This is my new Mobile sim But recharging them through such kiosks is not easy as all the instructions are in local language You need to take help from a local to understand them These kiosks belongs to third parties, so they charge 5% extra This is how Panfilov street looks on Sunday night I have recharged my sim for 2 GB internet data, valid for a week though I am going to stay here for 2 days I paid 300 for sim and 500 for the recharge I have got data and a few minutes of talk time in these 500 Tenge I have finished 1000 Tenge which I withdrew from Airport’s ATM Now I am going to withdraw some more money ATM was charging 1000 Tenge as commission I need 5000 Tenge I got a good rate. Debited less than 1000 Rs for 5000 Tenge I use a debit card from Axis Bank I had a visa card earlier, now I have Mastercard I am going to purchase a few things from this supermarket i purchased these things for Rs 385 (1,986 Tenge) Now I am going back to Hotel Ramada its 9 am I am going to have breakfast Breakfast is available from 6 to 10 am By paying 1 USD (around 70 Rs) I got the hotel stay, pickup and breakfast its cheaper than a Hostel These are the vegetarian options in breakfast This a local speciality its 3:40 pm I checked out at 12 pm but I was editing a video in hotel’s lobby Internet speed was very good in this hotel Thereafter I did a basic research on internet for making today’s plan Today i am going to stay with a couchsurfing host in Almaty Tomorrow I have to leave for Istanbul That is bus 99 and I have to catch 48 I have got the bus number 48 This is going to be my first bus journey in Almaty He just keeps the money. Does not gives a tickets I gave him 200. He returned 50 Tenge This is equivalent to our 10 INR Before taking this seat I offered the girl to sit, but she refused So don’t blame me for not offering a seat to a lady This bus reminds me of the passengers I met in the bus in Novosibirsk, Russia The passengers here are also warm & friendly like those passengers I am feeling good in Kazakhstan.. Almaty … The Culture, people, language… are quite similar to Russians Journalists get a different visa, whereas I have come here as a tourist, so shouldn’t say that I am a reporter I saw this hotel on Air Astana’s Stopover holidays webpage Thats Hotel Kazakhstan Now I have to catch bus 12 This is the way for Medeu and Shymbulak But no clue about the bus stop Those who were comparing USA with Russia… let me tell you… There is a cultural difference between USA and Russia Due to the comparison you found people in USA were not warm like Russians But you’ll find the Russian effect here. Kazakhstan used to be a part of Russia (USSR) It was one of the countries which got separated from erstwhile USSR When you feel someone is insisting on selling you something… Though he was a gentleman. he didn’t insist but in those cases you behave like you dont understand the language. Start talking with him in your own language this is how you can ignore them Probably Onay card is used on this device 1 ticket for 200 Tenge Let me show you the bus I am going to sit on these seats This is Medeu A popular Ice Skating rink.. but only during winters Feeling good in Mountains This is a wedding shoot This bus is full. next will come after 20 minutes. Bus fare=300 Tenge
Cable car (funicular) fare= 1500 Tenge I wanted to sit in the front Finally got a seat in the front I heard this word in Russia I can not understand whatever you are saying I spoke these Russian words after 11 months