so hello fellow Banknote and coin collectors
and today I have deep bank notes or in there Paul so my name is Glenn I’m an
Australian in a like to make video that coins banknotes from all over the world
from all time periods so my channel is a non specialized channel so it’s not
based on UK or American Australian coins it’s basically never things are more
interesting so I got a lot of these from various friends I actually work with a
lot of Nepalese and I’ve come to the conclusion that the favorite letter is s
because half of their names start with this you got Suraj render us I’m chief
Sevilla mmm yeah then you got come out on you barrage or Bendre but there the
other half so the people who gave me these banknotes was like you barrage
gave me a lot of the small ones I have a 1000 rupees from Suraj who’s actually in
Nepal now the 500 I’ve got from my favorite Nepalese person Joseph and is
actually a Christian so in there Paul Dave lots of different religions
Hinduism Buddhism Islam and Christianity and probably a lot of ever though
probably have Jewish people as well would be surprised so let’s have a look
at these banknotes so first one I have is a one rupee so this is no longer in
circulation it’s replaced by a coin in this bait night he was used between 91
and 2000 so did I was coin now it’s actually one rupee so this one and this
one has the signature or said T Endre payara rissalah from 95 to 2000 not sin
said yen da his knife size of s so the favorite
later that’s his signature so on this panel or features do we have
we have the Keen at the time B renderer who was actually killed in
2004 or 2001 boys son yeah the pusher pass shoot in ma temple
so that’s a temple day there’s probably a monument outside it looks like a bull
here we have the headdress as a watermark that’s on the king’s head and
up here we actually have earlier coin so probably a mohawk issued by earlier
monarchs you can find those on Dino calm and on the reverse we have mastiha we
had the coat of arms then um the brown mountains you know the Himalayas the
Himalayas contains different types of mountains and we have native
architecture yeah I’m repaid Dave and Gary which is what Nicholas is written
in it’s a ancestor of Makati script which is comes from Venetian Wow
in one rupee in English so these two scripts actually derive from the same
source sort of brick money’s derived from Phoenicians and the alphabet is
actually the other way so would have gone to Bernice yeah I don’t feel it
finish you had numerals but the one numerals derived from India novels by
Arabic that’s what I understand anyway and then I have the 2 rupees as you can
see it’s the same water my security Fred and he has but dry your Guinea temple
sir don’t that looks like it Laxmi you know
Stein calving of likes me but I could be wrong so this is probably the
denomination here and this has the signature of the dipendra bulrush duck
car from 2000 specimen so Dipendra da is pretty common suffix of names and on the
back looks like he has the snow leopard from around their area and it has a coat
of arms again it looks like it has a good go soldier and they D so jarring
traditional dress see it looks like he has a sword or an arrow into repays
nandi state they don’t next to you say they’ve replaced it
so do you lost banknote you will get is the five rupees so here I have five
rupees and currently between 9 2015 and 2017 actually replaced the back of these
banknotes this has the Telugu temple and all of them have Mount Everest and on
the reverse it has nine ax so he says to Y X 15 your bank note just has one yak
so in the watermark is can’t see it on that one you water my keys
looks like flowers so I’m not too short the watermark is another there’s a
security fridge this is low spin yet you’ll get in there pull don’t actually
use a five and 10 rupee bait coin anymore then this one is dated 2012 so
that’s quite a nice paint the second horse up you’ll get ten you know a lot
of the Nepalese I think Clickbank nice coins they just give me all these little
crappy old ones they should say it’s a security fear of being opposed in the
back is two deers two antelopes I’m not too
sure what species am and there’s ones who dated and ones that are not data the
data ones down the bottom and all the serial numbers arena different gary
numerals then here’s a better one that’s pretty good flowers or what a minor
security Fred and this baton is actually only worth 10 cents roughly about eighty
rupees to Australian dollars so that makes the five this one it’s a bit over
five cents five cents bank night mmm last Jimmy let’s make notes off once
inside there you go and the next denomination is the 110 rupees I’ve got
a lot 10 rupees Wow still 10 rupees this is the best condition one unless you can
see bouquet of flowers and this one’s pretty uncirculated so that would have
been straight from the bank really yeah the next one is the 20 rupees and this
one has the milk reversed again so they all have manifest as I said has the
