well with this implementer will not it
so that the money won’t be reinstated is
that is that a possible option I think
all options are possible why we’re
undergoing them and then just lastly in
this it appears to since the first
reports came out and the suspension was
announced it has come out that the this
this organization that was getting US
taxpayer money was some of the people
that it was attacking worked for US
taxpayer funded organizations is that in
any way appropriate again the the GAC
found that their implementer went beyond
the scope of their contract and that’s
why their contract has been suspended
they’re under a review and the gets
leadership has of course spent time and
had a meeting with them to outline
initially what they did that won’t be on
this work I think that’s well what are
they gonna do not specifically in this
what you’re gonna do to make sure this
doesn’t happen in the future with this
or any other project whether it’s the
GAC or any other institution within the
Department of State we work judiciously
to review what our implementers and
contractors do around the world we have
a variety of mechanisms including the IG
which does its own internal reviews for
every contract that the State Department
produces and we’ll follow the same
guidelines with a gap see the Chinese
Foreign Ministry’s office in Hong Kong
has issued a formal protest over a
reported meeting between US consular
officials in the city and opposition
figures mm-hmm the statement man of the
u.s. explained the purpose of the
meeting and a quote immediately cease
interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs do
you have anything on that meeting and in
reaction to that how did you
characterize the first sentence can you
say that again it was the Chinese
Foreign Minister my office in Hong Kong
but how did but what did you say that
they issued a you said read your first
statement again formal protest yeah I
Morgan Ortagus SAVAGE Moments 2019 – State Department Briefing Today
pictures names of their children I don’t
think that that’s a formal protest that
is what a thuggish regime would do
that’s not how a responsible nation
would would behave releasing any of that
personal information of an American
diplomat is completely unacceptable
that’s not a protest that’s what a
thuggish regime does and it’s
direct okay just to clarify um what
exactly was different than what the
agreements that were nearly reached in
December on this the the the secretary
didn’t mention any points that were
actually different I don’t think that’s
fair I mean I think that he mentioned a
number of points the president has
tweeted about it as well and we
certainly laid out the joint declaration
which was released Friday night the ways
in which that the US and Mexican
government would be working together as
I just said I think at the top this is
the be the largest ever deployment of
Mexican security forces to its southern
Morgan Ortagus SAVAGE Moments 2019 – State Department Briefing Today
operational control of its southern
border of Mexico is committed but how
does that differ from December this is
what I’m telling you you can interrupt
but the answer will be the same