Meanwhile, the same report from the UN’s North
Korea sanctions committee also points out that the regime has been earning money through
illegal acts. The North has recently focused on cyber attacks
against other countries and its ship-to-ship transfer has become more delicate. Oh Jung-hee has more on this. North Korea is carrying out cyber attacks
and illicit trade to make money despite the strict international sanctions regime. In a report released Thursday, the UN Security
Council’s North Korea sanctions committee stressed that if there are to be additional
sanctions on North Korea, then the regime’s cyber attacks should be the main target. According to the report, the North, over the
past few years, has focused on hacking financial institutions and virtual currency exchanges
around the world. In 35 rounds of cyberattacks against 17 countries
including South Korea since December 2015, the regime has seized up to 2-billion U.S.
dollars. The money was used to develop weapons. Pyeongyang is also selling fishing rights
to other countries to earn currency. The report says… fishing boats from other
countries have been seen owning… or working to obtain fishery rights in North Korean waters. At the same time, the North’s illegal ship-to-ship
transfers have become much more discreet. The UN committee says, this year, the regime
has exported 93-million dollars worth of coal, which is completely prohibited under UN Security
Council resolutions. Also, the North has already imported more
than 50-thousand barrels of oil, exceeding the annual cap set by the UN. The North is also buying banned luxury goods. The report cited North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s
own private car, a Mercedes-Maybach S600, and over 100-thousand bottles of vodka that
were found on their way to North Korea several months ago. Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.