Krishna temple the next temple is actually all around Nepal and I like the
design of the borders and all that the temple was actually quite clearly
actually reminds me of our little Bank night off Dean 1970s in on the reverse
we have the sambar deer so that’s a nice somebody there looks very samba and he’s
a bit of version of the banknote so Joseph who I was talking about he
actually has a YouTube channel I’ll leave a link down below if you can look
at him he actually makes music he’s a very my yoni put one video up and
I told him to put more so here is the 50 rupees and
it has meant every psychosom this looks more like a natural scene because diet
color and white color and it has the raman done aki temple if you can see it
there when did he get better version about this paper and on the back it has
a malay ATAR looks like it there’s a type of goat and sheep were actually
just domesticated goat really and it’s on melons and that’s what the bad 50 is
trained since so hey so here we had the food loss bank now do you 100 rupees and
it has the Himalayas as well as there are two versions so it has a temple as
well so the current version has Lumbee the birthplace of Lord Buddha and
whenever I see they say that I say Buddha was not born in Nepal because
Nepal was not a country when the Buddha was around it was actually another
country and controlled by other people this is the show peeling out Ashoka
pilling pillar pillar not peeling pillar carving from the temple of so it’s all
carving from the temple of a deadly drew and kept men doing and we have a looks
like this mark for the blind and on eat all the banknote we have actually gone
off website for this then Nyad top pole temple so that’s an aid to poor temple I
should have called ace up to know where they are
this probably just says a libertine during their both 100 rupees there’s 100
day so on the back of these famous pretty much
so he’s a rhinoceros so one horned rhino probably a black rhino I’m not too familiar with our Rhinos
nipple they’re all rare anyway so I’ll get to those Tim rupee hollow my faint
maksoon so the second one highest Issa the five hundred rupees with six seven
dollars Andy has let me have a look the Thai embody monastry so it looks
quite nice actually it looks beautiful do what they’ve done it in yellows is an
initial pink nipple and yeah there’s another wall carving some carvings this
is more like a security feature it’s actually bit hard to see actually the
reverse we have Tigers Himalayan Tigers probably you know so barring Tigers
thank luster Nepal bank then Paul rust our bank so Nepal National Bank any
highest banknote I got and this one’s a pity cause has some pinholes there so
this is probably just quit to spend in Nepal this that can actually buy a lot
of things in this you can see it has a bigger security food future d500 also
had it so they figure security Fred Andy has the Himalayas again so that’s a
national icon and Nepal Nell and it has the hearty temple here so if we can get
closer look at it yes sir you lost yours Pink’s on that looks nice looks like you
John stuper yeah and this one is free dots for the blind let’s focus
oh yeah thank you and it has a three flowers against I’m on the back geezer
and elephant and this one was also issue 1913 in 2013 and 2016 so as far as I
know this one actually hasn’t been updated yet anyway
so this is so I’ve only got one at the new updated banknotes this is the
tourney rupees and it actually has two DS instead of one that’s basically it
and then you date and everything else is nearly the same and on the front has
pretty much the same just different signatures the watermark is also the
same so this basically it with the new ones
they just have a different reverse that’s it
so what else I’ve got is I have these ten polymer banknotes we’ve going into
that so Kim going into he actually have decayed it in 2015
2008 not 2015 and these banknotes issued to commemorate the ascension of going
into the phoning phone in 2002 after the death of peace Bravo
and it actually has a watermark of a the crown um in the middle looks like this
is supposed to be Vishnu in the form of Changmin Narayan and he’s on the Garuda
so Garuda is a Hindu temple not Hindu like a goddess bird or something like
that new Shino Garuda Empire in Airlines in Indonesia that’s actually based off
this figure as well and on the reverse you have the
antelopes again they the same as the other ones on the ever ten rupees
yes they are so this is pretty much the same design just weave Oh Paula mind
said about cotton linen fibre and the female know this is that going in juris
image is replaced with Mount Everest so that’s why they’ve melt universe dawn or
them because it’s so much supply conic thing in Nepal and if you ask someone
about Nepal they’ll probably just think of Mount Everest
so anyway well I say thank you very much for watching my videos please give this
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would like the pictures so awesome banknote collecting time people and hi
to my friend Joseph bye-bye