Dear crypto community and blockchain
buddies across the globe welcome to
another episode of Cryptonites the no
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community for the community and today
i’m here with my brother from another mother
my shisha brother actually Naeem Aslaam
thank you so much for coming in today
brother thank you for having me so named
you recently have been booming in the
media and you’ve made some amazing
amazing remarks before we dive into the
deep end if you don’t mind if I start
with the shallow end yes is that okay so
I know that you have two cute nieces yes
Sarah and Michelle is that right yes
that’s correct and so what my question
for you is what if Sarah or Michelle or
any millennial out there wanted to start
investing but they’re just scared they
don’t know how to where etc what would
your golden tips be for your nieces
she’s really interesting
because I have literally no idea what
they would invest but they are very
enthusiast about this new technology
because they see me all the time talking
about it and then they say that how can
we really buy it can you buy it for us
so I said why I just showed them said
why don’t you just download a wallet
over here and then we can show you we
can open up account and then you can do
it yourself
and they were saying wow this is just
like literally dealing with the normal
interfaces like other applications that
you have so I think with the way that
the technology is yes for some people
like who do not have that much of
interaction with the phone it could be
difficult but for from my nieces
especially I think they were just like
yeah okay you know what we’re gonna buy
Bitcoin and then we could just gonna see
that how he goes from here so they’ve
actually asked you they actually they
actually did because they all the time
to see me that yeah okay I’m do I’m
buying Bitcoin or I’m doing talking
about Bitcoin and I’m studying about the
technology and everything so they said
okay that you know what we are actually
gonna get involved in this
she and then see what exactly will go
that’s so cool so they they’re following
their uncle on the news always talking
about Bitcoin and that’s very very cool
obviously you’re the master of both
fundamental and technical analysis if I
can ask you a similar question let’s
imagine your nieces or any millennial
comes up to you and says technical
analysis is extremely complicated what
would be some simple indicators like
really the bare bones to understand why
and how to start with technical sure the
best place to start with is of course to
look at moving averages until this day
and you know I am still very much
focused on moving averages in all the
videos that we do we always look at that
okay look where the moving averages are
and then the importance of certain
moving averages and then I’m sure that
we’re gonna talk a lot more in detail of
later in the video and then I’ll show
you some other very secret moving
averages that we really look at but yet
to answer your question I think moving
moving averages yes it seems like
Sonny’s ooh as well on Twitter says that
moving averages is the best indicator
for crypto technical analysis why is
moving averages the the go-to indicator
from its very – well let’s look at what
is a moving average is right so a moving
average is an average of a certain
period on a certain time frame right so
if the price is trading above hundred
day moving average you know that the
bull trend is in place right if he’s
trading above the 200-day moving average
you get even more confirmation of the
similar signal that you get so I think
it’s just very very simple you know if
the price is trading above the moving
average of a certain day you know that
okay now that the price is in a certain
trend and then it will continue that
trend as long as it stays above that
average and then you can just you know
like I can just go to my knees that I
can tell it you know what this is the
moving average
once the price goes above this we just
buy it and then once the price drops
below this we just sell it it’s that
easy it’s that easy so those would be
the easiest tips you’ll give your niece
or maybe your daughter in the future
something yeah that’s very cool that’s
very cool in terms of fundamental
analysis or macroeconomics are there any
metrics or numbers that interest you
with regards to Bitcoin because a lot of
people say you just look at Ta because
it’s hard to find intrinsic value do you
are there any things that well I do look
at a number of different things but
among the most we all know the major
reason that we have seen the huge
collapse is because of the regulation in
the market so I do pay attention to the
fundamentals and the respective
fundamentals it’s more about the
sentiment that what is the sentiment
with respect to the regulators with
respect to the different corporates how
they are behaving towards the technology
with respect to institutions with
respect to just normal retail investors
so for me like you’ve got to look at
those four different indicators at the
same time and then it’s not difficult
already good idea is just read the same
information which is available to
everyone and then just think what does
really it means whether it’s positive
and whether it’s negative for the for
the entire environment for the for the
network and if it makes sense that yes
this is a positive development and for
example recently WEF World Economic
Forum released a research in that
research they shared that ok 40
different central banks are using
blockchain technology in France is
leading the way with respect to that I
