hey guys it’s Rob from Rob finds
treasure I get kind of a little multi denomination hunt going on here
got a couple thousands in 20s a thousand in tens fifteen hundred in fives
two hundred in no two fifty in twos and then 150 in ones and then I spent a
little bit money because I pulled out 5k so it’s about 5k roughly ish I’m a little
excited cuz they got a third of my twos are circulated but we got some new ones
and I don’t know the numbers on them yet probably not gonna be good
the rest are all circulated I managed to scrounge up a thousand intends I’ve
never done a thousand intense other than having half a new or mostly new and then
we got some other circulating bills here this is a lot to go through so how I’m
gonna do it is I’m just gonna hunt the stacks at a time I’ll start with the
twos I’m just gonna hunt the stacks at a time and I’ll just share the finds of
you at the end unless I’m hunting and something
ridiculous appears before my eyes I’ll just give you a recap after every stack
and as always at the end of the video if I find any star notes will check their
rarity and I’ll give you an update on that as well without further ado I’m
gonna start with the twos well I got my first $2 star now guys and look at that
serial number zero zero zero four zero two one nine I’ll take it – no nine you
know I’ve got 376 bills here those are my older two dollar bills ones in
terrible condition nothing fancy about the serial numbers on these but it’s
will always take some 1976 series two dollar bills but look at that lets darn
note we’ll pull it aside I’ll fill you in on all my fines later as far as
rarity improvements sweet unbelievable a few bills later another star note 2013
series zero zero three nine zero zero one five that’s two two guardstar notes
I had none now I’ve got two well let’s keep looking
alright the twos are done to start oats three 1976 series bills
not a bad start let’s move on to the 168 and ones I believe it is going through
the ones got our first start oh oh six nine seven seven seven eight five put it
there and get back to the hood I’m just
showing you this because I think it’s kind of interesting look at this the
first four are 1 2 1 1 so it starts with the 1 goes up by one to make it to then
goes back down by one twice the second for do the same thing so 3 then a 4 then
the 3 3 so I don’t know it’s well it’s not really that fancy but it’s kind of
cool that it goes 1 2 1 1 3 4 3 3 I’m gonna pull it aside and feel out the
market for that one just because I’m not quite sure but I think it’s pretty cool
well let’s keep looking here just starting that strap of once again and
another star note 1 1 6 5 9 4 9 3 we’ll take it we’ll add it to the star notes
and guys this is really driving me crazy these back and forth ones I mean who
does that let’s get back to the hon have I hit the
strap there’s star note we’ll take it one two six five three three three eight
makes three star notes and the one so far what do you know a backwards and
upside-down bill well let’s get back to the hunt all done with the ones three
star notes a couple of but well I got a trinary and kind of an odds
Seren over that I’ll probably hold on do and a pre two thousand dollar bill 1999
series so with that done let’s go ahead and move on to the 10th so I’m hunting
the tens it’s always good to see an old ten look at that 1990 we’ll take it
oh six oh six four oh one six almost a trinary – not too bad and we just
finished pulling out the series before the older series 19.99 got a lot of
trying areas right here so far and kind of a low kind of a cool serie de rusha
not that low but pulled it out hi gonna stuff it back in let’s keep looking
don’t start notes yet knocked out the tens I put that somewhat cool settling
her back kept a couple of the older series bills and we got three trine Ares
as you can see nothing awesome but they’re trying Aires oh I’m blind as
a bat that’s not a trying to to try Nerys uh let’s get the twenties done
nothing now let’s search the fives going through the fives just pulled out this
older series five and bold we got a start up not the best-looking not start
up but start out nonetheless let’s set it there and let’s get back to looking
got us another star note so we will add this star note to the other start of it
that we got and keep looking I know I’m silly guys but I have been searching for
a bill that either starts with 867-5309 and n to the zero or preferably starts
with 0 8 6 75 309 for the song but we got close 8 6 75 300 4 I just want to
share with you because I’m always on the lookout working on that final bunch of
fives here and we got ourselves another star note put that with the start ups
and keep looking at backwards notes alright you finished the fives got a
stack of older bills got a couple of possible keepers this is a reverse
birthday note 1976 February 17th that’s kind of a low serial number zero zero
zero zero forty seven forty two and then we got three star notes in those stacks
so what I’m going to now is get the star notes with the other star notes that
I’ve pulled aside with the twos and the ones we’ll check the rarity and I’ll
give you a wrap-up alright guys all these star notes up here are duds
when I say dad’s they’re part of at least a 3.2 million print run this
specific $2 bill star note is actually part
a five hundred and twelve thousand print one kind of cool so it’s pretty rare
this two-dollar start out is part of a six hundred and forty thousand print run
so it’s you know midway through the rarity level and then this five-dollar
start oh it’s kind of cool it’s not super rare anything that but it’s part
of a million and twenty four thousand per and only so first I have in that
series for that print run million twenty four so these three are the only ones
that are off the bottom of the rare scale this one being the most rare right
in the middle right below the middle and about a third of the way up the rarity
scale still cool finds I always enjoy adding star notes to my collection
we actually ended up adding quite a bit you know I’ll take it
we got three four five six seven eight star notes out of that search if you
enjoyed the video please give the video a thumbs up and as always thanks for
watching everyone