All right, let’s do this again, man take two I just did a video and it took me like 20 minutes it was a twenty-one minute video and I did not have my mic hooked up and so the video was amazing and you Couldn’t hear me so anyways take two I got my mic going right now. I’m checking my levels alright We’re good. Check check check check check okay? Anyways without further ado sorry about the clickbait title but then again, man. I’m doing you guys a favor I’m giving you guys a really really big gem right now, and at least watch the video I did watch the video man, so I appreciate you guys tuning in make sure you hit subscribe make sure you notification bell and stay tuned man because I’m I’m Relentlessly looking for information and as soon as I get Viable information, I’m not gonna just you know soon as I come across something. I’m like I’m gonna give it to you guys No, I gotta make sure it’s legit, and then that’s what I’m gonna Give it to you guys man, but anyways I came across this channel a lot of you guys might know what it is But I didn’t know what it is And I’m you know doing really big things, so Maybe one person in my channel that watches this video doesn’t know who they are so this is what we’re going to talk about There’s two kids like seventeen year old kids or whatever junior quad They’re brothers, so I don’t think they’re both seventeen, but there’s two kids junior garage, man This is their main channel seven 150,000 followers subscribers on their main YouTube page They gotta have a garage. They have Lamborghinis Ferraris Tesla’s whatever the case might be they have everything People are hating on them of course people hate their success these guys are saying that they have their own business online business that Supplies them with all these cars Most likely they’re just rich kids that you know whatever the case might be or these are probably other people’s cars Whatever the case might be doesn’t really matter the point is these guys have 750 thousand followers anyways so the whole cryptocurrency craze And they created a new channel. Oh, I didn’t open up the channel called Junior business as you can see it right here junior business is a new channel and On this one they have a hundred and forty three thousand Subscribers on this channel alright, so this is what they’re doing To right here the videos right here two days ago. I came across this video, and it said Pack coins and the next big that’s the next best thing buh-buh-buh-buh-buh buhbuh so I watched the video that started looking into it and these guys They have a hundred and forty-two thousand follow now a hundred forty three thousand followers And they have 142 thousand views on this pack coin video so a lot of these people jumped on the crew topia and bought the coin that they talked about and And pumped through the hell up and I mean Twelve hundred percent one thousand two hundred and something percent, so I I was watching and I was like man I was about time. I saw the video about time. I got into it. I was like It’s a little too late. You know I mean so I was like I’m gonna wait Subscribe to them I had the notification bell, so this way it’ll notify me when they post again well They post it again last night, and they’re like man. I got we got so much feedback about You know what coins are next I’m gonna die so yesterday They came out with the video, and they talked about five coins. You know I mean, but one of them They really really they really like like said this is our favorite one This is like the smallest smallest coin you’re gonna make the most return On the coin, so this is the coin to talked about and this is yesterday’s video right now is January 8th Excuse me right now at the moment is January 8th, and it’s 254 in a p.m.. In the PM, California Times raining outside the beautiful day out there So that the January 7th this was posted last night about eight o’clock in the PM So it’s not even been 24 hours and the main coin. They talked about was the FS coin. This is their video right here junior business This is their video I stopped it right here because to show you what this coin was at the time that they recorded the video alright The FS coin was the first one. I talked about they really pumped it up and it’s zero point zero five five cents at the time alright and Market, the ranked market cap ranked seven and ninety one all right so check this out They posted this video about eight o’clock last night. It is 255 p.m.. Right now the next day As I’ve been 24 hours, and this what happened with DFS DFS coin right now currently on coin market Capcom it is twelve hundred Percent it has grown twelve hundred percent ladies and gentlemen they did this with Pat coin they they’re doing this with this coin and It’s just crazy. You saw it was trading for five cents in the video in The video they were trading for five cents now, it’s training for 60 cents. You know I mean so last night I was at a comedy show so I got the alert when I was at the show I came home for hours later After they posted the video, and I jumped on here And I’m like let me see what they’re talking about