mean that is for me that is that’s a
positive outcome they’re practicing
they’re using different sandbox
approaches with these technologies so it
is at a positive thing for me it’s a
very positive thing isn’t it in mind you
and Mike or our president yeah he’s
actually a former hedge funds guy right
so here’s a finance guy so hopefully
that can help us
push the FinTech smees absolutely and
especially the finance minister over in
France he is very very supportive of the
technology and this entire network if
the the the blockchain network he’s very
much into that and even if we look at
our normal retail banks the likes of
HSBC they’ve adopted blockchain
technology in the FX transaction already
Wow and you’re obviously a connoisseur
in the FX trading yes you did a lot of
analysis that’s really interesting so
could it be that Europe or Western
Europe is the future market for crypto
as you know and during the bull run in
2018 most of the money was coming
through Japanese yen Chinese yuan may be
converting to Japanese yen because it
was illegal and some US dollar is is
Europe or Western Europe a bit more
conservative a bit more traditional how
do you feel as someone who’s been living
in the UK for a long time UK versus
France for instance er okay so you have
two questions in one question right yeah
say let’s break it down number one is
that okay
is it good for various different people
for various different investors to hold
that so an example of that is as I
always say that look at Shanghai index
the percentage of investors who are
holding in that particular index or the
stocks in that index or index itself
they are more we have more retail
investors as a personal institutional
investors look at the percentage
year-to-date gain on shanghai indices
upset 30% right now given that these
retail investors are in and out more
that resonates really well with what we
see in blockchain industry so it’s but
sorry in Bitcoin or in cryptocurrencies
right because these investors they’re
coming in and out we have more liquidity
with that respect at the same time now
the second question is that okay whether
it is different I think lik this is a
digital currency this is a digital world
we are talking about border
payments we are talking about more
visibility if I wanted to make a payment
to someone in Dubai if I wanted to make
someone a bit payment to someone based
in Africa it is a lot more easier for me
to just pick up the for my phone and
then through my wallet I can just make
all the transfers very easy for me now
if I have to do the similar transaction
by using the bank it is a nightmare and
remember our discussion earlier I you
know everyone says that he a Bitcoin
transaction takes a long time to process
and all of that try making a transaction
which is above fifty thousand and then
you have to go to a bank in order to
make that transaction that means that
first you have to travel to the bank
then you have to wait in the queue then
you ever have to wait for the person to
process everything and on top of that
you’ll also have to pay a fee for that
particular transaction yeah absolutely
in Japan that visa is about three
thousand yen even for a hundred dollars
so that’s yeah the equivalent of 30 USD
is it similar in the UK yeah yeah it’s
pretty much right there this is 30 pound
240 pounds 30 to 40 depending on what
bank that you of it so you you just
shared some fascinating information and
facts how do you feel how do you take
that message in in terms of seeing more
retail investors than institutional
players is that an alarming indicator
for you is it positive is it negative
what does that tell you if there’s more
retail than institutional investors it’s
good it’s good because you know okay
institutional investors will get
involved when the regulatory space would
be ready for them and then definitely we
know that they have tried to get
involved in this market by using
backdoors or by using different areas
right which is just not that transparent
but they’re still getting involved in
this and the various ones which have
done that now is it good for the
community to get involved in of course
we need that community support to come
into it but the bigger question is when
do you buy it all right at what price
level do you buy it and for me the most
important thing is that look
through the lens of something which
called risk premium risk premium what is
a risk premium it is the premium that
you are paying from the grease and low
right because it is in my 10 years of
investment banking experience working as
a hedge fund trader it has been been
literally difficult for us to pick up
the right absolute bottom right so for
instance now during February we had this
sell-off the price went all the way to
3100 something now in one of the
articles when I did at that time and I
put a disclaimer that I you know he
added I added into my position I bought
it I added into my position at the price
of three thousand seven hundred so the
premium that you’re talking about is a
six hundred right because I wasn’t able
to go right at the absolute bottom which
was three thousand one hundred but what
is the total risk premium the total risk
premium is if the price drops all the
way to zero now are you willing to risk
three thousand seven hundred are you
comfortable with that that is your risk
premium in one way the other way of
looking at it is that the 600 that she
paid extra is also your risk premium
right that she paid more that you could
have just bought is something that a
lower price so now you’re risking that
extra six hundred but the more important
