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Hey, today I want to tal to you about My Favorite Team In The World Cup (Nigeria)
My Favorite Team In The World Cup (Nigeria)
Now when we talk about the Philippines , you understand,
this is a country that
Guys will say tht this is the history for all the team not only me.
So I think it is a very goo oportunity for us.
to win and we have never won against Argentina.
In a competing tournament like this.
So for me winning against them would be a very good motivation for the team.
One of the most favorite sports in the Philippine is footbal.
Now when I say football, I’m actualy taking about for those of you that are Americans
Soccer. In the USA we call football, soccer.
And in the Phlippines and other countries of Asia and of the world
They call soccer, football.
Now, I like Nigeria.Nigeria has been to the World cup
I think about four of the last World Cups, they have been in it.
And they ave always had a cery strong team.
I’m looking forward to the matchup between
Nigeria and Argentina that;s coming up.
II’m looking for Ngeria to pull it out.
And I’m going to go out on a limb here and say
Nigeria is going to beat Argentina by 2-1
That’s my prediction.
Now, in the Philippines
They don’t have a football team that represents them in the World Cup
Now football is a huge sport here.
But unfortunately they don’t have a team
That’s able to represent them in the World Cup.
So I;m praying that one day thy’ll have a team in the World Cup and I can root for that team.as well.
So, here’s the question of the day.
For thos of you that follow the World Cup
and follow football around the world, What is your favorite team in the world cup and why?
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