people interested
trust me they’re contacting me and that what I’m about to say isn’t their fault
now uh blockchain got info now remember I tell people you’ve got to control your
own private keys stored on your storage device your Bitcoin but if you happen to
be storing your bitcoins on blockchain got info back before whatever the day is
April 26th or April 24th whatever the snapshot day is for big core you are
able to at blockchain that info they have that uh what’s the option the the
signed verify option there so you can you can claim you can use blocking that
info to help you get your big core in other words if you had Bitcoin there
before April 26 yeah you’re going to be able to get big core so that is an
anomaly there of without controlling your private key but uh some
unfortunately some people that use the ledger the ledger series yeah that
you’re not able to verify and sign their sign and verify their okay so you’re not
gonna be unfortunately it appears if you have a ledger product and someone told
me this is true with keep key also and you should boycott keep key because the
shapeshift owns it now but um I’d forgotten to say that but yeah you’re
not gonna be able to get your Bitcoin again big core is just worth about five
or six dollars now everything you have until November second to do it but it
looks like if you had your Bitcoin at the your net ledger nano or any ledger
you’re not going to be able to get your big core and I did look into this that
this because you cannot assign and verify sign and verify is the the
important thing that you need and Trez or you can baby man it was easy
and by the way yeah and I’m sure you can do it blockchain that info also so I’m
sure if you had your bitcoins blockchain that info or your trays or
before April 26 whatever it is you can get your big core okay big core guys
dudes you guys got it you got to your own horn here I’m giving you way too
much time but good luck hey man free free stuff it’s good so be gold the
I got a message from someone over there the fork snapshot date is October 1st
and the target launch date when people can claim their btg is November 1 all
right so again you need to if you want to have be gold
you got a you’ll get as many whenever they let you claim it which might not be
till November first apparently you got a hat October 1st is the day they take the
snapshot and as many Bitcoin as you have on October 1st is as many be gold as
you’re entitled to and yes they are working on getting that web page updated
speaking of marketing yeah that needs to be done so remember people remember to
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Rosh Hashanah all right so but every other Thursday of
course so yeah there’s new China flood out there I didn’t talk about this at
first but it is big there it who knows if it calls the big coin drop today and
who really cares because again we’re all long-term holders or thinking long term
and in the short term we’re enjoying these crypto dividends hey that’s a
really good way of thinking about it to keep you occupied during this wait to
the long term whether you’re waiting to twenty twenty twenty twenty four twenty
twenty eight twenty thirty to whatever you’re gonna be happy by getting these
crypto dividends but anyway going back to the the issue here there’s an article
out there and Vinny Ling had actually retweeted this people were accusing him
of all sorts of stuff for retweeting this I’m not but China bans Bitcoin
executives from leave the country miners preparing for the
worst okay so that sounds like pure unadulterated fudge right there doesn’t
it we’ll see I mean and we all know I mean
if you watch the site when Simon Dickson was on this channel on Saturday and
watch that show because that was freaking awesome
he’ll be back again soon enough um he warned us of the worst okay okay so um
it shouldn’t shock you if that’s true if he doesn’t chew I don’t know but that
might be why there’s been a little bit of a dip here today tonight whatever you
want to say and people like but I mean I can’t ignore something that I know I’m
not gonna pretend like I didn’t read this thing so there you go
it’s linked to below always check out the link section below all right so
being cashed that crypto dividend the originator reminds me of outside anyway
so yeah it it pumped today it really pumped today and oh you might have
noticed it like everything else was dumping a Bitcoin was dumping all the
major all coins was dumping it was at Elliott it almost seemed like there was
some major dude out there selling his big going and selling his – and selling
his Z cash or whatever he might have said that he ever owned
and but who does it it just might be coincidence but what isn’t a coincidence
I think is that right now over in Hong Kong there is a conference starting by
bit can i link to it below I’ve discussed it before it basically is a be
cash punk fest okay it’s cults I mean I don’t even know I’ve heard the name of
it Simon Dixon is there he’s gonna report
from there and we’ll find out what’s really going on soon enough and but
there’s no doubt that there’s going to be a lot of pumping coming from this a