point is that what is your target for me
I’m not I’m not even thinking of selling
anything at even if the price rush is
twenty thousand because I know that we
gonna go above twenty thousand what we
have learned in the past four major
cycles a Bitcoin whenever we seen that
massive sell-off that pretty much we
have seen 2,000 percentage when Bitcoin
was trading in around 100 or 300 dollars
in you go and tell someone that it will
touch twenty thousand they will laugh at
here now the number that I’m about to
share with you it’s nothing but just a
pure price percentage gain
so if you increase the price from 20,000
all the way by or by another 2,000
percent that gives you the price for one
Bitcoin near enough to be four hundred
thousand now looking at it today
everyone will say that he have four
hundred thousand come on this is just
ludicrous that’s not possible but it is
possible when we look at the solving
their debt look at the u.s. debt look at
the debt situation over in Europe Japan
or in China China has huge amount of
debt Japan has a huge amount of debt and
you know what are the foreign reserves
or how much gold they own because
remember the one similarity between gold
and Bitcoin is the bull are classified
as a commodity right and the goal is
definitely a safe haven and Bitcoin is
achieving that credential
or in the process of achieving that
credential we have seen the evidence of
that but I cannot save with hundred
percent confidence that the correlation
does exist but we have seen that pattern
in the market over and over now given
that the Japan China they have huge
amount of debt and with respect to
Germany which has a very little debt
their foreign reserve ratio in terms of
yellow metal I mean gold china has only
2% Germany has 70% the United States has
78% their foreign reserves are in gold
up to 78% in terms of amount u.s. is
holding nearly 19-hundred tons of gold
right so I think the adoption or that
the bigger picture is going to be so
when you well let’s just go back a
little bit so when we’re talking about
the sovereign debt debt crisis so these
major countries which are sitting on
such a major amount of a debt and with
very little gold the actual value that
you can you know good dollar is
obviously backed by or these used to be
by that then you are talking about
where do we go from here because bitcoin
is it’s not it’s not inflation but yes
you can say that that once we see the
similar crisis what we seen in 2009 or
2007 we are going to see that anytime in
whether it’s gonna be a month or a year
or a couple of years when we see that I
think that would easily drive the price
of Bitcoin well above hundred thousand
that will also drive the price of
Bitcoin near enough to four hundred
thousand under those circumstances you
will clearly understand that why Bitcoin
price could reach those levels but right
now I think twenty thousand is it’s just
a measure of a time when we’re gonna see
the bull run remember when we will touch
the twenty thousand it will only at only
at that time we just achieve the
previous high and if the bull rally will
continue is gonna continue from that
level of upward and the next major
psychological level where everyone is
looking at is fifty thousand and a
hundred thousand that’s absolutely
mind-blowing so this debt crisis to you
could be the trigger to a massive bull
run is is that how you’re seeing things
right now I do
geopolitical concerns and look at the
economic numbers they farming health of
various different countries I mean for
instance European Central Bank did
everything in his power to revive growth
the moment that they stopped doing the
quantitative easing which basically the
bank is printing money the growth
stalled if we look at the situation over
in Greece hasn’t really improved if you
look at Italian debt situation it is
absolutely dire if you look at the is M
manufacturing index which is because
Germany is known as the export economy
that is in recession because the level
above 50 represent expansion the level
below 50 represents recession and it is
sitting at 47 or 40
in around that so if the economic engine
of the eurozone has a major component
sitting in the recession area because
European Central Bank isn’t really
helping it or it just kind of said that
okay look we have done without
quantitative easing maybe we will start
when the next round will come we have
various different factor on top of that
we have Trump who’s gonna definitely
gonna come for the second time so we
don’t know how that will pan out so many
exciting things and our scary things at
the same time all right it’s very
fearful for especially those who don’t
really know how to invest their money
but before I jump into that type of
question I I still want to ask you BTC
as a safe haven as you’re saying will it
be pushed more by the everyday Joe or
will it be more of institutional
investors who are trying to like you say
place money in BTC as a digital gold
like which Democratic commodity right so
if if we see that – a huge if if central
banks and government start to use
Bitcoin as a commodity just like how
they are using gold as a foreign reserve
then literally the price can skyrocket
for a Bitcoin having said this that is a
big if but when we start use us guys
starting paying for a shisha by using
Bitcoin cryptocurrencies that’s the best
that’s adoption itself it seems like we
may be able to buy our Starbucks coffee
future right yeah introducing some
really cool initiatives so for the
youngsters again sorry going back to the
Generation Y Z your nice real future
daughter if they wanted to they were