and this was at six hundred percent And I was like oh, man I don’t know if I want to get into this But I was like you know what you know what screw it last time the Pat coin went up to 1500 I believe it was percent And I was like I was only a 600 so maybe let’s say it goes to a thousand percent I’ll make a little bit of money. It’s all good So I did it. I did it. I jumped in at 600 percent and look at that now It’s doubled his double since when I log that I went into it four hours after the video The Pat coin last time. Let me show you guys the Pat coin the PAC one last time okay? It kind of had a three day Like jump, I guess you can say as you can see here. They posted the video had the big jump. Let’s do a Seven day here because it was a couple days ago Okay do one day. I like I kinda like that now seven days has to be seven days Okay, so they posted the video to two days ago on the fifth seventh or something like that so you see right here January 5th Look where it was that. It was kind of going up This is where they posted the video and boom is this way it went up, so I went from January 5th so I went from 0 0 0 0 0 9 of a fucking 100 thousands of a cent or some shit like that and end up going to that the highest point Right here to like 3 hundreds of a cent something like that this give a percentage doesn’t give a percentage, but it went up like fifteen fifteen hundred percent It’s completely like total and this is a span of like three days right here as you can see now is just training sideways Time to worry where it was before the hype happened, okay, that’s the pack coin That’s one that I saw I didn’t really want to post the video about it because I was like you know These guys are just doing it Maybe it’s a fluke or whatever the case might be as you can see as I’m making this video. This is still growing It’s at 13 you see you’re seeing it right here live on not your average TV. It is still growing Let me make sure I’m recording this because it’s good stuff. Yep. We’re recording. I have audio This is amazing as you can see it is growing but in front of our very eyes I mean so anyways the the the source that I’m talking to you guys about is Jay our business these guys Are or Whatever. They are whether they’re fake that they don’t really have a business like that or whatever the case might be but these guys are They have a following and they have 143 thousand followers subscribers or whatever you want to call them their videos are getting this video is a hundred and four thousand views and Growing as you can see people are buying is growing in front. You know you’re seeing this grow. I’m not making this up again. I Thought when I was happening with Pat coin I wanted to see it happen again before I’m telling you guys because I want to be the guy that gives you guys the right Information not just like oh my god. This is hype and there it is you see it right here They pumped a couple other coins Nobel was another one that I got into I Wanted to spread it out a little bit. They gave us five coins as you can see Noble is up 80 80 percent You see the spike you guys see the spike the video was dropped yesterday spike Let’s see what other one. They gave Linda. I check this out. Yes earlier today. They didn’t this one didn’t really do well, but again PFS noble were the first two that they talked about And then Linda was kind of like this I think the third one or whatever so this one had a little little bit of a spike coming back down They talked about panda panda coin Talked about that one That one’s down, but they all have spikes. You know I mean they they all have spikes like that from here they all have spikes, and it’s you know quit incidence that it has to do with this video, but Going to the comments. I see most eighty percent of the people we’re talking about DFS here you go again. That was a 14% 14% ladies and gentlemen you’ve seen you’re seeing it grow hundreds of a percent in this video that I’ve only been doing for Nine minutes anyways man. That’s it. That’s what it is. I don’t want to get into too too long in the video Giving you guys your information one thing that I really want to know from you guys man Because this video is for you guys You know as soon as I get information that I think is viable and I think it’s amazing I’m gonna tell you guys because I felt like when I was going through my journey and cryptocurrencies like I Had to get like a little bit information from this channel from this channel from this channel from this website From this place from this place from this place. I put it all together I’m like okay make sense now So I was like let me make a channel where I can just give you guys all the information that you possibly need go back To my room I pick my own My cryptocurrency playlist and you can see from the beginning how to buy how to buy a Bitcoin how to keep it secure Which is another thing that I’m gonna be talking about real soon Again is security. You know we were here We’re trying to make money, but once you make your money once you have all these coins. What do you do with them? I mean so I mean we’re