peak ash festival over in Hong Kong okay so expect the price to go up because
they’re gonna be I mean the first three speakers are like the Holy Trinity of
B cash you’ve got um king of the trolls you’ve got rocket man whoo and you’ve
got a you know the Belizean drug lord what’s that belizean mcafee that uh you
know some of you are like you asked me if what did I you know what do you think
of what McAfee just said dude it’s like what do I think about what the crazy guy
in the whole foods parking lot in West LA just said I mean it I think of like
what McAfee says that the same level of that guy I mean they’re probably used
the same amount their brains have been busted by drugs the same way so uh yeah
those three members of the Trinity of uh of be cash or whatever of coffee they’re
gonna be speaking it’s the first three right off the bat over there so don’t
worry they’ll be pumping it up getting various people who aren’t familiar with
the English language to buy this up and yeah whatever so expect some be cash
pump hey whatever dude take it a stride but maybe they’ll be dumping their
bitcoins you know it’s always a coordinated attack or something like
that it seems like yeah I think they all deny at one time they worked friends or
something you know whatever um maybe they didn’t they tried to be not there
so clearly working together I mean I don’t think it’s even I mean they’re
hanging out anyway going on on a little bit of a tangent there so let’s think
iner today about newbies and how things change so fast so the next thing the
next thing I’m gonna talk about are our memories and it’s just remember last
summer I wonder how many of you remember this I don’t think many of you remember
this maybe my people who watch this channel you guys are uh you’re you’re
you’re not new many of you aren’t newbies many of you were vet so I’m
gonna give you some credit here the very last summer-like tone Vaes and the
battle he had with steam it so steam it was the hottest thing last summer for
like a week or two and you had people like buying it up like Steam which you
should never do never buy steam at like five dollars and stuff well anyway tone
was just ripping into it and he had like a series of debates in all this I mean
he was most hated man in steamin and then it
was just it got played out to a point where you know tone just I mean it was
like it was old it was just old after a while
and here Joe did you know he did it he did what he did and everything I’m not
dissing tone what I am think what I think it’s funny is it how just like a
month or two you have all these people who have no clue about that who weren’t
around and are now like by steam is so great this demon is the new and we and a
lot of people join steam it which is good which is good I you know I was not
on tones tone was saying steam it I think he said steam it was a scam and
now no steam it is not a scam now steam the cryptocurrency world out
back then it was especially a hyperinflationary they’ve changed some
things about it us since then but it’s just funny like we lived through things
twice in this space now because we just went through this all this uh all these
newbies thinking steam was the hottest thing and we were just through this in
September of 2000 2016 and yeah and how things have changed because um you know
now at least people who are smart in the space are very familiar with tone veins
and they you know there’s not much talk about his oldest the vets remember him
talking about all that stuff but there’s all these other people that they don’t
know him from they’re just like he’s a guy that tells me about the charts or
whatever I know he talked about steam ones oh I like that steam haha okay so
three hundred thousand I have a video from June the 9th 2016 it’s titled
Bitcoin could turn 300,000 North Americans into millionaires will you be
one of them and it’s actually a popular I know it gets a lot of hit still and
yesterday we talked about a guy that was on MSNBC or CNBC or whatever CNBC and he
was talking about how there’s only 300,000 people that have over one
Bitcoin which might not be correct I don’t know how he got that number but
it’s funny you know he used the 300,000 number and I coincidentally use that
number over a year ago also in the the summer was actually the spring of 2016
and it’s really fun because I said again the title was
Bitcoin could turn 300,000 North Americans into millionaires will you be
one of them and I wonder since then because I know for a fact that people
had been turned into Bitcoin millionaires since then I wonder how
many have since then and how many watched my video and how many you know
made a play because in the in the video I say get enough Bitcoin to be a
millionaire and trust me I know I know that people did that or had a plan that
people had a plan anyway so Ted DiBiase i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister this
surrett – remember subscribe this channel like this video pound that like
button I wish I could talk to you guys in the chat right now something is
freakin wrong with YouTube again see ya