afraid of this crisis they’re like oh my
god what name is saying about the debt
crisis and potential recession where
should they park their money would it be
buying like you said physical gold an
actual financial asset commodities to
stock exchange Bitcoin how would you
generally speaking which last yeah
they mean let me share a story with you
that I was speaking with few Germans you
know they do not hold Fiat they do not
have savings with the banks they do not
live in banks because before euro they
had the other currency Mandurah happen
just remember the debt crisis in Greece
you were not allowed to take more than
300 euros out of your bank that’s your
own money that you are not allowed to
take so putting all that kind of money
with the bank and then having this fear
that I won’t have access to my own money
like my my labor my entire life that I
worked and I can’t access that that is a
huge risk and this is a question that I
asked myself that was the percentage I
should put in a physical gold because if
there is God forbidden another sort of a
huge war or anything like that happened
or if there is a financial crisis or
debt crisis I’m not even gonna call the
financial crisis the debt crisis comes I
think it is going to be commodity and
then it’s going to be all about gold
okay who has the biggest reserves and
fortunately for the u.s. it is sitting
on the biggest reserves right now mmm
really interesting and I love what you
said recently on coin Telegraph about
how the first crisis was on a private
sector level but if this crisis happens
it could be the public sector the
central banks say that yes absolutely it
will happen with the monetary policy
because the way that they have done and
it’s an unprecedent move which no one is
prepared for and remember it is
extremely honest to pinpoint when that
financial crisis or when that crisis
will take place in the market when it
will happen
you can predict but one thing that we
have learned is that when everyone is
saying that it is about to happen it
never happens when everyone says that
everything is hunky-dory that is the
time for you to start looking for safe
havens and right now for those
traditional investors what I can share
with you is that
volatility volatility is selling at 50%
of the face value it’s good time to buy
insurance where do we have the biggest
crisis right now cryptocurrencies it’s
off 70% of the face value would you not
buy something which is selling at a fish
70% of her face value absolutely and a
lot of people they’ve been asking me
like should I start back there but a lot
of people they when they ask me like
global equity should I buy stocks at
this point should I focus on crypto one
analogy that I love to share with them
is like I would suggest crypto simply
because we have fractional investing you
can buy portions you can start with is
as simple as 10 pounds or 10 dollars as
low as that absolutely and and a lot of
people saw it based talked about it’s
going back to the risk premium point
that you had about some people see
crypto assets as high risk high returns
it’s our asset class but one of the
books that I’m reading right now that
you said you had it as well unshakable
by Tony Robbins says that high risk high
return doesn’t exactly work all the time
and lot of the best investors they find
a symmetric risk ratio so when you
understand the technology better yeah it
became it becomes more of a low or
medium versus high risk is that similar
for you do you do you believe that
institutional guys see it as a high risk
high return or are you looking at more
as through the asymmetric so it’s
basically the risk to reward ratio what
you’re referring to that and right so
for us before we go into any trade we
measure the the risk to reward ratio
what exactly it is there for us and we
already know before we enter into your
trade that how much we are willing to
lose and once you stick to the plan then
you don’t change the plan that’s just a
simple rule the reason the retail
investors are not successful and
institutions are successful if I am not
following my guidelines the strict rules
and I’m working for institution they
will kick me out
I have a boss to answer when you start
working for yourself
and then you start trading for yourself
that’s what I mean then you have no boss
and then you start making mistakes one a
one mistake will give you okay you know
it will save you
and then that trick is something what
you call okay you know what
I did it at that time and I’m going to
do it again then you start breaking
rules you break one rule then you break
another rule and then you break another
rule and the fact is that domino effect
really eradicate all the gains and then
you start running and losing trades and
then what happened is that you start you
go and hope him not on Tisha opium is a
concept when you kind of just sit back
and then he hope for the prices to come
back up when it is really time for you
to cut your losses because if a
derivative is moving lower it is gonna
continue to move lower then you can buy
it at a better price and then you can
just jump out and then just call it a
day every investor should remember that
there is a course associated with every
single business and these stop losses
are your cost of just like you rent or
rent a shop or you you do any other
business that’s all you are comfortable
with that then you’re okay so the bottom
line is you got to follow your rules for
sure stick to those rules and then you
have a lot more better chances of moving
higher now while we are on that subject
I bought some technical strategies for