talking about a bunch of different wallets I I just bought a hardware wallet and nano s Hardware wallet from Amazon. Um the link is down there, too If you guys want to get your own Although make up on the bottom our affiliate links am I asking you guys for money But if you guys do get into these different Platforms or buy if you’re gonna buy it anyway Use my affiliate link I get a percentage of what you get but it’s no extra cost to you You pay the regular price, and I get a little bit of a bonus, and I mean so I’m not gonna. Ask you guys yeah, give me money as information, but if you guys want to help out We’ve got links at the bottom And again this coin right here. You can get in crypto piya last thing. I heard is crypto piya again I I’m pretty sure it’s because of these guys is videos Crypto Pia is getting so much so flooded with people signing into it that they weren’t accepting any more Registrations as of right now, but you know I know that this coin is also on coin exchange The links are in the subscription make sure you hit those links if you guys aren’t ready are Aren’t already signed in so crypto Pia is the main one coin exchange? Is another one? So yeah, man, this is this is information that I have for you guys Let me just refresh this one more time 14:45 it hasn’t really grown, but you see it you see right here last night. It was at 600 it’s more than it’s more than doubled since last night and It’s still going up so one thing that I want to know from you guys Two things real quick before I get out of here. I know I talk a lot I Don’t know what to do yet, I found this channel I’m investing in what they’re saying it’s making amazing returns, but most likely. This is coin is gonna crash You know just because that’s just the nature of this pump it which spikes so much It’s definitely gonna crash is it gonna go back to where it was I don’t think so, but it’s definitely gonna crash a lot You know I mean, so I’m but this DFS. Coin is a I think it I think it’s a pretty decent coin And it’s getting into fantasy sports Stuff like that so that you know what it wants to be a coin a fantasy sports stuff like that um That’s what that’s what they were talking about in the video and I don’t know if I want to keep it for the long run or Sell it now and then wait for it to go down and then spy it down here so I can make that profit I really don’t know how to trade coins. There’s something that I’m learning as well and So yeah, let me know. What do you think I should do should I sell it right now or probably wait? I probably wait till tonight Let it go up as high is it gonna go Pat coin like I said, we’re not fifteen hundred percent. This one’s almost there and we’ll see what happens but Let me know should I trade it comment below, please and another thing too tomorrow finally I bought Bitcoin about a week and a half ago $300 worth because I wanted to do something I want to compare something for you guys You know most channels like the big channels that are cryptocurrency you’re talking about big connect talking about hash flip But there’s other lending programs called dab recording some like that and I wanted to invest $250 in the diver coin because why I invested into bit Connect 250 250 and to show you guys you know which one’s a better Investment for you guys to get into but now that I found this channel Davor coin at max gives you a 2% average daily This right here once these guys release the video gives you a fourteen hundred percent return Every time they post the video, and so I bought I bought I bought like what $20 worth of DFS last night So I’m not really that invested into it. You know. I probably made 20 bucks out of like you know Well obviously I made more because it doubled so I made about 30 bucks does it say 30 bucks You know I mean all my money. That’s not bad. I mean I made $10 more on my money but whatever the case might be They if I just say I invested $300 You know I mean um so let me know but let me know in the comments below if you guys want me to trade using the more money and Trade these coins, or you want me just to get into that recording and kind of see where that leads as well But anyways man, I’m gonna get out of here before this video gets too much longer. Thank you guys for tuning in man I hope this helps make sure you subscribe to them hit the notification bill because you definitely want to get into their um – into their pics as soon as they put them out so that these are the pics from today again you see DFS doing amazing and I’m glad that I got into it. Okay. Thank you guys not your average TV Your boy mullinski make sure you subscribe get the notification bell man because I’m going to be talking about You know anything that I come across it I think is viable I think that’s cool for you guys to to know I’m gonna let you guys know as well all right Man appreciate you guys tune in to the next one make sure you tune in the next one I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. I’m super excited. I don’t know what’s going on DFS coin Saying that your boy that you ever see view but mostly I’m out peace