you especially for you so you guys can
definitely come on to the Twitter and
then I’d be happy to explain that to you
guys definitely follow nine months to
Twitter he has some awesome awesome post
so for a five years so we don’t run this
back test for five over the five years
the strategy that you’re going to use is
simple moving average you’re going to
change that from two hundred or fifty or
hundred to something called
number called 242 right now we did the
full back test over the last 50 years
the percentage of profit winning trades
is 71 percentage of losing trades 28%
right your profit factor is 46 now
remember with this one your average
generation is going to be about 130 188
days but because we have losing trades
in that so that means that you need to
stick to the strategy that I am
discussing right now right you cannot go
and then start manipulating it that I’m
gonna come out I’m gonna do this I’m
gonna do that we have something which we
have tested and it worked and it was
already beautifully right now for active
investors they can certainly use 97
period rather than using 242 they can
use 97 but still stay on the daily
timeframe remember what I am discussing
over here is more for heartless BER
holders who are slightly active
heartless so over the last five years
there are only seven trades so we are
not doing getting in getting out getting
in getting out yes there are strategies
for that and then perhaps we discussed
that in our next episode that is really
cool so for you said 242 MA so would
they have to create the 50 the 100 the
200 and the 242 MA in their charts
absolutely not
just one moving average just one one
moving average 242 it’s all that’s it
and the right now the beauty is that we
are about to cross above 242 moving
average because we just had a huge
battle with a 200-day yeah you mentioned
it right yeah and the biggest signal
that another biggest signal that we see
we have seen in the market is when 50
goes above 100 right the last time it
happened was back in 2016
and we’ve seen huge rally and that
signal is there and now very recently
only in the last week we’ve seen the
price moving above the 200-day moving
average now that’s just for the for the
investors who are looking at the major
indices whether for them for the major
moving averages but for investors who
wanted to have a very customized just
like you go to a tailor shop you to
customize your suit that number is 240
242 that’s fascinating and so this works
for the crypto asset class yes
yes so you were talking earlier about
creating your own rules as a trader or
investor so I have a question I have to
ask you how do you feel about copy
trading obviously it’s becoming kind of
a cool phenomenon these days and I can
just copy someone else’s tree is it cool
I see a lot of commercials these days
yeah ladies yeah there are so many
different platforms we should just show
you that you can copy someone and then
you can do that but you never know when
they’re going to change their risk
parameters all of a sudden and then you
will he can be caught on the wrong side
I don’t know so please do share if you
know any of those guys that have been
really successful and then be very
fruitful for you but for me know I
create we create our own strategy we
back test them and we believe on our
back test results and based on our back
test results that’s how we formed a
strategy oh great great advice and one
last question I really want to ask you
and it’s something that was brought up
earlier during the the event tonight
here in London someone asks about when
do you see and actually TF being
approved by the SEC and there were
different opinions yeah and a lot of
people first of all so why before I
sleep the wind can ask you why are
people so interested in this ETF I think
just because everyone thinks that the
institutional money under the regulated
environment will get involved they will
mission within that regulation type
framework and then they’d be able to
come in and of course if their
institutional money will come and then
if the institutional money gets involved
into this then we’re gonna have a higher
liquidity that means we can also have a
higher demand at the same time we will
have a completely new sector coming into
it and then I want it wanted to buy it
and I will definitely push the prices
higher now to answer the question when
that will happen I have hopes that
perhaps we can see that by the start of
q3 or at least by the end of this year
that would be great you you work with
lots of institutional players do you
think they really want that ETF or some
of them are they already buying Bitcoin
because going to exchanges you can
actually store it in your wallet right
so one of the philosophies of crypto is
to control your wealth yes so you don’t
need to have it on an omnibus wallet or
insurance you can lock it up and just
keep it like buying gold yeah your home
yeah do you think it’s too short guys
really need that ETF to feel secure or
yeah which I think it’s easier for them
yeah for the for traditional assets it’s
a lot more easier for crypto asset this
is it’s a different landscape because
for traditional assets you really need
to know about that kind of your income
number that the number that you’re
targeting on a daily basis and if you
hate that number and then busts it you
call it’s day and then you move on my
approach when it comes to
cryptocurrencies is that first of all
you got to have the main coin in your
wallet which is for me that is a
religion and it is Bitcoin secondly I
look at protocols which are integrating
with banks with bigger corporate such as
IBM or any of any any of that bigger
names because that represents something
what we call a familiarity factor
remember if we are traveling and you
know we are in a in a country where we
don’t know how the food is going to be
and all of a sudden we see McDonald’s
know exactly what we’re gonna get that’s
a familiarity factor similarly if I am
walking with the technology to different
enterprise and then I ask them I can
resolve your solutions by using this
particular technology and then I can
just use the name like IBM and because
IBM has partnered a Microsoft both of
them they’re working with a theorem and
so on and so forth it’s not more easier
for them to understand it yes they will
understand yes yes they will understand
aetherium by itself but that will take
quite a long time before that will
happen right because that takes a lot of
Education for people to understand it
and so on and so forth so I think for me
it’s like okay I’m ready big on Bitcoin
I’m really big on a theory M Ripple yes
I think it has potential for sure but
what else I I like in in this space is
exchanges because remember when the bull
market is gonna come who’s gonna make
the most amount of money exchanges
already financed last year I heard that
at one point they were making more than
ten million USD per day in reality yes
but you gotta be very careful when you
go with them right at the same time you
have to see that rich exchange is
complying with the most amount of
regulatory framework in reality
perspective then when you start looking
at it then bindings and coinbase
obviously jumps out straight away and I
don’t know what would happen to hobby
with the recent regulators going into
the offices and unannounced and then
whether they it is unannounced whether
it is announced this should be complying
with it because I don’t want it to have
an exchange question doesn’t have the
top-notch quality a security system
because the last thing I wanted to do is
you know an exchange gets hacked and
everything that I have is just vanished
absolutely a final promise you it’s the
last last question because you just said
something that is absolutely gold you’re
a huge believer in Bitcoin and a lot of
people especially an institutional
I tend to favor Bitcoin over all the old
coins and other cryptocurrency aircraft
assets and you mentioned also McDonald’s
which is very funny because I used to
tell people these to say yeah
Bitcoin cash is faster cheaper etc than
Bitcoin and I always tell them that it’s
not necessarily the best performer that
gets the largest market share yeah and
McDonald’s is a good example right maybe
the local burger is gonna be really good
but McDonald’s is taking over the world
yes absolutely because it’s is it has a
global presence right and people know
what it is people know what exactly
they’re gonna get how it is gonna taste
and what is the the value proposition is
very very clear along with a familiarity
factor and have you noticed that some of
the people when you talk to them on the
streets like they they know the word
Bitcoin but they don’t know the word
blockchain no these are not crazy yeah I
think because it’s a completely new
technology technology it’s a new era it
will take time for these people to
understand maybe they don’t even need to
understand what blockchain is just like
how do we understand the protocols
behind the internet how do they work
well like what sort of a protocol
Internet Explorer is using or Firefox is
using or Google Chrome is using no I’m
well I’m we don’t really fully
understand it well we know how to use
them absolutely how to get the value out
of these platforms they don’t need all
the technicalities and everything what a
CPU is what’s a graphic card yeah that’s
really cool and so you’re obviously you
love Bitcoin are there any other reasons
on top of obviously the branding is
really good the story behind Bitcoin is
really good are there any other things
that help you think or feel like okay
bitcoin is the right choice on top of
those I think because it is so popular
among humanity and the fame over the
last 10 years it’s just me and it’s been
so popular and the fame is so strong and
more the most important thing is that
every time yes beaten down it pops back
that shows the resilience of Bitcoin and
one of the factor that you can see that
it can be classified as a currency is
the resilience because you know no
matter how much you beat Bitcoin it just
it has ability to pop back and hope
yeah and that track record of yet ten
plus years well this was an amazing
opportunity brother you know you’re
gonna smoke shisha over and over and
definitely wants you again thankfully in
the next few months so now before we
leave where can we catch you where can
we follow you what should we do to get
to know more about nine Muslims sure you
can always follow me on twitter at
Naeem Aslaam 23 I’m very active on that and we talked about the price session on a
daily basis and and of course you can
read the articles on Forbes awesome and
your articles are absolute gems
definitely recommend everyone to follow
them and speaking of projections yes I
know you know that SwissBorg launched a
community app which is to predict learn
and earn Bitcoin so if I may my dear
friend asked you to choose up or down
within the next 24 hours within the next
24 hours okay we have got it you got it
all right awesome and your risk ratio
would you go all out or no well let’s
just go with that go with balance
all right so we have balance here guys
thank you so much brother I’m gonna give
you a huge thank you so much for your
time thank you